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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 98

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The tower of Babel — The Prophetic Sign! — ‘The world’s first civilization sprang forth from the plains of Mesopotamia known today as Iraq. (Babylon) — It is this area where ancient empires abounded on the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers! — It is here where Nimrod built the tower of Babel to be capped with a Temple on top. His crowning glory of rebellion!’’ — “The latest news is that it is once again being rebuilt under Japanese supervision today in Iraq!” (Babylon) — “It is one more part of Babylon being rebuilt in our time! — It is a sign and prophecy is fulfilling! — Gen. 11: 1-9 states, The whole earth was of one language and one speech! — That was in the ancient Babylon era! — It’s beginning ‘to occur again through electronics’ wherein the day is coming soon it will connect to every home on the face of the earth. Experts believe computers, television, satellite and by broadcast frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum! . . . Also home computers will be in 80 percent of U.S. dwellings by late 1980’s . . . assisting from everything, office, schools, electronic banking, all work by television and will be available by the press of a button!’’ By 1985 scientists say, doctors will be able to make electronic house calls, using TV and special devices that monitor pulse, blood pressure and other vital signs and check them against computer records!” By 1985 Japan will initiate voting and census taking through home video centers and living rooms! — The impact of the communications era, dominated by television and computers and high speed communications, will bring forth a super generation of all history — converting our planet into a second Tower of Babel! . . . A wired planet and by electronic link using computerized telecommunications! ‘‘“Every home on earth will be connected and then the anti-christ has total power overall the kindreds, tongues and nations!’’ (Rev. 13:7-18) So we see the same thing today as Gen. 11:6, The people are one: now nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do! . . . But again God will come down in Armageddon and interrupt their doings including their modern tower of space and war programs!

The famine sign — ‘One of the Script’s predictions for the late 70’s and 80’s was droughts, famine and conditions of war! — And it is already beginning to be fulfilled!”…”Most of the continent of Africa is plagued with starvation and perils of war, plus other nations! — And more including a world food shortage is coming later in the age!’’ ‘‘Jesus forewarned of the terrible conditions that would be just before and during the Great Tribulation. Matt. 24:3, “What shall be the sign of thy coming, and the end of the world?” — “Famine is one of the things indicated! It is one of the scourges of God! — And is sent to warn men of their sins and of coming judgment!” — Matt. 24:34, “This generation shall not pass until all these things be fulfilled!’’ — “I personally believe the Lord Jesus will come during our generation, and sooner than most think! What an hour in the 80’s to do a harvest work!”

The heavens — Prophetic Signs (Luke 21:25) — “The Scriptures refer to the heavenly bodies, constellations, planets, sun and the moon, etc. — Gen. 1:14. 16 says, ‘‘let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years’’ He made the stars also. They were for ‘signs’ to assist man to locate his position when moving on the earth’s surface, and as signs of judgment! . . . They are there to regulate our calendars for the four seasons!” — “Astronomers now say they see half way to the edge of the Universe, but behind even the black holes the Lord has other universes! . . . This Universe has millions of super clusters and a single super cluster has 2,500 galaxies, like our galaxy and the Milky Way has one hundred billion stars within itself! . . . Then our little solar system is just a tiny speck in our Milky Way galaxy! — One can imagine how much more in the depths of outer space!’’ Scientists claim we are pushing out to the fringes of time as we know it! . . . Our God is great, He inhabits eternity, beyond time dimensions! — And we will be with Him soon!”

Continuation — The comet’s significance — “The book of Revelation does not use the word ‘Comet,’ but it does speak of falling stars, and the breaking up of asteroids, meteorites, etc.’’ — “Certain comets have always made a deep impression on man’s mind in the past. — They were believed to portend special events!’’ — “A brilliant comet was seen in the year 44 B.C. shortly after the Ides of March, when Julius Caesar was assassinated! Another dazzling comet appeared about the years 66-68— “Right about this time Peter and Paul were both martyred! Also the infamous Emperor Nero committed suicide after he killed Paul near this time! And the Roman armies of Titus over-run and destroyed the Temple at Jerusalem fulfilling Jesus’ prediction that He made in 30 AD.” — “And did you know the name of this prophetic comet is called ‘Halley’s Comet’ today!” — “Now let’s go back in history before this period and we will catch this shooting star again!” — “Halley’s Comet appeared in the year about 12 B.C. and is described in great detail by Chinese astronomers of that era. Although it was early it was portending the coming of Christ’s birth (4 B.C.) and also events of the Roman Empire!— It is believed the Comet appeared about 8 years or so before the first coming of Christ (birth) and now this same comet is coming again in 1986 -87! – And is it too much to believe that Christ could ‘come within’ the 8-year period following the Comet’s appearance – 87-95? Of course we know that Jesus could come sooner than this, but it is an important opinion.”. . From Scroll 93: ‘The anti-christ will usurp the position of the Pope controlling all Babylon religions! — Rev, chap. 17.” — He will usurp the position of Christ and be the ‘‘false messiah” to the Jews and a super prince to the Moslems!” — “His coming is soon, all the strange planetary conjunctions and lineups allude to this as well as the coming of Halley’s Comet! — Watch! — Fireworks lay directly ahead for the nations!” — “It also reveals to us that Jesus’ return is very near!”

Prophetic numbers — “The number 12 is God’s number of government; 12 Tribes, 12 Apostles, etc. “— “Ten is God’s number of completion,’ 10 Commandments, 10 Virgins, etc. So 10 times 12 is 120. And from between the late 80’s through 1997 will make 120 Jubilees since the creation of Adam! — The significance is some of the most important events in world history is just around the corner, concluding in the Millennium rest!

The prophetic block of nations (Dan. 11:40-45) — “The Scriptures describe four Confederates from different geographical locations converging on Israel at the time of the end! — The Northern block is headed up by Russia! — The Western Confederacy is known as the revived Roman Empire! The Eastern Confederacy is dominated by the kings of the East and China! — But now the Southern block is hard for some people to understand. And at the time of the end, the king of the South shall push at him!” (Dan. 11:40) — “This not only takes in the king of Egypt, but Africa as well! — The Southern Confederacy! Of course the United States is involved in the Western Confederacy that we just mentioned!” “And 3 of these blocks come against the anti-christ after his kingdom splits!” (Dan. 2:40-43)

(A magazine reprint) — Rev.13:17-18. the number of his name is 666 — “That is gematria of the anti-christ name will be 666!” — “This number is linked with secret religions which will once more come forward in the great final apostasy! — You can come up with many names whose numerical value in letters is 666!” Bible students believe that we should not extend these names in English, French or other modern languages! — But to confine the gematria to Hebrew and Greek!” — “Gematria is a proof by which the anti-christ’s name is identified after he is revealed!’’ (Read Scroll 91)

Prophetic update concerning immorals — “After many years David Wilkerson, author of Cross and the Switch Blade, book and film, went back to distribute literature and check the streets out in San Francisco and New York.” — And here is what he said, Quote: “Doubtless, the most revolting spectacle in that modern Sodom was the homosexual church called the Metropolitan Community Church.” David Wilkerson and his wife attended that ‘church.’ “The place was jammed with homosexuals. I copied down the announcements of this evangelical homosexual church: Monday night, wine-tasting party in the church basement: Tuesday, all-night drag party, bring your lover; Wednesday, prayer meeting, followed by disco and beer bash; Thursday, gay rights caucus; Friday, gay cruise — moonlight dancing and drinking; Saturday, a ‘gay pride’ dinner-dance — fund-raising for gay rights. They had a party sponsored by the church every night. Now I had seen and heard that before. What did bother me at the conclusion of the service was when the pastor made the Sign of the Cross and said, ‘I hereby absolve you of all your sins.’ I got so mad I ran out and kicked the corner of the church. My wife said, ‘What’s wrong?’ I said, Honey, it’s such blasphemy! Then I remembered that Saul was a blasphemer. Christ saved him, and he became the apostle Paul!’’ . . . Quote: from the streets of New York, he said: “The past year mental health people started dumping psychotics on the streets. They have a case overload and budget cutbacks, so the nonviolent cases are just dumped on the streets. Never in my life had I seen so many insane people walking the streets. It’s like a zoo — a human zoo! At 42nd Street and Times Square the theaters have been turned over exclusively to blood and violence and homosexuality. They have XXX-rated movies, and they feature live sex acts on stage. There are theaters for sadomasochists and movies that glorify murder, rape, bloodshed, beatings. From 11 p.m. to 3 am. the underground takes over Times Square. You walk from 42nd Street and 8th Avenue up to 48th, six blocks of hell!” (End quote). . . . And conditions will worsen as age ends — “Also according to the Scripts — atomic desolation is scheduled for New York and a killer quake for San Francisco area!”

The age finishes up finally with a space orbital and missile war! All at once I saw like apocalyptic flash of fire over the Mid-East — and the U.S.A. went up as a smoke of burning furnace in the earth like hundreds of volcanoes erupting!” — “Atomic flames spreading out and down pouring on other continents!” — “This was the Armageddon holocaust . . . using atomic push button energy inventions of man from space – An automatic push button catastrophe! (1 Thess. 5:3 – Zech. 14:12 – Joel 2:3 – Rev. 18:8)

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