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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 97

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News media searching the Bible! “Because so many startling and remarkable fulfillments of ancient Biblical prophecies, some in the news media are searching the Bible for more clues! — This article that we are going to print here is taken from a Bible in the News article that we thought you would like to read!” — Quote: “When a well known agency like Associated Press has enterprising reporters searching through the Bible, one may be sure that the Bible is a vital living book in the forefront of today’s world events! — The very latest European Economic Community (EEC) official member’s map, with its states, regions and administrative units, looks representative of the prophecies in Daniel 2 and 7!”

Documentation: transcript, February 27, 1981 — Washington (AP) -— “Exponents of Biblical prophecy are preaching that the European Economic Community — the Common Market of Western Europe — is the beast with seven heads and 10 horns prophesied in the book of Revelation, and that anti-christ will emerge from it … If anti-christ is still to come, “then we must conclude that there is a man alive today … who is now being groomed to be the Satanic Messiah.” . . . “Biblical scholars have long expected the emergence of a 10-nation confederation that would roughly parallel the biblical Roman Empire! — Such a confederation is said to be the matrix from which a world dictator, called anti-christ, will rise. — This anti-christ would bring great persecution to Christians and Jews. — “Given the current European disdain for both the Christian gospel and the nation of Israel, it is not hard to imagine parts of the Book of Revelation coming to pass in the 1980s.” —- End quote! — “And, as I have stated my opinion, I don’t see how the 90’s can escape the Battle of Armageddon; with the church leaving in translation before the final part of the Great Tribulation!”

According to the amazing article in the secular AP report — indicates Jesus will return to earth to reign for one thousand years after a time of wars when the anti-christ will be defeated! — These views are not new but are found in Ezekiel, Daniel, Isaiah, Zechariah, as well as in Revelation. — The article points out that in Daniel 2 and 7 emphasize “ten toes . . . ten horns” and Rev. 17:3 links these with ten kingdoms! — The European Community map to which we referred earlier actually has colored in ten countries. A spokesman of the EEC diplomatic mission in Washington states, “In such matters it is best to keep silence. “— “But the Bible is crying out, and being read diligently today!” — “So we see there is wonderful interest, but if the news media is not careful all of this will be forgotten and the anti-christ will deceive the very ones that reported it, unless Jesus is received as Saviour! So watch and pray! — We will add some more information to this in the next paragraph!”

The part of great Babylon and its dual nature — “First we must remember that the Middle East, including Babylon, was once part of the Roman Empire! — And the anti-christ can arise from the mid-east area or will have to go there!” (Dan. 8:9, 21-25) — “This false king will rule Babylon religions as well as Europe and world! — The beast in Rev. 13 is without a doubt the ancient Roman Empire reappearing upon the prophetic scene! — So the prophet on the sands of the sea beholds the reappearance of Rome in imperial splendor, emerging out of the wild tumultuous forces of a revolutionary crisis!” — In Rev. 13:11-18, “speaks of a religious beast, the Scriptures indicate to be apostate Christianity, because it has two horns like a lamb (religious) — it just could involve the World Council of Churches and the Roman Babylon churches as two main candidates to unite and command everyone to worship an image of a man that will rule world trade and commerce with code marks and numbers!’’

Commercial and religious Babylon – “With the revival of ancient Rome in conjunction with this we see the rise of mystery Babylon. The two united are the commercial and religious Babylon parts of Rev chaps. 17 and 18.” — In Zech. 5:9, “reveals two women had wings like the wings of a stork; and they lifted up ‘the Ephah’ and carried it to Shinar (Babylon) and established it upon her own base! Ephah speaks of commerce and trade! — So evidently religious and commercial Babylon will move their operations to some section of the Middle East as the age closes! . . . This will be the headquarters of the anti-christ! . . . He then later will walk into the Jewish Temple claiming that he is God!” (II Thess 2:4 — Rev, chap. 11 — Dan. 11:45) — “This also reveals the shift of international banking to the ancient Babylon area! — Today as we see the impressive rise of the 10 Common Market nations and the vast money surpluses of all nations being channeled into the Middle East Arab nations for oil! — We can see Bible prophecy dramatically fulfilling! – One thing we should note, just before the final end the beast destroys the religious faction of his empire (Rev 17:2, 16-18) – And then later he and his commercial faction are destroyed too (Rev 18:8, 15-17; Dan 11:40 – 45).

Computers and the speed of light “Political observers have feared for some time that the crises and problems of this generation, which rival those of any in history, will become so great that the masses will opt to surrender all rights and property to a world dictatorship.” — Dan. 12:4 “stated at the very end many would run to and fro and that knowledge would be increased! — It seems the world will finally be controlled by electronics!” “They are working on an ultimate computer with infinite optical and memory capabilities.” — “This means that action is immediate rather than depending upon stored information or retarded read-out reaction! — This is another step forward in creating the ultimate computer envisioned by some that would control every business transaction in the world, regulate all national and international communications and traffic, and the daily behavior pattern of every individual! — In other words, the daily life of every individual on this planet, including working, buying, and selling, would be controlled from a central source!”

This article from the Smithsonian Magazine states that there are now computers with the capability and memory to do the brain- work of one billion men and women, and still larger computers are planned!. . . Concerning these mechanical monsters of superhuman intelligence we now discuss the super computer, computing at the speed of light! — Speaking of the triggering light impulses, a group has incorporated these properties into new computer components, which operate on low-powered laser beams and can respond in picoseconds! — Thus, we already see that we have gone from nanosecond computers to picoseconds computers with optical abilities so powerful and complex that it is conceivable that one the size of an average person — ‘could appear to be’ — omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent! — This would be the ultimate computer, the computer-god. “. . “So we see things are being developed to be put right into the hands of the anti-christ!” — “These articles were taken from several magazines. — The Bible indicates that one day each individual will have their own personal identifying mark!”

The huge empire — “It is said the club of Rome has the most formidable braintrust in the world! — It envisions a resurrection of the ancient Roman Empire joined to the Holy Babylon Roman Empire as its end time universal super church, embracing Roman Catholic, apostate Protestant systems and cults!” — Magazine quote: “The club of Rome comprises the most distinguished industrialists, bankers and scientists who will engineer a global approach to all the end-time problems, and a new international order custom designed for the economic, social, political, and religious spheres!” — “Their program will control and develop a multinational cooperative enterprise. The Trilateral Commission amalgamates North America, Western Europe, and Japan, and envisions a universal governmental system hooked up with a computerized universal financial order that controls and monitors all buying and selling through numbers! . . . We are just a breath away from this ominous prediction!” (Rev.13:15-18).

And with each passing crisis the world will be pressured into the anti-christ takeover soon! . . . This system in Europe has a computerized network. The Euronet provides on-line access to some 150 data bases in the field of scientific, technical, social, and economic information! — All ten member nations have entry points to this remarkable operation. It has created a consortium of the ten postal and telecommunications to service this one-Europe data bank— all put into a global brain of the hands of a false god!”… The next thing to appear is the mystery king who shall do his own will, exalt and magnify himself. . . speak marvelous things. . . prosper honour the God of forces. . . divide the land for gain at the end!” (Dan. 11:36-40) — “This United States of Europe in the revived Roman Empire, commercial Babylon, will be joined to, and finally destroy the religious Babylon section of the empire after they try to destroy the Tribulation Saints!” (Rev.17:15-18).

In the calculated framework of Daniel’s 70th week — “The prince that shall come will make a peace agreement with the state of Israel. (Dan. 9:27) — After 3½ years he breaks his agreement and desecrates the Temple which has been restored! — After this comes the apocalyptic events of the Great Tribulation which are described in Rev, chaps. 6 thru 18.” — Note: “Why would the anti-christ system want Israel and the Middle East? Because Israel is the land bridge to Africa and Asia, Europe and to the entire Middle East from the west by sea!” — “Plus the chemical and oil wealth of the world . . . in which the Bible states, a great spoil!” (Ezek. 38:12-13) — “Evidently this Script is projecting things to come!”

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