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Truly we are at the end of the age. The sun is setting on this great nation and the whole world. Freedoms as we know them will soon disappear. The ability to witness this true gospel is soon closing out. This nation began with a great struggle for freedom and the right to choose the true word of God. As one can see, great persecution is coming to all nations who believe in the true God. This month we will have a special quote from Brother Frisby’s library to bring the importance of witnessing in this late hour. God is with His people to do a quick, short and a mighty work, for this is the hour of temptation that the Scriptures have so often mentioned. Rev. 3:10, “Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.” And now a quote from Neal Frisby. This is really harvest time! Only what we do for Jesus will really last forever. All other things on the earth will perish or fade away! – “But a believing soul is precious before God! – This will probably bring back a lot of memories, but you have heard the old gospel song ‘Bringing In The Sheaves.’ – Well there is not much more time left to do this.” – “Soon every knee shall bow before Jesus and every tongue shall confess according to the Scriptures! Our witnessing and saving of souls will be of the utmost importance at the time that we shall see Him! He knows all things that each of us will do!” – “The day is far spent, the sun is at zero hour! Night cometh as a dark shadow spreading towards us! The urgency of the spirit saith, work while there is yet light; for darkness of sin and dictatorship will soon take over this planet.” Isa. 43:10, “Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am he: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me!” We are in the hour of the compelling force to go into the highways and hedges! The invitation to the supper call is almost over! – “Hear ye the word of the Lord; for Great Tribulation prophesied so long ago is nearing. As one seeth a cloud coming from a distance, so shall it suddenly be upon a people who hath forgotten their Creator!” – The faithful shall be taken up and the earth given over to the unjust and wicked! We are at the hour where He said, “He immediately putteth in the sickle, because harvest is come!” (Mark 4:29) This depicts that it will be a quick, swift, short work. As He said, “Behold I come quickly.” – Showing events will be sudden and occur rapidly! – An unexpected surprise to the world. And suddenly the foolish will know that the elect are gone! “So now in the harvest of the latter rain His most important, vital work is beginning to occur!” We should have a prayer in our heart each day as the compelling force of the Holy Spirit brings in the final children of the Lord. The world is headed for some surprising and unexpected occurrences to fulfill prophecy concerning the evil apostate church and government! Concerning these subjects and the gospel harvest work, the Lord is fulfilling prophecy and giving all kinds of signs to confirm His nearness! “The heavens are declaring it, signs in the sea, the earth’s volcanic fire is forecasting it too!” The sea is roaring and the earth is trembling! Many nations are at their wit’s end. Perilous times! But also we know that after economic crises the Bible speaks that a dictator will bring forth world prosperity and tremendous changes including structural. (Dan. 8:25) – So we know the shadow of a Roman Prince is here on earth and ready to rise! Also momentous events are coming soon and in the days ahead. Be sure and watch the days ahead as God will be showing forth many prophetic signs concerning the end of the age! – “The midnight cry is looming upon His elect.” – “Surely all of this is enough to make every Christian sober and vigilant. For signs  verywhere tell us He is even at the door!” End quote. This letter should bring every Christian to realize that the urgency to witness is truly upon us and all should put forth their best effort. This month we are releasing Volume Number One – Book of Monthly Letters (June 2005 through July 2008) as well as a unique DVD, “Whosoever Will.” (See offer below.) – Trusting all partners will continue their important support of this vital message. God has placed a wonderful blessing upon all who have stood behind this ministry. I truly appreciate all of the support that was given to this ministry. Many souls have been saved and alerted to this late hour that we are living in. May the blessings of Jesus be with you and bringing us closer to the coming of Jesus.

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