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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 99

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby



The great pyramid — “We just concluded 10 five-minute programs concerning the scriptural secrets in stone and trust to release them at a later date. We started our investigation from the base and pit of the Pyramid, up the passageway to the plane of the rejected Capstone (representing Christ).The Bible gives the Pyramid’s exact location in the midst of Egypt and at the border of the Liberian desert!” (Isa. 19: 19-20) – “The Pyramid’s inch lines reveal some truly amazing and startling wonders! – We find at the bottom base of the Pyramid the cross section represents the past and pre-historic fall of Lucifer! Upon coming out of the bottom passageway it points to the Polar region star. Draconis, the dragon star, matching Gen. 1:2 void. Scientists also confirm Scriptures they have located ‘a void’ which is 5 times larger than any found before in the stellar region near the North Star! — Job 26:7 describes the empty place in that section perfectly! Plus the Bible describes his fall in the sides of the North! (Isa. 14: 13). And that spot is now void! The Pyramid messages cover the whole subject in Biblical history and of course we cannot write it all here; but in a future script we will describe the pre-historic era in more detail!’’

Energy weapons – “It seems the prophecy concerning light (energy) beams is coming true! Men are discovering new particle beam weapons. They will be used in space platforms in orbit. — They are powerful zap guns that can knock down and burn up other nations’ satellites.- They will use nuclear mini explosions to shoot beams of subatomic particles — high energy matter that could destroy nuclear bombs! — The Russians are working on this now; and the United States, later in the 80’s, will evidently do more inventing concerning the particle beam weapons and also the advance laser! — As you remember, in earlier scrolls I said that men would invent light as weapons and also use light to heal. — And they are now using a small laser to heal different things on the human body. — And yet this same laser can be increased and turned into the death ray and destroy missiles!” — “The particle beam weapon moves close to the speed of light, it will become like an electromagnetic rifle stream that can deliver one trillion volts to each parti-cycle! . . . The proton beam is developing into a terrifying weapon! — We see the explosive energy in Ezek. 38:22, known as brimstone and fire! — Also some of these new weapons can he described as a flying fiery serpent (missile)!” Isa. 14:29. — Dan. 12:4, “said that knowledge would increase.” (See next paragraph.)

New inventions — The human body is very mysterious and complex. “David saw the marvel of the dynamic body and said, it is fearfully and wonderfully made! — He said it was wrought in the lowest parts or inside the earth! (Ps. 139:15-1 6) — Also God made Adam within the earth and placed him in Eden!” (Gen. 2:8 — “And now science has invented or developed a body scanner that can look at each inside part of the human body as though you had cut through the person! —-— chemical activity inside the body can now he seen. When a patient just thinks about moving a hand, part of the brain ‘lights up ‘…‘‘Surely the body is the work of the infinite super genius of the Holy Spirit! — Verse 16, Thine eves did see all my substance!’’ – ‘‘Science now sees and beholds God’s unique marvelous creation! — Our body has electrical energy in it; that’s why, when we move, our brain lights up! — We are in some ways like a flesh and bone computer. That’s why science will finally come close to inventing robots like humans, (but they cannot create the spirit/soul — only God can)! — Their inventions may finally coincide with the image unto the beast. (Rev. 13:14-15) — (See June ‘82 letter ‘Robots’). — Oh yes, remember that we will have a body that science will never be able to compare with; the glorified body eternal!’’

What will they think of next to fulfill the scriptures? “Jesus said, as it were in the days of Noah, so shall it be again upon His return! (Matt. 24:38-39) — He describes marriage and given in marriage in a massive order!” — “Did you know that they have invented a computer to perform marriages, then one to turn around and divorce one! The computer age has robbed marriage of its sacred and hallowed significance. We relate from a news article, quote: ‘Ordained Computer Ties the Nuptial Knot for You’ . . . Planning to get married? Well, you don’t have to go to a lot of trouble, any more. You can be married by computer. Quite a few couples have been married by Apple II. The screen lights up and you follow the text, using response buttons on a keyboard. In other words, you can get married in your own living room if you know which command to push . . . There’s organ music and . . . you could have guests. They say a money saver.” — “The kind of question would be: ‘Do you, Jane, compute this man to be your lawfully wedded interface digital husband, to have and to hold?’ When the right button is pressed the divorce can also be approved by a judge, with a computer print out for the legal file! – The devastating thing about this is God has no part. The divinely appointed marriage rejects electronic programming.” This is only using the machine as an excuse to live together. But it reveals prophecy is definitely fulfilling concerning electronics!’’

Computer birth control — News article, quote: — ‘Couples may soon have to check with a computer before they make love. A new bedroom computer that is programmed for birth control will be telling husbands and wives when they can have sex and when it’s not allowed. . . Women who do not wish to use the pill may want to use this computer. The battery powered computer keeps track of a woman’s periods, and all she has to do is punch a button to tell her when she is and is not fertile. It is also programmed to make adjustments for irregular menstrual cycles! —- It charts the woman’s temperature patterns for her, and a green light lets her know when it is safe to have intercourse. The machine would allow Catholics. etc., to use family planning methods without disobeying the church’s ruling against artificial contraception.” (end quote). . “I do not write this by God’s authority, but some Christians use the rhythm cycles where they abstain at appointed times! — But in all of this, man has a responsibility to raise some children no matter what — as nature and as the Lord leads ‘‘“It says the computer is pocket size and will sell for about $40.00 ‘‘…There is one thing about this computer that they may not have realized — not all men will want to follow its instructions!”

Sending sex signals with love bug — Quote: “An ingenious beeping device called the Love Bug, may soon be helping singles find their perfect mate! — The tiny gadget which is worn like a wristwatch consists of a miniature computer. — The person wearing it goes out to where there is a large number of the opposite sex and turns it on. If there is another unit within 200 feet that is programmed to match what he wants, the signals will bring the two together to do what the desire!’’ — ‘‘The inventor hopes the electronic marvel will be on the market soon! Surely days beyond Sodom and Gomorrah are approaching. According to the book of Revelation, people will finally worship the god of science. Knowledge is tripling in each decade. A sophisticated computer can now perform 60 billion transactions in a second, they claim!’’

Technological tampering — Science Gone Mad — “God warned Noah’s generation about tampering with the human reproductive process! — By listening to the advice of fallen angels, giants were produced! (Gen. 6) — In another similar way science is tampering with nature by taking sperm from selective donors, and through technology rewriting a child’s genetic code! — A third party is being introduced into what used to be a marriage of two! — Female patients do not meet the donor!” — “Surrogate wombs are hired as human incubators, mercenary mothers!”—- “Embryos are a new item up for sale these days. Lesbian mothers are conceiving children via new techniques! ““Artificial wombs and animal mothers for human babies are in the offing!’’ — “Cows are suggested as host mothers. — Animal-human hybrids are being advocated.” (End mag. quote) — “Although this sounds terrible, I think it is important that people know that scientists may try to do. — Prophecy is true!”— “The Bible says that men would be given over to a reprobate mind and nature of the beast!” — “Science is moving into God’s cataclysmic cloud of fiery judgment! — Much of what you have been reading has been predicted on the Scrolls in advance!”

Earth filled with sexual violence — (Continued from latter paragraph) — (Gen. 6) — Because of man’s disobedience during the days of Noah, giants came upon the earth and produced extreme wickedness.— God revealed to me what occurred and we will write part of it here.” — “It was a brutal age. The insatiable giants began raping women through the throat and by anus, etc. — Violation took place in the most forceful and crude manner — unparalleled in human history! — There was a food shortage and giants began to eat small children like sandwiches!” — “Remember these giants would make a 7-ft. man look like a midget!”— ‘‘So in God’s mercy He brought on the Universal flood on this satanic civilization! — Only Noah’s seed was not contaminated!” — “But one of Noah’s son’s wife was impregnated (probably forced) by this wicked line! . . . Therefore even after the flood there were giants seen during David’s time! (I Sam. 17:4-7) — about 10 to 12 ft!” Deut. 3:11)

In a later script we will reveal more concerning the pre-historic fall of Lucifer, the mysteries in Eden, and where did the giants come from, etc. . . . plus many more subjects. — Don’t miss these important revelations!”

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