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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 93

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Gog and Magog — “In this script we will reveal some behind the scenes activity, describe some important locations in Bible prophecy, and point out the course of events to come!” — “First, in Ezek. 38:1-3, shows God is against Gog, evidently a satanic prince that rules this area (Russia) Magog. — Magog, according to history, was a son of Japheth and a grandson of Noah! — The Greeks called the people of Magog, Scythians, settling north of Mount Ararat in the area of Russia.” — “Meshech was a brother to Magog. — His descendants were known as a barbarous people. Tubal was another son of Japheth and his descendants dwelled by the Black Sea to the west of Meshech!” — “According to historians these took over the territories in southern Russia, between the Black and Caspian Seas! — Possibly Magog even takes in more territories than Russia under an evil prince, Gog!” — Verses 4-6, “list the other nations that will join these people as great hordes descend upon Israel in a catastrophic war!” — “This information is important because Russia is fulfilling Bible prophecy which we will unveil in the next paragraph!”

The Euphrates in scriptural prophecy — “Unknown by some, this primeval river starts below the Black Sea and springs from central Turkey! — Just a few years back the Russian engineers built the Keban Dam that backs up the largest reservoir in Turkey! — The Euphrates takes in 1800 miles. One of the great classical rivers, the other is the Tigris merging with the Euphrates. Both rivers flow through a fertile floodplain spanning southeastern Turkey, Syria and Iraq (Babylon) and then empties into the Persian Arabian Gulf!” — “Some Hebrew scholars believe on the lower stretches of the Euphrates is the site of the Garden of Eden! — Archaeologists are still uncovering evidences of successive civilizations that thrived along its banks, Assyria, Babylon, Chaldea! — It is said the original Garden of Eden was located near the Persian Gulf, taking in Babylon territory and present day Kuwait!” — “Notice most of the world’s oil is located here because Eden was once the plant and animal center of the world! — And oil is the decayed remains of ancient plant, animal and marine life, so we see the Middle East Garden has become the oil capital of the world!” — “Evidently the center of Eden contains more oil per square mile than any spot on earth! — All this confirms that Eden was a real place! — And this Mid East Garden will be in prophecy again as the age ends!” — “This area will come under the control of the beast! Near the Persian Gulf in Iran (Persia) is the world ‘largest oil refinery called Abadan! — This word is closely associated with Abaddon, meaning destruction in Rev. 9:11. Probably oil is one of the main reasons for the staging of Armageddon!”

The kings of the east fulfilling prophecy — “The reason we spoke concerning this large Dam on the Euphrates, at the end of the age besides severe drought in the area, it may be one way the Lord fulfills His divine will! — Because one flick of the switch at the Keban Dam and the mighty Euphrates, the river of Antiquity, will become a trickle and a dry path!” — Read this Rev. 16:12, “When the angel poured out his vial on the great river Euphrates: the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared!”— “Also Syria has built a three hundred million dollar dam across the great Euphrates at another point! — Plus the Chinese have built a highway that cuts across parts of Asia, bordering Iran, crossing Babylon and the Euphrates, finishing at Syria!” — “The Russians, the Chinese and the rest of the kings of the east will use these roads to come down like a storm ending in a holocaust at Megiddo!” — “Prophecy is alive! — If you have a map you can check the above situations and locations where we first started mentioning these subjects!” — “Here is an article concerning another king of the east! — It reads suddenly Japan is resurrecting its military power, and assuming a new strategic role!” — “Although they will work with the United States now, — later a radical change will occur in the latter times, and they will join the evil forces of the north and China and the forces of the south to try to destroy Israel!” (Dan. 11:40-44)

Strange and startling prophecy concerning Egypt and Babylon (the modern name Iraq) — According to many other Scriptures, we know the earth will suffer through atomic desolation; and the Middle East receiving the center of a tremendous force and destruction! Evidently some areas will be worse than others and not cleansed right away!” — “First the Egyptian nuclear fallout! — This Scripture certainly leaves us no other recourse but what it states!” — “The land of Egypt shall be desolate and waste — No foot of man shall pass through it, nor foot of beast shall pass through it, neither shall it be inhabited forty years! . . . and I will scatter the Egyptians among the nations!” — (Ezek. 29:9, 11-12) — Amazing, this sounds like atomic fallout! “Here is another prophecy concerning the country of Iraq (Babylon) Isa. 13:19-22. It mentions modern Babylon will be overthrown like Sodom and Gomorrah in a fiery holocaust! This area will even be worse than Egypt! It shall never be inhabited again! This has not occurred yet in the past, because people are living there now!” — Verses 9-10, “proves that it occurs in the day of the Lord during the time of Armageddon! — Speaking of the origin of man and the Garden of Eden being in this area we have a Scripture confirming this. Joel 2:3. It reveals a fire and a flame before and behind them, the land is as the Garden of Eden, and behind them a desolate wilderness! — Yea, and nothing shall escape them!” — “It seems that all the oil in those areas will go up in smoke! — “When the Bible speaks of the land not being inhabited again it points to the fact of the curse of radiation! Zech. 5:3, speaks of this curse! — And in verse 11 it speaks of the land of Shinar, (Babylon) again!”

The territory of Babylon and Syria will come into prominence more each year now! — Syria has just signed a treaty with Russia! — This insures Russia ‘expansion into the warm water of the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf! — And they can see directly across to Israel! — But God will rain fire and brimstone upon them! (Ezek. 38:22) “Syria has missiles pointing right at Israel!” — “With all the coming wars and problems in the Middle East, it is ripe and it won’t be long until the “prince” rises and tries to settle these problems in a covenant with Israel! — This anti-christ will have its headquarters somewhere in the territories that we just spoke of! — He will also afterwards step right in to the Jewish Temple of Israel claiming that he is god!” — (II Thess 2:4 – Rev, chap. 11) “For deep insight on this evil prince study scrolls 91 and 92.”— “This subtle personage will also control commercial Babylon and religious Babylon!” (found in Rev, chaps. 17 and 18 and world government chap. 13) — “The world will have its state religion! — Not only will this evil star work with Israel, but he will control the Arab wealth finally, and world’s resources! — Incidentally in the next paragraph we explain an interesting news article!

The rise of new Arab banks “threatens to politicize and alter the international banking system in this decade. — Petro – Impact editors said such companies may be able to break the Western Banks’ monopoly concerning recycling of OPEC surpluses! — Also Saudi Arabia is building a strong military complex in the Middle East, and evidently later it will be put into the hands of the anti-christ to dominate the Middle East!” — “Concerning all of these events we spoke about, I definitely believe that they will take place before the generation ends; meaning time is short! — Also all prophetic lines cross between 1983-86 revealing a very troubling period just ahead!” — “Prosperity will come again, but 1987-89 will evidently be a time of gigantic changes concerning severe economic turmoil and complete changes involving our economic system!” — “By this time the man of sin, the anti-christ, will be exerting strong pressure upon the earth — moving everything into his hands so that he can hold the reins of the world when he reveals himself! What an hour!” — “The church had better wake up and work quickly, time is very short!” — “One more thing, the anti-christ will want to unify the currency and establish some system of fund transfer that may eliminate the use of cash! (He will control the gold) — It seems that we are headed towards electronic money! — “Readers Digest said, coming soon — Electronic money! — Millions of Americans are already receiving their wages electronically with bank deposits, loan payments and bills automatically processed! In other words an electronic card used to deduct instantly what people charge or purchase! This will eventually work into Rev. 13:13-18!

I cannot confirm this, but it is interesting to know, it was predicted hundreds of years ago that at the very end of the age that a pope would rule for 15 yrs. And Pope Paul the VI reigned for this allotted time! — Then another pope would be involved for less that 38 days! We saw this take place concerning Pope Paul I. “— “Then after this there were to come only 2 more popes; and one of them would rule for just a few years!” (Evidently the one in office now) — Then the last one would appear as the age closed!” — “God has not told me how many Popes will come, but I predicted here often, that the people would feel “the influence” of a religious leader, the anti-christ, in the later 80’s. Also according to an Associated Press release from Vatican City, dated Oct. 2, 1978 we find a similar prophetic statement!” — “An ancient forecaster predicted events that will supposedly lead up to the end of the world before the year 2000. He mentioned in “The Prophecies concerning a ‘barefoot pope’ (representing humility) whose reign would last no more than two months (Pope Paul I) and who would be succeeded by the last two Popes!

The Anti-Christ will usurp the position of the Pope con- trolling all Babylon religions! — Rev, chap 17.” — “He will usurp the position of Christ and be the “false messiah” to the Jews and a super prince to the Moslems!” — “His coming is soon, all the strange planetary conjunctions and lineups allude to this as well as the coming of Halley’s Comet! — Watch! — Fireworks lay directly ahead for the nations!” — “It also reveals to us that Jesus’ return is very near!”

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