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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 90

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The latter years are near — “According to Ezek. 38:1-6, Russia in the last days will have 5 specific countries join her in a catastrophic onslaught on Israel! — Persia (Iran) – Ethiopia – Libya – Gomer (East Germany) – and Togarmah (Turkey) — and then from another direction joining them will be the Kings of the East!” (Rev. 16:12 – Rev. 9:14-16) — “China will probably break relations with the United States several times before the final eruption comes!” — “And after many years eventually Japan will be joined in this invasion along with other Asian nations — only to die on the mountains and valleys of Israel!” — “The Scriptures outline three phases. The first major part of the war is probably when Russia and the above Allies, including some Arab nations, attack Israel! The second part is when the Kings of the East literally charge into the Middle East!” . . . “The third is when all nations with the anti-christ will confront these in battle! His Empire is split!” (Dan. 2:40-43 – Dan. 11:40-45) – Zech. 14:2, “states that God will gather all nations here to battle, including the United States! Some people wonder what causes this. One main reason is famine across the earth and the hordes want more share of the anti-christ wealth.” (Rev. 11:6) — “Famine is mentioned as one of the scourges that God sends when men are in idols and wickedness!” . . . “It definitely seems that Jesus will come in our generation, because the prophecies of Israel are fulfilling in becoming a nation in 1948! Another important reason is Jerusalem was reclaimed as a Jewish city in 1967! And now another significant fact is Israel is making it their capital!” — “We are now nearing this Scripture, Matt. 24:34. This generation is finishing its course! The clock of destiny is ticking nearer the final hour!” — “The bulletin of atomic scientists has just moved the hand closer to midnight! They say unless something occurs quickly most life will perish within another decade, give or take a few years! — What has triggered their opinion, they are watching the way Russia is making their way toward and surrounding the Middle East!”

The 80’s a decade of destiny — “Before the 1980’s end we will be in revolution, anarchy! Perilous and world crises will appear 1984-87! — Also more wars are coming!” . . . Even before these dates “civil strife” will occur in the United States!”

The economic situation in the 80’s — President Reagan may slow inflation or bring some relief for a while, but the inevitable will occur after several more stages of new economics. Another type economic system will come in the later 80’s. Evidently under a different leader! — Several changes will occur beforehand. — “Also possibly a burst of prosperity will occur by or nearing the mid 80’s!” — “Even now some economists feel there will be a credit collapse some time before the 80’s end!” — “The United States is in debt trillions of dollars. “News Note: ‘Money supply balloons — In 1913, our money supply was about $33 billion, or $355 per person, and it was backed by gold. If more money was needed, the Treasury printed it and used it to buy gold, which it then held to back the new money. It could not print money to pay the government’s bill. Today, the money supply is $886 billion and it has no intrinsic value. That is a 2,700% increase in our money supply and still expanding.” Plus the world Bank is cracking, and according to the News is in bankruptcy now! — Observers say it is like a sinking ship! It is said developing nations owe the IMF more than 400 billion that their economies can’t pay back!” — “But one day in the future, according to the Scriptures, will come out of all of this a new revolutionized world bank, including the U.S.A. in the confederation!”

Early signs — “The revived Roman Empire is now rising! (Rev. 13)— “The Common Market membership is now complete at ten, and with a common currency and computer language” — “It is claimed because of the severe economic conditions and world inflation is swiftly bringing into existence a new computerized money system! Also because of the devaluation of currency and erratic interest rates some believe that credit cards will become extinct later and will be replaced by an electronic debit card. Eventually that will lead to the mark of the beast controlling all buying, selling and working!” — A science article said electronics can soon link every human being on earth so closely that all corporations, organized churches and nations could be absorbed into a single global being! — Joined to the beast data system!” (Rev. 13: 13-18)

We’ve spoken of computerized economics coming etc. And now they are working on a medical computer. “A report says before 1990 a computer may serve as your doctor! A computer would flash questions concerning your health on a video screen while you answered the questions! At the end of the session a computer would type out a complete diagnosis for you!” — “Computers are being designed so that by the 1990’s a patient will have a computer that will be their therapist! See the patient twice a week, listen to his or her troubles, give advice, etc. It says people will have computerized doctors! Yes, they will worship the god of science finally!” (Rev. 13:13-14) “More on the electronic boom in a moment!

The signs confirm the end of the age is approaching — “In our scrolls we predicted over 12 yrs. ago much of what will be said here described in scientific terminology by Dr. Browning!” . . . “He said that great violence and possibly revolution lie right ahead, and made these statements. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions: — “Rising tidal forces directly or indirectly trigger volcanism! Since the tidal forces the Northern Hemisphere is rising! We are in a period of increased volcanism!” — He foresees droughts and famines. From a science standpoint, he feels the storm tracts will shift causing drought and the lack of food in many areas! Also these shifts will bring hurricanes, tornadoes and tidal waves!” Social violence: “The ethical attitudes today are essentially the same as they were during the 1850’s, just before the Civil War! — When power is a primary aim, I would say violence and I mean massive violence! — We’re in for a social revolution at least!”— Mark. 13:19-20. Coming days of affliction worse than any since the beginning of creation!”

Prophetic update concerning immorals — Dec. 19, 1980, New York state became the 27th state to legalize consensual sodomy. Some dictionaries define sodomy as copulation with a member of the same sex or with an animal! — “This city (Sodom) located in the plains was destroyed by a fiery holocaust! — Other nations also have been consecrated to the vice of Sodom as a religious rite! Phoenicia, Assyria, Babylonia as were later Greece and Rome! Today it is from coast to coast, many times involving young children! — In another news item. . A religious group known as the children of God, founded by David Berg (according to a magazine) has about 8,000 young people as members! Their approach and motive is they use (sell) sex to lure recruits to their movement!” (AP) — One girl in their group said, quote, ‘People today are extremely desirous and in need of sex; therefore if we don’t satisfy their sexual appetite they have a hard time believing that you really love them!”— “So here is a group advocating sex as an evangelistic technique! And they claim that only flesh can satisfy flesh in their religious rites! — They claim both spirit and body must be fed, etc.”— “But we know all of this is a front for actual prostitution and money . . . wherein they are fulfilling prophecy exactly as the Scriptures say at the end!” II Tim. 3:4, 6 “Lovers of pleasure and led away with divers lusts!” — Rev.17:5, wherein it speaks of harlots! This includes religious and the physical aspects!. . . In similarity the Jones cult used women and men prostitutes and he was a male prostitute to many of the women in his organization!”

The electronic computer and prostitution — “Organized crime has such a worldwide ring of prostitution (indexed names) involving billions of dollars that computers will be used to buy and sell sex!” — “A regular world slave market to appear in large hotels and resorts!” — Rev. 18:13, “definitely speaks concerning this. Slaves and souls of men and women! — The electronic computerized prostitute (male and female) are here and more coming!” — “In several states including Florida society women can drive into certain places and just point and snap her finger and get a male prostitute for a price!” (verse 13) . . . “Also concerning the news article we wrote about involving the underworld that auctions off runaways, etc., young male and female prostitutes to the highest bidder ($10,000 or more), and the owner would use them in whoring for large profits! — As you remember they taught the children in Sodom about sex, and it was turned into a catastrophic overthrow and ashes!” — Concerning the above read Ezek. 16:28, “Thou has played the whore and wast unsatiable yet thou couldst not be satisfied. And verses 20-21 reveal how the children were done and finally will be done in this age”! — Verses 23-25, “gives another insight!” — Latter part of verse 36 speaks of thy lovers, idols and thy children which thou didst give unto them!” — “To some this all might sound like a horror story, but it will get worse in the latter days!” — Matt. 24:21, “reveals Tribulation which was not since the beginning of the world.” — Verse 22, “the intensity of judgment is so great that time must be shortened! — Let us pray for the above people that the Lord Jesus will bring out a few that He has chosen! (Rev. 18:4) . . . “In conclusion it seems that electronic devices will control all facets of life connected to the beast’s giant doser head!” — “A strange electronic god!” (Rev. 13:13 – 18)

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