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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 94

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby



Creation and the Creator — We hear a lot in the news lately concerning the creationists and the evolutionists about what should be taught in the schools! — The creation scientists say the earth was supernaturally created by God; the evolutionist believes it was by chance or accident! — How stupid! — Even a child can refute this! — “Creation, alone, every day says there is a creator . . . not to mention the infallible Scriptures!” — “It seems the evolutionist can not understand the Genesis account which is quite plain! — They think the Bible misplaces the Ice Age and the Dinosaur Age in this last 6,000 years!” — “It does not — because it was pre – Adamic — just like Lucifer was cast out of heaven before Adam!” — In Gen. 1:2, “reveals there was some kind of an overthrow after the first creation.— We see it was left void and empty . . . evidently entombed in ice which destroyed the huge pre-historic land animals and vegetation of that era!” — “And then God began to move on the creation that we know of today!” — “It says in 6 days; but a day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day! — This is what I Peter 3:5-8 said when describing the creation and destruction of the earth. — That is why Gen. 2:4 brings out the confirmation that these are the generations in the day the Lord God created the heavens and the earth! — Generations are years and not days!” — “This explains something else occurred before the void! — And then too added information that proves this, is that the Lord told Adam to replenish the earth!” (Gen. 1:28) “Revealing that at one time something else was before the void! — The Bible is absolutely right! And this we know also that Adam’s seed has only been here for about 6,000 years! In the light of the Scriptures there is absolutely no conflict in the past ages.” — “We could bring out a multitude of Scriptures confirming all of this, but it speaks for itself.’’

Our all – wise Creator (Jesus) made the dinosaurs!” — (St. John 1:3) “All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made! — He created the colossal pre-historic plant-eating dinosaurs. Some remains were excavated that stood 50 to 60 feet tall and weighed about 80 tons! And they absolutely disappeared. Some scientists think a super nova explosion or some other extra terrestrial event brought about their sudden disappearance!”— “They speculate that something triggered a chain reaction of major changes in the earth’s climate that brought about their extinction! — Evidently this was the gigantic Ice Age that suddenly came upon them, and is why the void appears in Gen. 1:2.” — “Even some Christians say that the flood wiped them out. But this is hardly possible or Genesis (Bible) would have mentioned such enormous creatures! But here again the Scriptures come to our aid! — “God told Noah to put at least two of each kind in the Ark! (Gen. 7:2) And then too we would have seen some today! — God marvelously backs up the pre-ages!” — “Oh yes, evolution is dead and Jesus is alive! While we are on this subject let us reveal how large the Ark was. Noah did put the main species in that God demanded. Some people have a hard time understanding how he did it, but it was simple!”

Noah’s gigantic ship — “Around 2500 B.C. Noah built a wooden hulled ship, 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high! — It also had 3 levels to it, with the displacement of about 43,000 tons and gross tonnage of about 14,000 tons! — Its carrying capacity equaled that of 522 standard train stock cars each of which could accommodate 240 average size animals!” — “Only 188 cars would be needed to hold 45,000 sheep-size animals, and 3 trains of 104 cars each would be required for food! — If we accepted the view that 17,600 species of animals now exist, it is calculated that 45,000 animals would have been aboard! — So we see whether this scientific article is entirely perfect or not we can see that it was easily done!” “The Lord had Noah only put in the species that would bring forth all of the different kinds of species that we have today! Remember God is supernatural and could do anything that He wanted to with His creation afterwards even!” (Gen, 6:14-22)

Galilee acoustics — “People have often wondered how Jesus spoke to as many as 5000 people at one time and they all were able to hear him at one time! — In one instance he spoke to the crowds off shore. (Matt. 13:2) He had no modern technology like a microphone, etc.” — “Of late an acoustical engineer thinks he has discovered the convincing answer! — He took actual measurements at the very place where it is believed that Jesus delivered his outdoor sermons! — The engineer stood on a large rock jutting out of the cove, about the same distance from the shore as was the boat in which Jesus sat.” (verse 2) — “He inflated a series of balloons and punctured them at measured intervals to register the decibel level with an electronic volume meter: the intensity was greater from the water than from the shore! — Jesus had perfect knowledge where to gather the crowds, because He had created the areas and selected the best areas where He knew the sound would carry!” – “So it is a scientific fact, our all-wise Saviour knows all!”

The ark of the covenant – Whatever happened to it? This is the question that has been shrouded in much speculation ever since the destruction of Solomon’s temple in 586 B.C. – Some say it was destroyed by the Babylonians who were interested in the gold it contained.” — “Tradition contends it was buried under the Temple Mount before the Babylonians captured the city.” — “There are many traditions describing what may have occurred. — Some believe it was transported to heaven.” — “However I believe the Ark in heaven is a different one! — And then, too, if God hid it for a divine purpose then they will never find it; and if they do it will be to confirm the Bible description of it! — The last view of it was in Solomon’s Temple. — At one time the Ark was placed atop the mercy seat between the two cherubim, where God placed His glory in the form of a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night!” — “The Ark was made by the Lord’s command and according to His own design! — In it were the golden pot of manna, Aaron’s rod, and the Ten Commandments!” “But today Jesus is our Ark and we have a covenant directly with him in salvation, healing and eternal life!” — “It is believed that Moses fashioned it in pattern after something similar in heaven!” — (Rev. 11:19) — Acts 7:44.

Science and the Anti-christ— “Modern technology is being made for the use of the coming false dictator! — We are entering a dangerous and prophetic hour!” — “When the anti-christ takes over the world government he will have a serious language problem if it were not for computers. He would not be able to communicate his command and instructions in the more than 3,000 known languages, but they are solving this with micro-processor chips!” — “Computers will not only make the task of translating easier but they will be a tool used by the Dragon Deceiver to communicate with the entire world!. . . A language media for the anti-christ to implement his laws for buying, selling, and worshipping now exists!”

Image of the beast — “We will list several viewpoints! John predicted that during the Tribulation the false prophet will enforce the worship of the anti-christ through performance of science miracles and wonders! — Some feel it will be animate image of the anti-christ; and sentence to death all who disobey!” — “But it also could be an idol like Dan. chap. 3 reveals!” — “Also television reflects an image and it could be used at that time for worshipping the idol over world satellite TV.” — “Rev. 13:11-18 indicates that this False Prophet will insure that men cannot purchase or sell unless they have ‘. . . the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name’ (Rev. 13:17). He had’. . . power to give life unto the image…that the image . . . should both speak (and cause death)’ (verse 15) — Note, this is interesting, Webster defines a robot as a machine in the form of a human being that performs the mechanical functions of a human being! — Evidently robots are preparing the way for the image of the beast!” — These are just viewpoints — “but I believe it will be an image associated to computers and electronic devices! — Also in the next paragraph we explain another type image or likeness unto the beast the Babylonian church!”

The Anti-christ church — “The apostate Protestants (Rev. 3:15-17) will make an image or form a likeness (beliefs) unto the Babylonian church! (Rev. 17:5) It will be a religious power that rides upon the anti-christ political power in the dreadful days of the Tribulation!” — “The elect will have been taken out!” — “The false church will pretend to be the true church, but it will be the union of dead ecclesiastical systems!” — “Finally the beast turns on the apostate church and destroys it!” (Verses 6-18) — “And then later part of his kingdom turns on him and destroys him and his commercial city!” (Rev. 18:16-19 — Dan. 11:40-45) — “Later in the 80’s we will begin to see a clear view of where science and man is headed!” — “This is my opinion and it could occur sooner, but I don’t see how the 90’s could escape the battle of Armageddon! — And the elect leave years before the Tribulation ends! — Let us work all that we can in the 80’s — it is our hour!”

Prophetic update — The anti-christ system is already working among children, we see (Gen. 19. 5, 35 repeating again). Time Magazine, Sept. 7 says, “A disturbing idea is gaining: very young children should be allowed and perhaps encouraged to conduct a full sex life without interference from parents and the law. Picture books of sex for children and parents are now becoming bestsellers. — The sexologists say that infant boys get erections and the vaginas of infant girls lubricate, so this is a powerful argument for child sex. — Thore Langfeldt says that early stimulation of children, including masturbation of infants by adults, definitely does not seem to harm them. He adds ‘rehearsal play’ with adults ‘affects them beneficially.’ “— Time laments that few responsible experts have reacted bluntly. — Two did. Psychotherapist Sam Janus, author of The Death of Innocence, says people who were seduced early in life “go through the motions of living and may seem all right, but they are damaged. — I see these people year after year in therapy. “(End of quote).

Coming events —“Later in the 80’s there will be wars and rumors of wars! – Watch for problems in S.E. Asia, Europe, Africa and crises in the Middle East! For then after all these problems the anti-christ will make world peace covenant!

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