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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 80

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


This script concerns the origin and fall of Great Babylon and what will be found in her! It is a vital sign and gives forth a prophetic warning! The Holy Spirit knows what’s coming and unveils an ominous forecast! A deluge of sin will appear as a fast moving plague! When Babylon gets her harlot daughters back (Rev. 17:4-5, Rev. 3:17) sin will double and ignite hell’s fire with naked debauchery worse than Sodom; the last warning is soon! — ‘‘Come out of her!” (Rev. 18:4) — ‘‘New vibrations of evil will be attacking the human race, even now!” The ones who treat this article careless could well fall victim! Strong delusion of Sodomite lust will invade the populace! Satan’s man of sin will introduce new corruption!” — Pro. 1:7 — “To fear God’s warning is knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction!” “Also be sure and follow the Scriptures for proof — the days ahead will vindicate all!” “In writing this article the Holy Spirit did the best to show Babylon is no place to be. The delusive seduction will hold people like chains!” — But let’s start where it all began in the significant locale!

The locality of Euphrates is the geographical area where Babylon was. “It is here where evil made its first attempt against the human race! — Here, the first murder was committed! — In this region the first apostasies occurred! — The world’s beginnings started here! — Here is where men first heard of God, sinned and fell from his first estate and was banished from Paradise and took on earth’s miseries! — Israel’s worst enemies came from this area! — It’s where Satan first set down on our planet and had his first victories! — Where primeval rivers parted! — Euphrates still remains! — Here Babylon supplanted Eden, and hell sent up its hate! Where death took the place of life, until God’s appointed hour!”

Eden’s Babel, the beginning of sin — “At an opportune moment Satan made a visit to the garden!” He incarnated himself in the serpent, which at that time was not the crawling repulsive form that we see afterwards! Only “after the curse” was it put upon its belly! (Gen. 3:14) — Therefore the Scriptures infer that the serpent stood upright! He was the most intelligent and beautiful of the beasts! (Verse 1) “It is strange but significant that the word beast is also associated to the good cherubic angels!” (Rev. 4:7-8) — Satan came to Eve in “an angel” of light! (Gen. 3:4-5) Evil held a strange attraction for her, she was taught all forms of sex! — The tree, depicting man, was good for (food) sexual pleasure! (Verse 6) It said she did eat, etc. Satan in the beast became the first male prostitute! And the price of one day’s pleasure cost her the world kingdoms, dominions, wealth, etc., and it was transferred to Satan and the beast! Which “his seed” will rule temporarily! (Rev. 13:4) — “It cost her and Adam heavenly things: but Jesus restored back and will take over the world again!” (Rev. 11.15) — Eve brought forth two seeds (offspring) Gen. 3.15. The one spiritual offspring is seen in Rev. 12. 1,5 and the other off spring produced what is seen in (I John 3:10-12) — the whore! (Rev. 17:5 — II Thess. 2:4) — “Notice the first offspring (unruly Cain) is not listed in Adam’s line!” (Gen.5. — Read Scroll #79, the two seeds — doctors have proved this!) — Here is some more evidence! A news clip of late said, a woman in Europe had a busy day. She first made love with a white male, then with a black American soldier. The result was that she had twins, one white child and one black child to the amazement of the doctors, until they investigated the affair! — This is used to illustrate a point! The evil serpent seed is in many races and colors and not just in one color! (See Scroll #79 the case of two white males!)

This evil seed produced Nimrod who founded Babel, which had its beginnings immediately after the flood! (Gen. 10:9-10)— Who also started the beginning of sanctified prostitution, idol worship and organized rebellion against God! (Gen. 10) — “These pagan mysteries followed all history and moved into Babylon!” (Dan. 3:1) “This mystery Babylon has been in existence throughout the ages and finally in Rev. 17 reaches her height as the harlot woman sets on the beast; and is called Babylon The Great!’’ When it reaches its final form it will be a mixture of heathenism, paganism, papalism and apostate Protestantism. All are integral parts of Mystery Babylon! It represents the sum total of false religion on the earth, Satan’s substitute (counterfeit) for true Christianity! — She has ridden the seven kingdoms of the ages! (Rev. 17:3) — The difference in her and God’s children are after all His warnings — Babylon never repented! — The false incorrigible seed (read Heb. 12:8).

All that will be found in golden Babylon (Rev. chap. 17 — chap. 18) — There are two natures to Great Babylon! The religious side and the commercial side! The religious side will join up to world governments! Somehow this Roman will also enter into a compromise and relationship with communism! – They will move towards a superhuman government, a beastialization of man! _ On the religious side she will have sorcery hookers, and also whoredoms introducing idolatry and lascivious worship” — This will invade the Protestant church! — “Paul warned the city Corinth because sexual relations in the Temples was part of their pagan religious rites!” — Note: People should wake up! In the news just lately a city in Iowa made a crackdown on vice and a Lutheran college president and a Baptist minister were caught soliciting prostitution! — Later when false religions join into her cup of iniquity (Rev. 17:4) more sin will occur! (Rev. 2:20) For pleasure the lukewarm churches sell out like Eve, denying the Word! (Rev. 3:16-17) — “The day predicted is here, a Bible in one hand, a harlot in the other!”

They shall know the depths of Satan in Great Babylon — Now we will turn our attention to the commercial and all sides of Babylon! Of course it will take in all world trade centers joined up to one head (the beast) Rev. 13:1, 16-18. Its merchandise will be gold, silver, precious stones, silk, scarlet and expensive wool, costly diamonds, expensive perfumes, etc. (Rev. 18:12-13) City of glittering jewels saturated in silver. — Also wines and delicious feasts! — The beast will cause craft to prosper! (Dan. 8:25) ‘‘He is identified by number 666! And this is associated with only one other thing in the Scriptures — gold!” (II Chron. 9:13) The reference to this sinister number in connection with gold is not by chance! Gold is the god of this world so it is associated to commercial Babylon! It’s economic dictatorship! — In these trade centers business will be day and night! — ‘‘The mad whirl of raw lust will take its toll!’’ Satan will possess the bodies and minds of men to the ultimate! (Rev. 18:2) Demons of all kind will be here! The cage and fountain head of every evil spirit and hateful bird. It will be the seat (11 Peter 2:12) of animalistic instincts and occultism, idols and witchcraft! — In their theaters they will stage actual live obscene acts of love, also an astonishing vulgar display of homosexualism!”

All that is sensuous and perverted found here — Rev. 18:13 — Luxury, pleasure and orgy hotels built! Its says they will traffic in the souls and bodies of men and women to satisfy their bohemian desires! (Verse 13) “Male and female harlots will be found here!” According to some psychiatrist reports, some women are attaining enormous superhuman urges for sex! The Bible predicted it would reach the stages of inflamed nymphomania unable to be satisfied! Ezek. 16:28, 15 — Prov. 7:18 — 11 Tim. 3:1-4) — Also the selling of young lesbians and homosexuals will be involved as found in Rom. 1:22-27. Also 12 and 14 year old prostitutes are being sold in Los Angeles and New York now! — According to news magazines another phenomenon is, rich society women are paying huge sums of money for male (Hollywood style) prostitutes! Wherein the male tongue is used to satisfy her insatiable desires! — Wild urges that cannot he controlled will possess people! — And the devouring of the seed! (Gen.19. — Read the first couple of paragraphs on Scroll #73) will be found in Babylon! (When the Holy Spirit takes the elect from the earth things will even become worse! A brutal madness never seen before!) — “Men are now buying pleasure dolls with electric sensations in the proper places; and women are buying male forms!” Electronic sex will be found in Great Babylon! (Rom. 1.30) Male and female sadists will be hired here incarnated with abnormal lust! (The whip and pins, etc.) In torment, stinging in sensual pain for release! Intoxicated with the gross bestial kind of sexual conduct and catastrophic lust, wickedness and chaos!

The deadly raucous tongue (James 3:5-8) – It caused trouble in Eden and all kinds of ways in the world! It is gaining prominence in the male and female brothels for paid pleasure! “Also dogs and other types are being trained and sold, the tongue, etc., used in wanton pleasure of women!” (Lev. 18:23) — Also male cult and pagan prostitution will be prominent! (I Sam. 2:22) — “The blood will run hot in their veins like electric wires burning with thirst of evil orgies, materialism their god, pleasure their high priest, uncontrolled passion the ritual of their worship! — The dark abyss below will take over with legions of demons! Murderous Babylon will be ruled by the dragon seed and Satan himself incarnate in the beast — anti-christ!” —A word of caution, the lukewarm church will fall prey to Babylon like Samson did with his harlot! (Judges 16:1, 4) — This is a warning to all and children, “Come Out of her my people!” (Rev. 18:4-5) Her final doom! (Verse 8) — Verse 24 shows her barbaric cruelty to the saints.

We should point out that God does give His children certain privileges in marriage; the bed is undefiled. (Heb. 13:4) — Read Prov. 5:18-19.

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