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Prophetic Scrolls 9

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

The space satellite and rocket plane – Read Isa. 31:5. As birds fly. Rev. 18:8 – This is Atomic Destruction, from a rocket jet or space satellite which drop atomic bombs. Study the Scripture close. Read “Who are these that fly as a cloud and as doves to their windows. (Hangers). Isa. 60:8-10. Obadiah 1:4. Though thou exalt thy self as the eagle and set by thy nest ( space platform) among the stars. Rocket or saucer- Read Ezekiel 1:12, 13, 14.

Automobile sign – one of the most remarkable visions of the bible! The description is so startling and amazing no one could miss it! Read Nahum 2: 3-4 Now watch the Lord tells me Nahum saw the (last car) not the first one made! It was rocket turbine, electric or radar controlled. The strange cars that Nahum saw were (as flaming torches the brilliant lights of today’s car!) The raging pictures (The traffic of modern Broadways). They shall jostle one against another (colliding) “Wrecks” -They shall seem like torches (heat of motor!) run like the lightning (high speed). This was to be in the day of His coming. Your grandparents never saw this ultra modern car. You did! Christ will appear to this generation!

Radio and T.V. Sign – Read Job 38:35 Canst thou send lightning? (Electric current!) That they may go and say (speak- Voice!) unto thee here (we are). Arrive with (sound or pictures!) Watch this connection. Read Rev.11 The Antichrist kills the two witnesses (Moses and Elijah) Rev. 11:9. And they of the whole world shall see their dead bodies, 31/2 days. The world views the scene by satellite television! (Probably just before the rapture the world could see Gods Word and Healing Power by satellite T.V. as a witness too. (False Predictors will arise out of witchcraft much now. 1967 on -nations head for chaotic and, fearful times)

The atomic hydrogen sign – A great sword (a weapon) Read Rev. 6:4 Great noise and the flame of a devouring fire. Isa. 29:6. Read Matt. 24:29. The Powers of the Heaven shall be shaken. Notice the word heavens (in the Greek) is Uranos and Uranium is the element they use in the atomic bomb. Read. Rev. 13:13 (He makes fire come down). The beast uses this insight of men as wonders to deceive them into the mark. However, the Antichrist may also call down a spiritual type fire. Read 2 Peter 3:10-11. A great noise and the elements shall melt (shall catch on fire!) a fervent heat! Read Zechariah 14:12. Joel 1:18-19-20. Atomic fire! Joel 2:3.

The weather element sign – Read Luke 21:25 Seas and Waves roaring. Jesus shows me weather signs will become unbelievable, as the earth axis are changing, now. We will see tornadoes, mammoth hurricanes. Florida will receive the worst soon. 1967 thru 72 record conditions in all parts of the world, unusual weather in Calif. And great earthquakes. Ocean currents will change. The climate will change to just the opposite in some places. Floods and droughts were never known before. Record typhoons and snow and rain. Great quakes will come to Russia, China, Japan and South America (Just before the Lord appears as a sign great islands will appear off our coast!) out of the sea. Later I will give a complete insight in my magazine, on quakes and the gigantic earthquakes that are to come to Calif. One day sharks will be swimming over what was known as Calif. feeding on dead bodies! We will move our location later.

Great famine – Sign Foreseen – Starting 1967 on- Severe famine will set in on poor nations. A food shortage will come to many nations. This will start to bring in the Antichrist. His system will use this to issue a mark for food to many of the nations, to worship his religion. This will be a diabolical scheme. I feel the U.S.A. will have food, but it will fall sway to Babylon religion about the time the Bride raptures. And the West will come under a religious control. Watch, starvation and famine help the beast to get control, of Asia and Eastern Europe. However, he will use other schemes also. He will use the prosperity of the West to promote his ideas. Eventually peace will come to the Jewish Middle East Crises. But only for a few years, after however, Armageddon in imminent. (Watch! more trouble and wars come to Africa, Asia and South America!)

The mystery Gog and Magog – (of the north) Ezek. 38 is man’s battle at Armageddon, where the Antichrist system breaks and clashes. (Clay) Russia comes apart from (iron) Babylon nations. Dan. 2:42-43 where Jesus intervenes with the Bride. Now the Gog and Ma-Gog of the 4 corners of the earth Rev. 20:7-10 is after the rapture and tribulation and one thousand year Millennium reign. I feel the remnant left during this time are certain of the nations, that was left after atomic warfare. To believe me read Zechariah 14: 16. Then Satan is loosed for a season, and supernatural fire comes out of heaven and cast him in the lake of fire where the beast and false prophet have been!

Entertainment – Sodomite sign – This is written strictly as a Biblical sign, and not to be taken in any other way. We pray this will shock and keep you in Gods presence. The ancient orgies of Rome and the persecution will repeat suddenly. Jesus spoke of the pleasure sign. Luke 17: 28-29 brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Soon through films, stage shows, books and music media people will receive a perverted lust, that has slowly been growing through sin, and abundance. Finally, people will get so possessed they will pay to watch sex and perversion for entertainment, as a form of madness will control them. They will want this demonstrated before them, actually more than if they were partakers. Morals will mean nothing, to Satan’s lecherous and unprincipled crowd. Openly contemptuous of all that is good. (This will lead into Sadist spirits that will now appear in the lowest form) and will produce and ask for a weird type of pleasure! (Even that which is against nature) God gives them up! The (LSD hippies and beatniks are beginning and will lead to worse things. Books with pictures of perversion and actual scenes of lust will be bought later as easy as a newspaper. Jesus tells me this will gradually grow until the tribulation where obscene madness takes over, and finally leads to when the people who are left during that time will be submitted to heinous crimes for not obeying the beast 666. The Lord shows me this, they will force women and men who believe in the word to be submitted to perversion acts, and other ways for pleasure of the audience, of the demonic sodomite people for watching pleasure (raped, forced to obscene acts, and killed). All this will be done in a profane, blasphemous abominable way. For lack of sanity their chief purpose is torture and degradation, (It will come to pass!) The Bible states there never was a time like this. The nations are preparing for it now. The tribulation scenes will be too horrible to mention here. For some it will be a repeat of what happened to the Christians of ancient Rome. For not obeying I foresee some foolish virgins of the lukewarm Gospel face this because they rebelled against Gods prophets and would not come out from among the Dead Systems before the rapture and was left in tribulation. It will be agony for the people left but entertainment for the warped crowds. People will be like animals, in unspeakable debauchery, (Nudeness will become more popular every day now) because Satan rules supreme. “Pray saith the Lord that you will be worthy to escape this, for it cometh! I have spoken it and not a man”. God will take His chosen away). Only the Jews and the foolish virgins who would not accept 100% of Gods word are left. Even then the mercy of the Lord will protect many in hiding. (Watch I say lest I find you sleeping!) Finally, the extreme picture of this is Zechariah 14:2. Remember at first it comes as an angel of light, like unto God, but is then transformed suddenly to a ferocious beast.

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