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Prophetic Scrolls 8

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

Rev. 13:1 and 2 Dan. 7:19 and 20

I said I will stand and watch. – And the Lord answered me and said: Write the vision, make it plain upon scrolls, that he may run that readeth. For the vision is yet for an appointed time. But at the end it shall speak, and not lie. Though it tarries wait for it, because it shall not tarry long, for the vision is not far off. The Word that I shall speak shall come to pass!! (Rainbow Angel-Rev, 10) (Christ)

Note! A (Gigantic Rainbow) appeared part on land and part on sea when Bro. Frisby received the revelation. The paper published an article describing it a (Rainbow Phenomenon) which was quickly covered by a cloud. – Read Rev. 10 – Significance! The reporter said it was the biggest and majestic ever seen!!!

Gabriel revealed the vision – Dan.8:16 I feel a strong anointing, taking me back to the days of Daniel (piercing the time veil in the past), and entering a new depth of Revelation. Also, I’m gazing into the future (Apparently Bro. Frisby here is in the dimension of Jesus….past, present and future. Heb. 13:8). The Same spirit is on me to reveal this as Daniel had. The Lord is opening the past and the future. I’m allowed to write the mysteries to Daniels visions. This is amazing. I am shown the vision of the horned animals. Babylon is left out in this second vision, because that spirit makes up the Babylon churches, (the religious element) of the Antichrist at the end! Now the Lord shows me where the Antichrist (government) will come from at the end. I see a ram go forth (Dan.8:4) Ancient Medo Persia empire (Dan.8:20) Now I see a Great he goat charge at the ram with tremendous power. The ram is conquered by the goat. Alexander the Great rules the world (Dan.8:7). Then it divides into four parts. Now I see Rome conquer the fallen kingdoms of Greece (Alexander) Dan. 8: 21 and Rome establishes a world government. And a fascinating power of the little horn comes forth. Dan. 8:9 Now watch! The Lord shows me a hidden secret. In the he goat Alexander the (horn) was (between) the eyes. Dan. 8:5. Now watch! With Rome the little horn rises, but now the eyes are in the Horn, instead of the horn between his eyes. It changes from military pagan form of government to state and church (a false revelator) Dan.7:8. East and West Europe were once ruled this way. It will happen again at the end. I’m shown East Europe went on into Communism (clay) Russia. And West Europe went into the (iron) Babylon. The false Christ kingdom starts here. I see the (iron) come in the name of Christ, but is the anti-Christ (false religions Babylon), Catholics and apostate religions. Now the (clay) Communism comes in the name of man and is atheist (false quality). At the end the iron and clay come back together for awhile. Dan. 2:43 I see the Little Horn is king of all Babylon (Rev.17) (Catholics, false Protestants) and makes an agreement with the Jews. The Little Horn rules both church and state by deceiving the Jews, U.S.A. and Russia. He is beast 666. This I saw and it will not fail! His government comes from the horns Rev. 17:12. Communism – also the Antichrist controls the west through religion out of Babylon (the head of Gold) rules the whole image Dan. 2:32. All the wealth winds up here, and the Little Horn rules the world, for a moment. But clay (Communism comes apart from the (iron) West religious empire) of Babylon the beast ( Rev. 13:1) and the false prophet (Rev.13:11) The anti-Christ kingdom is now ready to clash! Russia moves south into Palestine (Ezekiel 38) with the Orientals and burns Babylon the west (iron) with fire. Rev. 17:12-16. This is Armageddon -The Lord shows me a picture of Daniel 11:40, 44. Now watch, the (east) Orientals pushes at the Antichrist. The north (Russia) comes at the Little Horn like a rage and the (south) push at him by the way of Egypt. Now Watch! And remember this the longest day you live. God tells me only one that does not push at the Antichrist is the (west) the iron kingdom, because he is all the west (England, U.S.A., Western Europe) the Little Horn comes to his end. Dan.11:45 But by divine intervention God will help some in (U.S.A., Israel and England) although they were in shadow of the beast 666 system. (Thus saith the Lord!). Read Dan. 8:26. Dan. 12:4 and 9.

The second half of Daniel is a witness to the first half, the third half is revealed in the two. The Lord tells me to add some of Scroll 5 to this.

The satanic princeof Daniel’s image. A little horn rises like a pope’s cone (hat) with eyes. He’s a religious figure, a false revelator. Dan. 7:8. Now I see the west the north, the east and south returning back together as one. Now the star appears. There’s a silence. I hear – Behold I come quickly! Some Graves open Bride unites with Christ.

Death angel cries – The pale horse – the Iron and Clay move together, Dan.2:43. The last Kingdom comes into power; I see the image stand up. The whole world looks to the little horn, Beast 666 – satanic prince. I see him with a wicked woman by the hand of Babylon (Catholic) and a fallen eagle by his side (Israel and U.S.A. Agreement). He has one crown upon another three. I hear him speak great things: 1. I rule the Heavens. 2. I rule the earth. 3. I rule the regions below. And I make the nations to tremble! He says I have brought peace (But he lies). I see a great war follows, millions die. Suddenly a pale horse comes into view. The Lord shows me Rev. 6:8- The rider is death, and a fire follows him. (The iron) (False Religion State) and (clay) (Communism) break. I see him gather them into a place called Armageddon. Now the earth shakes and the heavens light up. Every eye sees The King of Kings, JESUS. And now the Lord speaks – If any man take away from this prophecy I will take his part Out of the lambs book of life. I am Alpha and Omega, the first, the last. I am He that lived and was dead. I am alive for ever more. A man hath not spoken to thee, in all this, but I he Lord hath (THUNDERED!) And I, Neal, understood and wrote these things and worshiped Him who is the beginning and the end, standing beside me. Amen.

The time angel appears. (be careful!) Some important dates were given to me which will affect the world at that time (1973 through 1977). Whether this pertains to Great Revival, World Holocaust, The plagues of Revelations, or the Rapture, I’m not given to know (all yet). No one knows the exact rapture date. He could come just before, between or just after this. Jesus said we would know the “season”. Be cautious! Watch! I feel it has to do with all these subjects. The Mystery of the 7 thunders could lead to and be involved. Rev. 10:4 and uniting Bride together. Also, uniting world government and church systems together. And prepare for Jewish covenant. Building of completing Jewish Temple – Final uniting of apostate churches (Protestants) – For appearing of Antichrist and preparing of Armageddon.

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