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Prophetic Scrolls 10

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

President John F. Kennedy – First the Lord shows several men were involved in the assassination. Oswald is not entirely to blame; if he shot at all it was at Connolly. (Now this is what the Lord told me, someone else was shooting at J.F.K., also, and caused the fatal wound. There was a conspiracy.) The Lord has allowed this to remain a mystery for a future purpose. Perhaps in 1972 or sooner, Robert F. Kennedy will permit some sealed up photos of the head to be seen, that could start a case of publicity that would lead him to the White House Presidency!! Then again the secret might be kept awhile – Due to the fact our own country could be implicated. (This is not predicting he would be President, as later we wrote he would fail.)

Russia, Rome, U.S.A. – In future history a Russian leader and the Communist Party will make an agreement to give their armies and power to a religious dictator. (I feel a Pope). For a place under and with him for world rule! This religious leader being ruler over all religious affairs of the world confederation of churches and the United Nations Assembly (Government of the World). I see America join too, deceived by false doctrine, peace, deadened by sin. Now the religious dictator rises to tremendous power over all Church and State, because of the vast wealth of the U.S.A., the Common Market of Europe and World trade. After the Communist work and agree with him, someone tries to assassinate him. These fails and something mysteriously happens. The power of the rule is still there! -Watch I am not shown this part, but it is my own opinion – (This could be when the incarnation of the beast starts. Rev. 13:3). This also had a literal meaning. Years ago when (Pagan Rome) was wounded to death by a sword (war) but came back to life again by Papal Rome. (History records this!) After this attempt he turns into a beast. The whole world follows him. Tribulation starts. Remember he makes the covenant with the Jews as a false religious dictator, but he breaks it as the Antichrist beast incarnate 31/2 yrs. later!!! The assassination fails. Later the Communists move into Palestine and burn the West with atomic fire. Armageddon erupts, Iron and Clay break. Dan. 2:43. Remember the true Elect will begin to see this prophecy form, but will rapture just before Satan enters into human form, and becomes the beast. Rev. 13:3. The Lord will show me more concerning this later on the Scrolls. The Body Satan will enter in, is upon the Earth now although not yet revealed. (I definitely believe the church leaves just before the last 31/2 years left. Rev. 12:5-6. Rev. 13:5)

Satans next move – The Lord shows me the final move of the age (Surely the Lord will do nothing. But he revealed His secret unto his servants the Prophets. The Lion hath roared who will not fear. The Lord God hath spoken. Who but can prophesy. First of all the lukewarm Protestants will come together indirectly then directly and join the Catholic spirit as one. Afterwards they so run politics and state that all unite as one, the second beast is formed Rev. 13:11. (Thus saith the Lord Almighty!) The Bride has been pushed out and the Lord brings them into the genuine body of Christ, for the Revival of Rapturing Faith. But the foolish follow the false body forming and the lukewarm churches put all their backing (gold) behind Rome as Church and State unite. But just before this time something happens! The Lord is going to incarnate Himself Spiritually in the people (Bride) Now they will speak only His Word – to create, to raise the dead, and control the elements in certain cases – To bring forth the fullness of His revelative Word, for rapturing faith of the Bride. The fullness of the God Head will rest upon the Elect to perform great Miracles, and bring unity of the Love of Jesus! (I see something almost unbelievable, but I am told to write it on Scroll No.11). Now the false body unites too, so they can throw out the Word of God and dictate to the people what they want (false doctrine). The Social gathering lukewarm churches, “Some even serve beer in Church” will receive non-profit status (and a lie!) But the true Word of God and the Gifted Ministry finally will not. But they will receive the true anointing and rapture (Amen!) Jesus shows me a perfect picture of this to come. (I visualize Moses when the mountain top was on fire!!!) Jesus tells me this I’m going to write is a literal type of what will be a Spiritual type in our day. We know Moses took the children out of Egypt with Gods Word and a great Miracle Revival. The Lord has done the same for us today. Then after they got all organized and situated, God called Moses out. Joshua and 70 more of the true type anointed Elect (But this is not the exact number of the anointed Elect today). Read Exodus 24: 1 through 18. Now Moses was called off to do some writing, a message to Gods Elect Church (The called out chosen ones). That’s exactly what I am doing now. (The names I receive will not be by chance) And the Scrolls are the work of God and the writing is of God!’ (Like Moses I also was called to do 40 days and nights fasting – Ex. 34:28). Now while Moses was writing the message from God (like I am) Thousands in the church of Israel grew tired of waiting for Moses’ return (Watch the people of today are also tired of waiting for Christ to return). The Israelites couldn’t wait on the final Power combined in Word from God, so in unbelief they all got together (typing today’s confederation of churches) “But the true seed waited for the Word from Moses.” Now the multitude gave their gold to Aaron. And he took it and made them a golden calf (image) to worship. This in our day is a type of beast. Today they will build another image and pour their money (gold) into it. This time the image erected will be the world ecumenical council of Churches (Church and State united.)

They also could have a literal image too. The people gave their gold to Aaron, and he gave them what they wanted. Wrong worship (beast 666)-Mixed with pleasure sin and sex orgies-The false system will do the same thing in our day. The people will give them their money (gold). In return the false system will give them what they want! Pleasure orgies and sin. As I am writing these Scrolls to Gods people as a warning, the Voice of God says the false religions will be forming. Rev. 13. 1; Rev.17- A type of Israel’s golden calf. Aaron agreeing typed the false prophet to come. The calf was a type of the beast that grew into the image of the papal bull of Rome. Rev. 13:15. When Moses returned (like Christ will ) and was wroth and found the people naked, in sex orgies, eating, drinking, dancing, and worshiping the image of the beast Rev. 13:11. Please read Exodus 32:6, 25 – Moses took the golden calf-type of Rev. 19:20 and image (type of false churches) and broke it to pieces. Dan. 2:45. And cast the beast image into fire (hell) Rev. 19:20 – Remember Moses was a type of the true seed, and Joshua and the people stayed true to Gods word. And afterwards God destroyed thousands of the other groups before they entered the Promised Land, because they did not continue in the message and Miracle Revival they received coming out of Egypt, but organized into carnal ideas and worshiped the beast image even after they saw the great Miracles of God. (HE THAT OVERCOMETH SHALL WALK WITH ME, IN WHITE, AND I WILL GIVE HIM THE MORNING STAR!) Because of the threat of Communism and war, the churches will merge together for strength with Roman Catholics, and later agree along with Communism. Dan. 2:43-Until Armageddon when Communism breaks and hurls its self at the religious empire of the West! “The reader is admonished to search each Scroll daily. Many hidden events of the future will be revealed” Gods complete plans will eventually be shown on these Scrolls. God’s last move to the Bride will be outside this confederation of churches.

010 – Prophetic Scrolls

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