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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 79

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


This particular script is not exactly for babes in the Lord except that they want to grow stronger in knowledge, but it is for the mature Christian who wants wisdom and has been elected to foresee and receive this Script as a prophetic warning that the Lord of Host is about to call time; for the abomination of men has come up before His eyes!’’ — ‘‘But before we discuss this let’s push forward as perilous times lay right ahead! As this is being written we have just had a 75% eclipse of the sun over U.S.A.’ (Luke 21:25) — ‘‘And the distress of nations with perplexity is at hand!’’ “Several months ago some prophecy was handed to me that was given many years ago and yet it confirms many of the future events that the lord revealed to me during my ministering!’’ — It was given to a Bishop (Protestant) who had the gift of prophecy to a very great degree! -— We do not know exactly how he believed the Bible, not much is known, but he evidently had a considerable insight! He died in 1949, but we will relate some of his earlier events and then what he saw for the end of the age!’’

The bishop’s first events of the future transpired on time — “He predicted the end of the first world war right on the date in advance to the very month and year 1918!”— “In July of 1929 he predicted in advance the exact day of the stock market crash —four months ahead! As we know, the crash came Oct. 29,1929; billions were lost and the nation entered a great depression!”— “He predicted the end of World War II right on time! The prophecy was published by news columnists who branded it as ridiculous, but it occurred just as was spoken! The atomic bomb was dropped on Japan and shortly the war ended!” — He had numerous remarkable prophecies and in a moment we will get to some that concern our age! “Now we know the Lord doesn’t always deal in politics concerning the gift of prophecy, but at times He did in the Old Testament! Through [prophets He predicted the rise and fall of different kings and leaders! In the book of Rev. Chap. 13 the Lord predicted the rise of two political religious leaders! People who say the Lord can‘t foresee the rise of leaders are foolish, but we admit that it must be from an anointed source. As we’ve clarified this point let’s continue to the next events as they follow through until our present time!” The Bishop predicted the following in 1930.

The remarkable republican elephant vision — “He prophesied that Hoover would not win the election after the great depression. — He saw a man on a donkey named Franklin D. Roosevelt would win! And he said he would return to the White House three times, this came true!” — “He saw the Republican elephant fall over on its side and become very sick! The best they could do at election time was barely get the elephant to its knees! This occurred time after time in the following elections! This was fulfilled in the defeat of Alf Landon, Wendell Wilkie, and Thomas Dewey!”

Finally the republicans got the elephant to its feet to win — “The elephant stayed up two times as was fulfilled with Dwight Eisenhower who defeated Adlai Stevenson twice!” — “He saw the elephant fall to its knees, fulfilled by the Kennedy-Nixon election! — Then the elephant fell over on its side, very weak (Johnson-Goldwater election) but struggled to its feet again (Nixon- Humphrey election)!” — “Soon the elephant fell over dead!” “This marked the end of the Republican party and soon after the Democratic party! As the nation dissolved into chaos, — he prophesied the end of the U.S. government followed as we once knew it!”— “He saw the Republican president and his vice-president die in office! Some interpreters say this was the political death of Nixon and vice president Agnew in office!” — “However it may still be something that will occur in the future! No one knows for sure!” “Sometimes when prophecy is handed down it’s not clear exactly what was meant as in the case of the next prophecy.” — “He predicted in one of the coming administrations that there would be a severe over night price crash during the time of a high inflationary economy!” — “He said the dollar’s value had shrunk to lower than 20% value!” — “He said debts would be impossible to pay and the foreclosures of mortgages would be on a wholesale basis!” — “Some believe that he said it would happen again under the Republican Party. However it makes no difference which one, let’s keep our minds on the soon coming of Jesus!” — “At some point during all of this he saw the parties searching the land for someone strong enough to lead the nation! The U.S. Government soon reached a state of chaos and collapse!”

He prophesied somewhere in this a four year drought would cause crop failure on an enormous scale! “A disastrous famine throughout the land would cause many to die with hunger and plague!” — “He said the time would come when food becomes so valuable that you could hardly even buy it with gold! Evidently this part is entering or over in the great tribulation when the black horse rides!” Read Rev. 6:5-8. – He said the entire states would become stricken and the living scarcely able to bury the dead! I believe it’s just about this time the beast and false prophet rise in total power giving a mark! (Rev. 13:15-18)” — “Also in Rev, 11:6 it gives practically a four year drought at the rising of the two major prophets!” (Read Joel 1:17-20) — “He said there would be places of refuge built to accommodate people who were willing to embrace the entire gospel! And there would be food and supplies stored away in various places!” — Evidently most of these latter prophecies are entering and go over into the Great Tribulation! – “This reminds us of the 7 yr. drought during Joseph’s time wherein the last 42 months of it reached stages of holocaust! During Joseph’s time all the silver and gold was hoarded up.” (Gen. 47:14-15 — Dan. 11:38-39) “Anti-christ has power over gold and food!” — “We see how easily the mark will he received during this kind of times. (Gen. 47:18-19) We will have more storms and floods but at some point the world will enter into a drought. -— The Bishop gave no dates on all this, but it is my opinion that it will start sometime in the 80’s and grow worse throughout the 80’s. So one should prepare his heart now — ready for translation!” — “Why is all this judgment going to occur? It is because of the great abominations and immoral seizure that is capturing the body and minds of the nations as we are now to write about; and as the Scrolls predicted years in advance that it would reach the stage of madness!”

Important information concerning the two seeds — “Doctors have proven what actually occurred in the twin births of Eve.” (Gen. 3:15 — Gen. 4:1-2) “They proved in certain cases twins can have different fathers! The phenomenon of twins having different fathers, requires very special circumstances. Exact news quote: Non-identical twins are formed from two eggs released simultaneously from the ovary and fertilized by sperm released during the same sex act!” — “But for twins to be sired by separate fathers requires the eggs be released hours apart during separate acts of inter course!” — “There are only seven such cases known to medicine! To test his evidence that two men had fathered the twins, Dr. Terasaki confronted the woman and asked if she had had intercourse with another man at about the time she conceived the twins! She admitted she had!” — (My book “In God’s Image” seems to be vindicated here!)

The sign of moral disintegration — “The Scrolls predicted the rise of cults and sexual perversion, idols, etc.” — “All have heard in the news about the Jim Jones cult and wherein nearly a thousand were deceived and poisoned by their self claimed messiah! Here was a man that once knew the Word of God and even prayed for people! News commentators wondered where he went wrong! — For one thing he told his followers to throw out their Bibles and to start drinking wine!” — “He was known in high political circles and had once helped in Rosalynn Carter campaign, the news reported!” — “His personality was complex! (Read I Tim. 4:1) He admitted having intercourse with many of the female followers plus men followers. He was a male cult prostitute like was found in [Ist.Sam. 2:22, read verse 12. Dec. 4, 1978, People Magazine, page 3], quoted him as saying he was cursed with the world’s largest p…. “He bilked millions out of his followers, the network news reported! The Bible predicted the coming of the male prostitute, false religion and otherwise, as a sign! We will try to bring more on this and the two seeds when we approach what is found in great Babylon at the end, on a future scroll.”

Was Larry Flint of Hustler magazine converted? “People have asked me this. He said he was converted by Pres. Carter’s sister. He was later shot and wounded. An edition of his magazine was given to me strictly for research purposes. If he was, his editors are not!” — “In the August 1978 issue on page 1, the artist sketched without consent a photographic likeness of Jackie O. Kennedy (former first lady) completely nude!” — “Also the artist did one of ABC News woman, Barbara Walters openly nude on a television set!” — “And with utter disgrace the artist drew one in the exact likeness of ‘Anita Bryant’ sitting nude spread out on an orange in full view!” — “Then on page 23 the artist draws and shows a young woman in position of having oral sex with the President as he looks up grinning from bed!” — “Nothing was left to the imagination in any of these pictures! Also a picture of Pres. Carter was on front of the magazine.” — “Never in the U.S. history has man been allowed to do this, and seemingly the Supreme Court is not trying to stop it!” — “The age will close in chaos with catastrophic delusions in operation!”

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