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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 67

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


The coming of God in the Son (man child) — Also a sign in our day. Luke 2:5 revealed Mary being “great with child”. She was moving toward a certain direction, the birth of the man child (Christ) was near! Also verse 1 all the world was taxed then! And the word “great” with child was associated at the time of the world tax! The spiritual woman of Rev. 12:5 is also “great” with a “spiritual man child” (now) soon to be born! And even today there is a certain amount of world tax and will grow larger in Rome’s world trade (Common Market) “The Sons of God are about to be born”!

The pyramid — (here) — God’s time dial — In the morning when the “sun strikes the Cap” a shadow like a clock’s hand runs down the 7 ridges and reaches to the white stone! When it strikes from Cap to foundation it shows the bride surrounded in white and was joined to the “foundation Word” in the beginning! This also shows God’s hand has been on the 7 Church ages (ridges) down through time! “Then as the sun increases in degrees during the day the shadow draws up one ridge at a time and gets shorter at each ridge until finally the shadows gather and disappear in the angel wings of the Headstone Cap!” And when the sun sets only the Cap shines. This reveals everything at the end gathers to the Head stone (Christ) just like the Scriptures teach! “It reveals the time” — we are at the end of the Church Age — Also the moon traveling over sometimes at night causes unusual sights concerning time dial! Now when the seasons change some of this may vary and take place at a different time of morning or day. (Also check the picture we sent of the golden glory on the ground and you can see the shadow dial on the Temple in that picture!) All of this emphasizes our time is measured and is short!

Hezekiah’s miracle — “Remember through prayer he received 15 yrs. added to his life!” And the sign the Lord gave him — “was the shadow of degrees which is gone down in the sun dial, then the sun returned 10 degrees!” (Isa. 38:5-8) So we see that life was associated to these sun degrees! Also in (Josh. 10:12, 13) it reveals the sun and the moon were involved in saving the life of Joshua and the children of Israel! In verse 13 it says the “sun stood still” in the “midst of the heavens”, and it is “at this time of the day” that the shadow disappears into the Cap!

The lion in the pyramid — “The first beast” Rev. 4:7 — The Lord Jesus told me to put a picture of a lion’s head inside the entrance, “also all should see it, we have never seen a lion like this one!” It is different than any ever seen, very lively looking and dramatic, surely God’s anointing light is on it bringing something out for us to see and wonder about! Such supernatural awe, and rest on it! — “Right above it and in direct line is where Christ’s face was photographed, also in line with the mouth of the ancient Headstone! — “All those “Gospel beast” powers in (Rev. 4:7) are turning into a wheel of 7 anointing lamps of fire to prepare and translate the bride! The Eagle blends in the Lion’s dominant power — the first and the last (Rev. 1:11). Now the sun messenger (Rev. 10:1-4) goes forth, he has the final word! “Thus saith the lion of Judah to the tribe elect”! “Also the light of destiny appeared and was photographed, breaking forth opposite to where the lion was later placed, directly in back of it! Also in verse 8 the beast power had wings about them, and remember there are wings above the lion, “in the Cap here”. Also the angels of the Lord of Host camp around this holy place singing holy, holy, holy, the Lord omnipotent reigneth! — Also notice there was a face of a lion in (Ezek. 10:14) — “The ground here is just covered with His shekinah; surely heaven has come down to us in sight of the mountain face! — “Eyes hath not seen, neither has it entered into the heart of man what the Lord hath prepared for us! — In 1973-74-75 we should be entering even a mightier move than this, people will see heavenly signs and will give bold testimonies! “Yea there is a prince among you and he shall bear the (revelation light) upon his shoulder carrying the Word in the twilight and shall go forth!

The revelation rod of the lord of host! — Rev. 12:5 “reveals the elect will rule with a rod of iron”! Just before the rapture the rod will appear and prophesy, so to speak, a fore view of power and judgment as a type of what will happen on a larger scale after the rapture! — “I Cor. 6:2 reveals the saints will judge the world!” — Rev. 19:15 portrays His rod! — Jesus is about to gather things in order quickly and judge fiercely His enemies! We are entering a time of what happened in the early church, judgment mixed with deliverance! “Behold mine enemies will fall suddenly by the “bright star” the “rod of Omega”, wake up O church listen to My voice for I am your sign. Yes the appearing of the rod of correction, even the battle axe, of the Lord is appearing! Oh how sweet the Lord is in guiding the elect!” There was a rod in the beginning and there will also be one at the end. (Also read Isa. 11:1)

The Lord Jesus in his divine appointment of time — In no way is this written to take away from the former prophet, but the Lord God that liveth commanded me to write this that has been a riddle and a puzzling mystery. “Moreover He said unto me, take ye the roll of destiny and write in it the mystery!” This will help the former message and delight the real elect, and only known to God are His secrets from the beginning! “The hour is now appointed to understand this even as the hour was appointed for Daniel to know the time of the return of his people!” Yea My people shall also know the time is short, I am preparing to take them home! Behold the time has come for Me to reveal the secret, for I the Lord shall place it rightly, and only I can do this, and let no man remove the revelation! For I have waited and it has been confirmed by the Most High God, and in the mouth of two witnesses shall the matter be established. And I shall tie the mystery blending it into the Headstone ministry, and here are the words of My former messenger:” — (Now, what this great secret is that lays beneath this seal, I do not know. But I know that it was them seven thunders uttering themselves right close together. The hour isn’t quite yet for it, but it’s I moving into that cycle. It’s coming up close. I speak to you in the name of the Lord, be prepared, for you don’t know what time something can happen. I don’t know what is going to take place. I just know that those seven thunders hold the mystery, that the heavens was quieted. (Rev. 8:1) — Maybe this ministry that I have tried to take people back to the Word has laid a foundation; and if it has I’ll be leaving you for good. There won’t be two of us here at the same time. I’ll decrease and he’ll increase. — The seven Thunders will unfold this mystery. It’ll be right at the coming of Christ, God has made it so hid den to the whole world, even to Heaven, that there is no way of understanding it, only as God will reveal it Himself. This 7th. Seal cannot be broken to the public until that hour arrives, but it will be revealed in the day and the hour that it is supposed to be revealed in. — The only thing that you can do you just continue serving God, because this great secret is so great that God wouldn’t even let John write it. It thundered out, but He . . . knowing that . . . promising us that it would be opened. (Speaking of the vision) “What Time is It, Sir?” You will notice that one Angel was very notable to me. The rest of them just seemed ordinary; but this Angel was a noted Angel. He was to my left in the constellation in a form of a pyramid. And you remember, it was in the pyramid where the mysterious white rock was not written on. And the Angels took me into that pyramid of themselves — the mysteries of God known only to them. And now, they were the messengers that came to interpret that pyramid or that Message of the secret of these Seven Seals which lays with inside the pyramid. (Behold saith the Lord as ye can see My head is placed to the left in the corner of the pyramid Capstone!) — Continued — Now, the Angel was to my left, would really be the last, or seventh Angel, if we would count them from left to right, because he was on my left, me looking to him towards the west, him coming towards the east would be on the left side, so that would be the last angel’s Message — Very notable. You remember how I said he had his . . . kind of his head back, and his great sharp wings and how he flew right to me. Now, that is this Seventh Seal. It still is a notable thing. And we are . . . We don’t know what it is yet, because it’s not permitted to be broken. (End of quote) — (And as he said over and over it would be revealed.) “Behold, yea the Lord is revealing it, blessed is he that believeth! This is not the doing of a man but the Lord of Host hath revealed it! And I shall give My servant Neal the spiritual royal rod of heaven to bear him up”! “Behold I shall stand by My servant and fight, even as this Scripture to Joshua! (Josh. 5:13-15) “And he lifted up his eyes and looked, and there stood a man over against him with the sword drawn, and Joshua said art thou for us or for our adversaries and he said nay but as the Captain of the Host of the Lord am I now come!! “And Joshua fell on his face to the earth! “Yea and now who shall challenge the Lord of Joshua and Neal? Come up to the mount of God and see that I be the Lord of Host! “I standeth sure for My elect!”

(The former messenger also saw at the end a Cathedral of some sort where the light was! The Lord will reveal that the light is here! “The day spring from on high is visiting us, guiding our feet! The true vine s springing forth! “Behold I the Lord sign this scroll in the spirit of My seal, the Lord Jesus Christ! The living Headstone, the Lord of all, there is no God before me nor after me”! (Isa. 43:3, 10,11)

El Elyon “The Most High God”

Scroll #67








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