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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 69

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


This scroll is dedicated to further the revelation of the photographs that we have published and sent. They are authentic and true and have been confirmed by qualified authoritative color film laboratories! The appearance of the heavenly lights around and over the building represents revival chariots, “gospel lights!” God has different ranks among His angels doing various jobs. When a nation’s cup of iniquity is full, the cherubim in fire appears as a sign, they have to do with the vindication of holiness! They are powerful authorized agents sent (watchers!) The living creatures which Ezekiel saw were identified with cherubims, he saw fire unfold itself out of the objects as a celestial craft, a wheel within a wheel! (Read first few chapters of Ezek.) What he saw is definitely happening around our building. “Jesus said great signs shall be from heaven!” These angels can carry messages to the individuals; they are escorts in my ministry also watching over the elect! These angelic lights were glowing, whirling, casting off splendorous rays, as they moved over Headstone face released a soft golden amber tinge of shekinah! Elijah saw fiery chariots. (II Kings 2:11) They are appearing again as something important is about to begin! “The world is under strict observation, these lights appear when God is ready to mark (seal) the elect! (Ezek. 9:3-5) and judge the evil! In Bible days these mysterious things sprang forth. Also in association or identical to the cherubims a beautiful wheel appeared like Ezekiel saw, it was round bowlike, blue green color, emerald, and a supernatural hue around it about the color of the Temple Pyramid Cap, (it was deity in the air!) Remember Ezek. 10:13 exclaimed O wheel! Also the throne is circled with an emerald bow for in the midst of wrath God remembers mercy! (Rev. 4:3) So we see a mercy wheel of emerald! Around the green was a yellowish golden halo phase! The halo wheel was over the Temple in direct line with the rock flame that is with the mount! (Now we see why man publicized the evil saucers years before this, because Satan was before hand discrediting by counterfeiting that which he knew was coming! The real is here now, the “Lord’s royal lights” depicting age is ending “Dan. 4:17.”

The living creature the little angel — A photograph was taken and suddenly a most startling and beautiful streamline creature from the heavenly throne appeared! Dynamic! Amazing sign! “The little angel wings were folded together dove like as he was hovering and covered in beautiful creative light!” Pulsating living colors of life and divine presence, glowing underneath and around his form!” You can see the top of the white wings fold into top of a Sapphire velvet color covering the head. Other colors were bright white, light blue and dark blue. Also underneath, and one cannot tell except by seeing the negative, the angel was transparent-like, as the Scripture would call it, — “the living ones or the “burning ones before the throne!” These little living creatures (messengers) are so different they don’t look like other angels! (Read Isa. 6:2 Rev. 5:8 Rev. 4:8 Ezek. 1:16 Ezek. 10:20-22) The Bible also depicts similar creatures as cherubims, seraphims, living ones, lovely little beasts of power!” Jesus is working among His people here and His heavenly array has come down with Him! Many people have never understood the books of Ezek. and Rev. Well they are being involved now for sure through this ministry of pictures and symbols, just like the two symbol books themselves. — There are escorting angels, guarding and messenger angels. (These secrets were promised (Rev. 8:1 — Rev. 10:4)

Pillars of fire, glory and smoke sparking around Temple — “Jesus put a glowing fiery veil around the Temple”! Daniel and Ezekiel saw amber fire around the throne! His flame descended making this the most important sanctuary in 6,000 years! “Moses was surrounded in blood, fire and smoke when he took the Israelites out!” (Acts 2:19, Joel 2:29-30 reveals this to appear!) “In the aerial view picture you can see where I write is in the form of a key, and the key attached to the Pyramid building looks like it is setting in a giant door! The key unlocks the Thunders revealing the last mysteries, time no more and heavenly picture symbols!” And the mighty rejected Headstone in Christ’s day, has become the head of the corner! The King is manifest upon the earth flashing in His 7 lamps of adoring creative fire!

Glory rains upon the barrel — This picture depicts heavenly shekinah “like jewels” fell on an old barrel setting out from the building! It represents the revival of later rain is here! In certain cases the dead will be raised and mighty miracles will occur! Also some of the same things Elijah did will be done in deliverance and in judgment. But His chosen will be protected in this hour! The inspired “blanket mantle of glory” falling on the barrel relates there is a prophet upon the earth ministering in God’s house of Thunder! The King in the prophet releasing sparks of deliverance, creating parts to sick bodies! The supreme gift and word will work together uniting closely, speaking things into existence! “Yea I have promised and will bring it to pass!”

The cloudy hand and fiery sword, three live coals. the bright cloud and shekinah on the ground and the flame — First the picture portraying the sword out of heaven. A two-edged sword came out of heaven striking the ridges of the Temple, pointing to where the scrolls are mailed out! It was a sign Ps. 149:6— Rev. 2:12) — “A dark shadow covered the inside of the Temple and three live coals of fire leaped into view like revelative eyes over the altar where the sick are prayed for!” (Eze. 10:2 — Isa. 6:6-7) — A brilliant cloud of glory appeared at the foot of the Headstone where scrolls are written! He said in the time of the latter rain He would make bright clouds!” (Zech. 10:1) Like in Solomon’s days (II Chron. 5:14) — “Also at the entrance road the ground turned to a pink rose and a shekinah harvest look) As we are entering the holy of holies it is a sign that deity is walking personally on the ground! The King has set down! — “Also if you turn the picture, in the top corner you can see a face, a mysterious person! The face form has eyes round like white coals of fire looking directly towards the ground of shekinah glory!” The tree is even glowing in transparent presence! — The deity flame is ready to lead the people, out like in Moses day. (Acts 7:30) The night before we mailed this picture out a bright star appeared joined to the new moon, and it looked just like a harvest sickle in the heavens! (News reported this rare sight!) “But most astounding of all the bright sickle appeared in direct line with where the flame had been photographed, and the face of Christ! — “Also we must speak of the picture of the open door above the Temple which signifies rapture! (Rev. 4:1, Rev. 3:20)” — Behold I am even at the door. And my servant has the key unlocking My last mysteries, yea the very windows of heaven will pour out a blessing on the faithful! Behold he who hath set his hand against My servant so the same setteth against me! Those who condemn him and yet say they are the bride are liars for some already crieth as a mad dog and barketh like the fox in the fire! I have spoken line upon line and precept upon precept to My people! My bride will not strike or reject the Headstone, those who are against this work only prove they are not mine for I chooseth not as man but predetermine it from the beginning, My last work! I appoint the messenger and the elect, I stand sure and My choice is certain! — All these signs that God is doing has never entered into the heart of man but is for those that love Him!” It would be better for one to ride forked lightning or walk into a volcano with a stick of dynamite than to speak against these acts of the Most High! These lights and signs are escorting the Bride! (Hab. 2:14)

The giant glory hand, the book and the shepherd’s staff – In the rarest photo ever taken the creative wrist and hand of God reached out of the little veil resembling a hot brilliant snow-like white presence and was lifted up across over the pulpit and stage. “There was a little opened book of glory in it, then resting alongside His wrist was His ancient shepherd’s staff (leads man child Rev. 12:5) -Evidently In Rev. 5 the book reveals the church ages, (but this little book is to the bride, only God opens it!} the 7th Seal book of Thunders (Rev. 10:4) it is to the redeemed the predestined first fruits! This little group is exalted in God’s shekinah wheel of celestial power! Thus saith the Almighty hand of truth! Also Daniel’s book was sealed until the end. (Dan. 12:4) Thus the hidden plan of the ages was to be concealed until the appointed time. He unites us in love divine with the appearance of the Headstone, wherein we wrote in scr. 60 the book of Thunders was in the chief corner stone. And truly the hand of Thunder inside lines directly up with the Headstone behind Temple!! -Also the top stone of the Pyramid not only represents Christ personally, but the Pyramidal crown represents the entire Christ head and body exalted sitting on the throne of the Lord! The elect sit with Him in this high calling, the destiny of the true bride under Christ, their head. The head of Christ is God! (I Cor. 11:3) “the little flock being joint heirs!” The Pyramid has a chief shepherd the Headstone God and the bride body joined to His head sitting in rainbow seats of color! Only the “little flock” sit with Him upon His throne compared with the great multitude that worship before the throne! Those who reject the Headstone sign are doing just what the Scripture said. (Mark 12:10) The ancient hieroglyphic word for Pyramidion (Capstone top) was “Bn Bn” or “Bn Bt” and seemed to be related to the word Wbn “and means to shine” referring to sun, like Christ’s rays! The pyramid Temple here is set for the world’s most unusual and sacred sign as to the nearness of Christ’s return! Only His infinite mind could have planned all the above secrets. (Eph. 3:9-11)

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