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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 66

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


Babylon continued from scroll #65 — Ungodly sin and orgies will rise right along with this. It will be full of precious things, gold, silver, fabulous silks and scarlets, costly pearls and jewels! Push button inventions for leisure, delicious foods, and manufacturers will heap high their goods! Fastest airships in travel, every kind of pleasure invented! Women will sell their bodies and men their souls to gratify their consuming lust! “God gives them over into madness to wallow in delusion! The evil blood will boil in their veins for debauchery! Money will become their God. Subtle and mysterious music will accompany all of this, drumming them along in their mad craze incoherence of the time! The wheels of lust continually turning to where it will never be enough. Truly God lets Satan loose, bringing forth sensuous pleasures of Sodom’ All the bare vile sex pictures of Hollywood will be a mild fore-runner of what will be in this great Babylon, which also becomes the theatre of the occult, black magic and witchcraft. Truly Satan is incarnate in a man directing all of this as legions of devils will be turned loose. Babylon will be full of demon possessed characters with the nature of the beast! They will glory in the anti-christ!

The emerging Europe super powers and the “little horn” — Britain has joined also nine others to complete the 10 nations. This will give it next to the largest population on earth! Then later there are 10 more Communist nations which will unite with it just before the end of time! There are 10 horns and there are 10 toes. (Rev. 13:1 and Dan. 2:41, 42) — Rev. 13:2 reveals the whole body which the “little horn” will rule! What is happening in Europe now is great significance in prophecy, but it is a sinister evil rising, actually Europe’s cornerstone for Satan! By 1973 they hope the Western side to be united and then later just before the Tribulation the Communist will join. (Rev. 17:16, 17) It’s only a matter of time until all of this will come into view and will be brought to ashes! (Rev. 18:8, 14 — Isa. 13:19) Satan has his temple, (Babylon). Also the anti-christ will put his seed (word) in her (the harlot church) and will give birth to a murderous Cain child! (Rev. 13:11-14) — But before hand God has His seed (word) in the sun clothed woman, and she pushes out the man child giving birth to Christ’s elect! (Rev. 12:5) God has a Temple too “Capstone!”

Entering an important era — Daniel’s 70th week!— (Dan. 9:21) reveals Gabriel appeared swiftly! It mentions evening oblation (3 or 4 o’clock). It also reveals that these events are “timed” to precision perfection! There were to be 70 weeks determined upon His people, (verse 24) — 7 yrs. per week (verse 25) “The time started from the going forth of the commandment to build Jerusalem, until the Messiah (Jesus) would be crucified at the end of 69 weeks and this would be 483 yrs. later. “Then with the last 7 yrs. left for our age, God would finish up His preordained plans, there was to be a total of 490 yrs! — 7 yrs. will be left to finish at the end, “entering first part of 31/2 yrs. for the Gentile gathering (rapture) and entering the last 31/2 yrs. is for the Jews 144,000 gathering!” An important thing to take into consideration in the 70th week cycle is the Great Tribulation takes place in “the last half” of the delayed 70th week. (42 months, 1,260 days) (Rev. 12:6, 14— Rev, 13:5) (Verse 26 says, and the people of “the Prince that shall come”! Those people then were Romans and the one to come will be a Roman Prince, “little horn”) — He will make an agreement of death (verse 27 and Isa. 28:15, 18). He makes the covenant at the beginning of Daniel’s delayed 70th week, and when 31/2 yrs. pass the beast breaks the agreement and declares himself God in their Temple! “Shortly before this the Bride raptures!” Rev. 13:18 reveals two personages in the anti christ system, they are aligned in unison, and the wicked false prophet the 2nd beast (verse 12) will work united together and set up a Protestant harlot image to the first beast! (verse 1) — The little horn (Roman Prince) (Dan. 7:8) and false prophet will take over completely and the world reels in agony of doom! “We are entering a transition period soon of 7 last years where main events take place!” (In other words after Christ’s death and between the 69th and 70th week a long time elapses. The whole period of Daniel’s 70 weeks of history fits into a remarkable and interesting pattern, revealing an amazing time element! The 70th week will occur and is connected to the Thunders (Rev. 10:4) “The top of the Pyramid depicts this missing gap”, the 7th Seal (Rev. 8:1) depicts the missing gap also!” — It’s like a delay and matches Matt. 25:5) — The Headstone here is seen and is connected to the missing gap! (Dan. 9:20 speaks of a holy mountain — Dan. 2:45) — After the last prophet’s message there also was a delay, and now we are ready to enter this last gap of time!” Thus saith of Neal, he is My servant and shall perform all My pleasure even saying to the Gentile elect thou shalt be built up into the Temple of the Lord behold thy foundation is laid. “Capstone – For I the Lord hath appointed him to be prophet king in the earth (elected). I have raised him up in righteousness and will direct all his ways saith the Lord of Hosts!” — Notice Gabriel appeared at a “certain time” and Daniel’s last 70th week will definitely be associated to a “certain time” pattern and certain major events”! Now this is my opinion, the “little veil” space in the Temple possibly in some way is connected to the time element and the first part of Daniel’s last 70th week (7 yrs.) when it does start! Also I always believed that we would have 31/2 yrs. of ministry exactly like Christ had to Israel! A certain event will definitely take place at the Temple and in my ministry when we do enter this last gap of time! Time cut off Matt. 24:22 reveals time will be shortened, this depicts that Earth’s regular time pattern will be interrupted by divine providence!

The man Gabriel and a “certain” man — Dan. 9:21 reveals the man Gabriel — and Dan. 10:5, 6 reveals a “certain man”, showing this was deity! “His face the appearance of lightning, his eyes as lamps of fire, he was in a higher magnitude than Gabriel”! In the days ahead God will appear here in dramatic form! (Read verses 16, 21)

Hot stones appearing — revival fire among the elect! — After the appearance of God’s barrel mighty miracles occurred, including judgment and deliverance! (I Kings 17:14) — Verse 21, the dead child was raised! Elijah was involved in fire many times. (I Kings 18:38 “the fire of the Lord fell!” it was used to turn the people back to the true word, then the sound of revival rain occurred (verse 41) — Notice (I Kings 19:18) reveals a small group believed! Ii Kings 1:10-15 “fire from heaven annihilates the Captain’s, men!” II Kings 2:1 1 finally shows Elijah departs into heaven in a chariot of fire! (The Lord has given us the most sacred and rarest photographs ever seen before! Directly across from the Temple there was an old barrel standing, not far from where we keep the other “blessing barrel” and there was a photo taken of the surroundings, and when it was developed great glory out of heaven was falling upon the old barrel in line with the Headstone behind it! Remember in association with the barrel Elijah raised the dead child, a type of giving life to today’s “man child”. Also it reveals we will have these type miracles today. And the barrel here represents we are getting ready for some of the most powerful miracles ever seen upon the earth! The Lord will not leave the elect in doubt, and we have some of the most treasured photo graphs to be released ever seen in the history of mankind!

Moses smiteth the “rock” (Christ!) — In Ex. 17:6 Moses obeyed rightly, but in Num. 20:10-12 due to stress and strain he smote the rock twice in disobedience! The Lord allowed it to show us Christ was only to be smitten once, the rock represented Christ. (I Cor. 10:4 reveals they drank of that spiritual rock!) Because of Moses and Aaron’s disbelief judgment came! Also the unbelievers that strike at the Head stone and ministry here will be judged, because the rock has been struck once at the Cross and shall not be struck again! Even those who say they believe in a former messenger but strike this ministry or the Headstone here will not go in, because they disbelieved in the Lord’s chosen and His message! Thus saith the Lord surely judgment shall pierce the idolaters! After 6,000 yrs. and out of billions of people and all the prophets created, here the rainbow messenger stands at Head stone and His “elect” people too! Yea for the wisdom of the Lord doeth what is wise. Jesus made it so mighty and super natural that only His elect will believe it! The stone that Daniel saw is here. (Dan. 2:45) — Many Scriptures confirmed that this message was to appear at the end. “If Moses being so great a man and God was wroth with him, what will God do with the little fox rebels today! All glory belongeth to the Most High!”

Capstone is surrounded with God’s glory like Moses was on the mount with thunder and fire. (Ex. 19:16, 18) — The beautiful lights from His throne are resting on it, the platform is wrapped in lightning of shekinah glory, the elect gathering in His dynamic presence! God is at every door with His cherubim wheels, everything which happens here represents He is standing with us, the mighty shekinah is all around us, the pillar of fire and the burning bush! We will be releasing soon in picture form “God’s lights of deity!” The fire is always where the shepherd rod is! Moses gathered them around the mount and God begin to thunder, just like He is doing here at the mount. The 7 Thunders is preparing translative faith! The head of all things was on top of Mt. Sinai then and truly the head of all things is on top of the Gentile mount here in Corner stone Temple, the marvel of the ages! His rainbow ‘glory of colors is falling everywhere here. The crowned sun star “Christ” appearing in His fullness and sapphire glory, “the shadow of the lion is cast over His elect”! (Rev. 10:3) The Lord is going to pour out such power here it will be like sitting in a rumbling volcanic whirlwind. It’s arrived, His utmost spirit and joy!

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