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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 65

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


Entering the last part of this age — New inventions, secret planners and the appearing of a very strong delusion. Profound occurrences in the 70’s! — A fundamental change in the U.S.A. will take place. Overseas they will be moving toward a new and direct arrangement. “As was prophesied, we see part of it coming to pass in their policy towards China and Russia! Finally a new monetary system of finances will come into being from Satan’s own maneuvering among men in high positions!” A betrayal of this nation is coming in order for it to maintain its pleasure and prosperity! The dollar has been devalued 8% and there will still be financial problems over the world until the geniuses of Satan create a new world combining system of money, finally seducing nations into the mark! World trade will rise of which we will speak more of later. International wickedness and pleasure will rise right along with the beast system! The U.S.A. is entering a transition time, changing between the old and the new. The youth will become more bold and take control of many positions and bring or influence many unusual changes who will want to live for just now and won’t care about tomorrow, selling their self to the beast system in order to have materialistic living!

Space satellites, orbital platforms appearing — Men will be able to live in some space homes and others Russia will have atomic missiles and new weapons of advance stage in them which can be dropped quickly without warning. New discoveries and rays which can paralyze whole populated areas and rend millions helpless! And later even newer inventions than this will come into being that man will use after the world unites and America’s false friends go back on their word! The world will be filled with crime and violence entering this new supersonic air age for the 70’s! “But God’s supernatural wheels travel faster than man’s, as He will pre pare His own people for a glorious supernatural flight!” Before all this takes place I see Jesus give great warnings! Soon we will have more major earthquakes in Calif. and the mid-east and elsewhere. Also poisonous pestilent gases will seep out of the earth in different parts of the world before the coming of Christ! Large areas will be contaminated and people will be dispersed elsewhere. New events to occur in the heavens and in nature a harvest of catastrophe! These signs show God is preparing to put more of a positive spiritual and heavenly look upon His children, and the sinner more of the sensual earthly nature of the beast!

God conceals his secrets and the prophetic time measures in the heavenly lights — We might say this article does not confirm or sanction the art of astrology or any other science of telling the future without Bible foundation. The children of God should avoid these things because man cannot figure it out rightly, but the Lord knows it in perfection! The end of the age is near and God is revealing this because in the heavens the major planets are lining up in a line and are heading towards certain constellations! We had some thing like this happen the first time that Christ came! The timing of the planets and His prophetic lights are scheduled to utter perfection! And He set these in motion at the beginning as signs! (Gen. 1:14-Luke 21:25) At the time we started our building we looked up and saw some lights in the form of a Pyramid passing over, and smaller lights trailed off in the direction of the Headstone Mountain which God revealed to me later! “Also He has positioned the sun and the moon to make so many cycles around the earth and at a preordained time His final acts will occur! The remarkable design of the sun and the moon show us the days, nights and the months, other lights mark the years! The Lord Himself brings the significance to our attention in the above Scriptures that they were to be for signs and seasons. He actually measures the dispensations determined on man and He has concealed the movements of His heavenly lights in such a way no one can entirely understand them! But we know they were put there for a greater purpose than just to look at and give light. Destiny is in His beaming lights! (Mazzaroth, Job 38:32-33 Job 9:9) “Behold who can deny the hidden wonders, not man, because he hath not this type of intelligence or wisdom to know yea all the deep things.” The Lord certainly is mysterious but He reveals His secrets to His elect”, Thus saith the Lord the truth is spoken, behold the lights will definitely point to My return! (Luke 21:25) Read My word “little sheep” (Elect) — Also the time measures in the scrolls will be greatly confirmed as we move along into the 70’s.

God’s time clock — Daniel’s 70th week about to strike — “Gentiles gather to the Headstone” — There were to be allotted 70 weeks (7 yrs. to a week prophetic time) to Daniel’s people, until the Messiah would come and be cut off (crucified) — Now that last week was never fulfilled but will start again in the Gentile age about the time He returns back to the Jews. And Daniel’s last 70th week is near and the secret time (season) element is in it! We are standing in the water’s edge so to speak as about to begin “Daniel’s 70th” last week (of years!) — According to historical and Bible chronology after the Jews rejected Christ, the holy spirit went to the Gentiles to seek out a people. The departure happened 33 A.D., and according to prophetic time from then until now (1972) it has been about 1,950 yrs. and from Abraham until He quit dealing with the Jews it was 1,954 yrs. — So within a reason of about 5 to 7 yrs. He will have dealt with the Gen tiles the same amount of time He dealt with the Jews! And some Bible chronology gives the 70th Jubilee time about 1977 or within a few years or so of it. (see scroll. #56) — The translation cometh soon and is nearer than anyone imagines. It is not a matter of decades now but a matter of a few years! The gathering from out of the sun clothed woman is near! (Rev. 12:5) Sons of God (Rom. 8:14-19) — The bride leaves in the midst of Daniel’s 70th week. (Rev. 12:5, 6) a thousand two hundred and 3 score days. 3 yrs. are left for final part, “The Great Tribulation!” Then mark is given, #666 — But before this the living stones “elect” gather to or in association with the Headstone at Capstone! Jesus is taking living stones ‘individuals” and gathering them to the Chief corner stone and building them into a spiritual temple for Him to rest over in the pillar of fire! “Behold the stone ye have waited for is revealed behind My Temple, and the Headstone is a sign that the end of the age is closing and hath come! Oh if the church only knew how great this is here, Jesus told me the elect would not fight it. (Read Dan. 2:45 — the Secret stone of secrets before us! “Daniel saw the world empires in an image, he also saw God’s face in a mountain which destroyed the world beast system”! (Verse 45) See scroll. book 206-207. — Ancient Wonders in new miracles will appear for us, I saw people aged many years in advance by cancer suddenly being healed and restored, and looked years younger instantly! It reminds me of when He suddenly changed the water into new wine (revelation miracle!) All type creative miracles will happen. Behold My servant shall bring things into existence which are needed. He shall speak by My Word and create things into being, even like I spoke when I appeared in Israel the first time in the God Christ! (Son) Watch for the Lord shall do that which hath not even entered into thine heart, those that are mine shall believe and see it! Also Jehovah’s divine rod was destined to appear with the Headstone. The Lord is showing us all these things, dates and seasons because I feel He wants us to watch after the next U.S.A. election, because momentous events afterwards will be forming the ultimate phases of the end, like the moon coming into its last quarter or phase of light! According to Bible reckoning from the flood until the sun of righteousness was photographed over our Temple and ending of the Gentile age (Mal. 4:2) it has been 4,352 yrs. and from now (1972) it will be 5 yrs. until 1977 and 8 yrs. until the year 1980. Give or take a few years, anyway you look at it, time is short.

Pentecostals to Rome — According to a reliable magazine, a team representing the Pentecostal movement will meet in Rome for an official dialogue with the Catholics. The magazine said they have changed somewhat since the days when they once accused this system of being the anti-christ. May we warn with the chapter below what it will be like and the deceivable plan for the Great Tribulation.

The merchants of Babylon — will reach its zenith soon! In Rev. 13 we see the rise of the government beast, then in Rev. 17:3, 5 we see the harlot church riding the beast of merchants. It will be a great city within a system of cities for world trade. A vital part of this scroll will be continued concerning a definite sign occurring of important significance! Emerging Europe superpowers” — and the “little horn” —

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