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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 60

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


America the beautiful heading into a-bom in-nation — We made the word (Abomination) sound like “a bomb” would be dropped in the nation (atomic). Some day this will happen and America will suffer burnt judgment! Although man’s plans in the future will be to try to beautify America it is just his conscience trying to cover up the real lurking sin eating away at the inside of the Nation! By the pollution in the air and the filth in our clear streams, cities, etc., it is God’s way of showing man this represents the stages and what’s happening in his soul! A very dark picture! The more he tries to clean up and beautify the outside without repenting, the more corrupt and vile he will get inside. Man will try to bring glamour and elegance to cover up, while growing more sinful, and will even give a respectable religious air to it! You can glamorize orgies but it will still be deadly sin! Soon just before the return of Christ people will indulge and mate at random like animals, at times in open sight! Absolute abomination with vile nature, “like the beast.” If man changes the inside the outside would change itself. When Jesus starts His last move Satan will unleash a wave of wickedness like never seen before. It is reported that they are introducing and selling into this country simulated (robot women) full size so that men can indulge in vile practices with these artificial women! Also they are selling things to women in like order in all sort of forms! Scores and scores of other inventions of sex to the young (corrupt sadistic whips) warping their minds! “We have reached a stage beyond the Greeks and Romans who were destroyed.” Paul calls it vile affections, and those who love these things are given over to a reprobate mind. For this cause God gave them up, for even their women did change their natural use into that which is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one towards another. (Romans 1:26-27) Even as Sodom and Gomorrah giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh! (Jude 1:7)

The two party system will join into one beast of corrupt power — In 1967 the two party system changed with the advent of a 3rd party system. (G. Wallace) But later there will even be more changes, finally the party system will be joined into one system. (Around 1977 a whole new structural change is coming) 1974-75 will be years of ungodly sin, causing the young and the old alike to numb their minds in making many decisions which will allow the people in high offices to prepare for deceiving changes! From 1973-77 so much will happen until people will be caught up in a dream nearly deadened in wickedness! “Watch saith the Lord for I shall give men up and over to do that which was spoken in My Holy Writ fulfilling My plans! But yea I also have plans for My elect to escape the final part of judgment!”

On the scrolls we wrote from 1968-72 — Russia would re shuffle, changing leaders. This happened in 1971 — Kosygin dropped back and Brezhnev took full position. But there is still yet something else to occur in Russia, and even more shuffling will occur later! Then finally the right man will arise who will work with the West and Rome. “Yea saith the Lord it cometh even as a serpent glideth slowly under the brush, nevertheless he reacheth his destination unnoticed and on time! Yea so shall this deceiver rise. (This person is hidden in Russia right now.) Watch!

Out of the throne thunder — (Rev. 4:5) — Thunder often is connected to God’s throne and His special acts. Also the secrets in the 7 Thunders are involved direct from His throne to His bride. “Behold the Lord shall be seen over Cap stone, and His arrows shall go forth as lightning, and the Lord shall blow the trumpet and shall go with whirlwinds of power liberating His people unto Himself! For sweet is His goodness and how great His beauty, yea the King cometh unto thee!” The Lord’s censer is full of fire! (Rev. 8:5-6) Also again thunder is used — Jesus will do His last sacred and precious work here (at Temple) before judgment falls! Verses 3 and 4 show altar and throne associated to saints. Also again (Rev. 11:19) the Temple of God was opened in heaven, there was seen the Ark of His Testament! Also thunderings again! The secrets of how He will finish His work is plainly seen! “Yea and upon the earth before this I shall have My Temple of unveiled wisdom. (Capstone!) — Yea and ye shall also soon see this Scripture fulfilled “saith the Lord” of His elect! (Rev. 12:5) Rejoice, and yea after these things ye shall see and hear these Scriptures fulfilled. (Rev. 19:6-11-14) Yea I say unto all prepare! A while robed glorified throng cometh out of this work!

The 7th great “eye” step – His last work begins “7 Fold Ministry!” – And God Himself hath set the members in the body, every one of them as it hath pleased Him. Only God positions the high ranked! The Lord calls the “Capstone” the super structure for a supernatural people of unity! It is the Temple of revelations and transfiguration appearing for His elect to leave in great light. I believe it will be a purified structure in which all the glories of the 7 powers will be poured out upon them, the spirit fully manifested. The Pyramid crown on top represents God’s finished work and people. This will be a secret place of the most high and the sanctuary of His beloved elect! The cloud of deity arid the place of the last seal scrolls of the ancient one! “Behold this is the return of the true light from the West for the elect, even them will I bring to My Holy mountain and make joyful in My house of prayer! We are not trying to overly write about the Temple, but it will be the most noted thing upon the earth since thousands of years. God has given me and shown me things that if you knew you would be leaping for joy day and night, but I must keep them hidden a while longer. I feel very honored for I have never seen or heard anything like what He has revealed to me with evidence. There are no past messages given which can even come near proving this wrong! God has fixed it, there will be no doubt about it! Also before the end of time there will be no more room inside the great auditorium, people will be standing outside the edges, and be healed too. — The earth is reaching the end of a cycle and the beginning of a momentous new one, it will naturally be the last cycle. Mighty signs (miracles) will usher forth, the end will close quickly! — Yea when it starts, saith the Lord, it shall come like a flood!

Jesus is the Greek form of Joshua — “it means Jehovah, Savior!” Anointed prophet, priest and King, Alone combining the three, “the triple crown” (chief) anointing! Others as Moses and David, etc., were only anointed to one or two offices — Watch we are to get ready for a real ministry of Christ to His elect. “The triple crown” lightning! sealing! thunder! “Behold I shall send My messenger and he shall prepare the way before Me, and the Lord whom ye seek shall suddenly come to His Temple! (Mal. 3:1) Yea I shall clothe thee with anointed garment (brightness!)

The God-headstone — The stone which the builders rejected has become the head of the corner! In a certain place the Lord showed me His head sculptured in large rock, the face of the living God, like unto what John saw. (Rev. 4:3) We have an actual picture of this (showing evidence) and can re veal where it is at. Later we will reveal a certain and import ant spot “the Headstone Rock” falls in direct tine with. It is incredible, believe me. It is here at this hidden rock in a heavenly scene that he revealed to me Himself as the ruler of the Universe which 1 will quote from a former letter. “Behind His head was an immense rainbow and a royal crown of diadems, over it huge angelic wings, then a great star looking symbol and wheels spinning fire. Then a stream issued forth above this with great mysterious colors and ambers. Also a gold and crystal look was associated to all this. “Behold these be the acts of deity, the Almighty, and let no man speak differently or unbelieving, for it is the Lord’s good pleasure to reveal it unto His children at this hour! Blessed and sweet are they that believe for they shall follow Me wheresoever I goeth in the heavens hereafter! (The photo of Him over the building portrayed Him as the Son of man “Christ” but the other shows Him as judge or ruler! Yea in the “Chief corner stone” is the book of Thunders, “the Word of the living God!”

Also before the end the bride will hear a still small spiritual voice guiding them like Elijah did before he left in the fiery chariot. (translated) “No one will know where this rock witness is until we reveal it here and show pictures later, then all will be told!” It is so plain and real until you will be completely overwhelmed. This is nothing that was thought up, it is real, only God could do this for us! (II Timothy 2:19) “Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having “this Seal”. The Lord knoweth them that are His!” We will also show the other photograph of Jesus later too!) All who can should make plans some day to come and see these wondrous works of God. (Of all the worldly paintings and pictures done upon the earth, these two of our Lord eclipse them all!) The wealth of the en tire world could not buy these original pictures from me. You see it doesn’t come to a world religious leader, it is given to a humble people. (elect!) The Lord doesn’t want His message taken lightly and has given “His rod” as token against opposite defying church rebels. Soon these that go against his last “Fold” work will be broken like a straw in the hurricanic wind! Watch!

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