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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 61

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


The rolling and whirling forth of the new move — The Lord has declared that in the last days He would pour out His spirit upon all flesh! And will shake young and old alike! (Joel 2:28 Acts 2:17) Something definite, extraordinary and unique is about to occur. The tide and wave of it will sweep the bride right into heaven! We are living in the last hour of this age, revival of unprecedented proportions will appear to the elect upsetting the lukewarm, so powerful actually causing the religious system to unite against them! This age will quickly turn into the beast system! Not many will see it until too late! What people thought was peace and religion was actually the devil’s lie! (The revival will be a universal out pouring (all flesh) “but the bride part will be different, in this mighty move they will hold the oneness of the Word with it, and will have an overflowing of God’s presence!” The world will feel a great move, but millions will not hold to the Word and will go shouting right on into Babylon (world religious system!) and the foolish into Tribulation! The latter rain is to bring forth the precious fruit (the bride to maturity) — During God’s mighty move many will fall away into what they think is true because of a few signs and divers miracles in the beast system! “But the bride group” like the “eye in a needle” and the “point in a sword” will gather close in unity to the Lord Jesus. His very own is small but mighty!

Head religion and heart religion — Pure fresh water “anointing” is coming upon the true vine! In the former revival scores only culminated into what we call head religion! (This includes most and even many deliverance ministries) “Thus saith the Lord! — “But Jesus now is bringing to His elect a “true heart” believing revival! The closing epic of power and through the purging of His spirit we will he brought to the true beauty of Holiness! The trials of the last days have served as fire to refine the gold, out of this the Lord will present Himself with a purified bride! “Behold I prophesy that the last move will come during a time of unparalleled trouble in the world! Famine, war, pestilence, earthquakes and storms of staggering proportion!” All things will get worse as the end nears! International calamity will mingle with the awesome display of God’s power! (Unusual and strange demonstrations over nature will be associated to this last move at times! (Joel 2:30), — A fantastic display will accompany His move!) — “And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, fire, and pillars of smoke! This is a spiritual sign of holy power! But it is also the depiction and manifestation of horrible inventions of man! The spirit gives a “dual” compound prophecy here. It shows with this great out pouring of God’s power man would invent his power of the atomic bomb, “blood, fire, pillars of smoke!” This reveals that during man’s inventions of destruction God would pour out His spirit, wonders in the heavens and earth, blood, fire, pillars of smoke!

The age of promise and fulfillment We are entering soon in comparison to when Peter’s shadow healed the multitude. (Acts 5:15-16) And the hour like Paul’s cloth when it brought incredible and noticeable miracles (Acts. 19:12). The elect are entering again the time of Jehovah’s divine rod! And will be seen at Capstone. Praise ye the Lord! Thy rod and staff doth comfort thee! Remember Elijah and Jacob’s staff, and Moses’ rod! The Lord’s divine rod appears in absolute momentous times! It appears at the ending of one certain phase and the beginning of mighty deliverance for His chosen! It is a sign His return is even at the door! (Gen. 32:10 — II Kings 4:29 — Ps. 23:4 — (Rev. 12:5 — rod of iron) (Ex. 4:2 — what’s in thy hand!). When the Lord raises His rod those devils will scatter in every direction, but to His sheep elect it will unite them and their heart will leap for joy! “Yes we are entering the 7 Thunders of God’s power, a written seal unwrapped from God’s rod of divine justice! “Who shall stand against the most High? Yea My enemies shall tremble when the Lord thy God shall thunder!” “Yea but He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh. The Lord shall have them in derision! Behold I have written this before and shall prophesy it again!” (Ps. 2:3-4) Yea in the last restoration I sent wonderful gifts but man followed the gifts rather than Me, and now many are confused and sleep! “People let’s put Jesus in this next “latter revival” where He belongs, “On top as king!” Exalt Him ye earth and heavens for He is mighty among us! He is coming as the “majestic King stone!” The Lord told me some times the shadow wings of a great angel will be seen passing over Capstone, and multitudes will be healed! “Behold I send My messenger and the Lord whom ye seek shall suddenly come to His Temple! “And He allowed an actual real photo of Himself to be taken over it!” Yea He shall sit as a refiner and a purifier. And I will gather in a cloud of fire and will be a swift witness against the unbeliever! Behold 1 will send forth My power as it was in the days of old! Yea as in the ancient times, for what was in the beginning (prophets) will return now in a greater and more wonderful way. Praise ye the Master!— People I know the incredible position the Lord has given me to His elect, and I don’t even want to mention what it is! All I want to do is exalt Him for He belongs on “top” as the royal light of the ages! I feel all through history ministers have failed to do this, now is the time to praise and lift Him up as our King, He is coming! I believe the Lord’s power should be so intense, startling and powerful among us that it should take our eyes off of everything else around us but Him! “Behold our Prince cometh!”

The new book — the chief headstone and the 7th. seal — And when He had opened the 7th. (last) scroll (Rev. 8:1) there was a silence! We are now going deeper into “this seal” which finally ends all things in the Trumpets! (verse 2) — Now I’m going to reveal something here that is going to dumbfound the world. The stone the builders rejected (Christ — Mark 12:10) was photographed on top of building, and has become the head of the corner. (of the ancient God!) Now in the same picture there are giant rocks right behind a certain place which falls directly just right and one can see the face of the living God in stone! It shows Him as the beginning and the end, that’s all I can relate until I release my new book and the earth’s elect can see it for themselves! It is the greatest mystery of our time and will be proven in our new volume. No one will be able to figure this out until they see the picture. “Thus saith the Lord this is My work and doings! “Sirs there isn’t anything anybody can do when they see it but just stand and fall back in awe! The Lord has made this so mighty and supernatural that the world and foolish will be baffled!” But it is marvelous in our eyes saith the most High! Remember Dan. 2:44-45, the stone that was cut out of the mountain without hands, who can destroy all kingdoms!The scrolls are written in another dimension and are not the same as any writing that has been done in this generation! And carry a heavenly anointing of 7 fold power of the 7 lamps of light! (spirit) and will produce translative faith giving knowledge and wisdom to the man child! “Read the scrolls daily and your lamp will be filled when the trumpet sounds!” “The Temple will be a refuge for the elect to come to. Also those who write will receive the same blessing and reward.” “The last message goes forth from here saith the Lord!” My wheel of knowledge will overshadow Capstone!

World changes — Someone may say they don’t see how it could change any more than it has the last 20 years, but definite and dramatic changes are appearing. (absolutely) World politics, finances, science and religion, one church, one Bible that will please all, “anti-christ”, one international bank and monetary system, one world kingdom. As the anti-christ begins to rise we will see more tidal waves and more earth quakes in the sea and strange phenomena in the heavens as it gets closer to His revealing. — Right along with the final out pouring of the Lord’s move, Satan will unleash a volcano of erupting sin and debauchery from hell’s pit! With he himself appearing in the beast right after it. And what looked like true religion at first finally and suddenly turns into a wild religious orgy that the world has ever seen! International wickedness to appear in sex rituals in the churches connected to beast systems, mating at random like animals! It will be Satan incarnated in his religious followers!

The sun and the moon shall turn into darkness (Joel 2:31) And whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Verse 32) — For in Mt. Sinai and Jerusalem shall be deliverance, in the remnant that the Lord shall call! (So we see even after the bride is gone there shall be deliverance, but these will only be particular groups and certainly not those of the beast system of Babylon covered by darkness!) (We noticed this scroll was written after a partial eclipse of the sun!) — “Yea the “Revelation pen” of the Lord hath revealed much!”

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