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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 59

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


God’s hidden secrets and rarest power associated to stone — The Scriptures say out of the dust man came and to the dust he shall return. Dust has a great portion of smashed rock in it mixed with the fragments upon the earth! Science claims that man is made out of 16 elements upon the earth plus the spiritual aspect! Jesus said in Matt. 3:9 God is able of these stones to raise up children to Abraham. In other words with some spiritual ingredients He was able to turn rocks into children if need be to testify of Him! Right after this statement Satan tempted Him to change stone into bread, but Jesus would not do this for him. (Matt. 4:3) — But before this denoted He could create men from stone! When the Disciples were praising Him He said forbid them not, for if they did not shout even the stones would cry out in His presence, if necessary even prophesy! (Luke 19:40). Showing the human tendency or the creative power which man’s flesh body originated from (clay!) Remember when Jesus spat on the ground and made clay and created the boy’s eyes which were blind! (St. John 9:6.7) After Jesus performed these types of creative miracles they made plans to kill Him. His power was becoming too obvious. “When today’s last creative miracles occur is when they will put pressure against His elect, but this is when He will rapture them!” In various places the Bible mentions coals of fire, hot stones. And stones of fire! This also is associated with the spiritual aspect and has something to do with the way the Lord creates things. (Representing atoms) Man split certain creative atoms and atomic fire was discovered! (The stones of fire mentioned were always closely associated with His spirit! (Ezek. 1:4-5.27) – (Isa. 54:11-16). We are to enter in this last revival with great creative miracles from the stone of 7 eyes! (Christ) (Zech. 3:9) While God will not create for Satan, He will for His elect!

The messianic scrolls — The Old Testament reveals the New Testament, and the New Testament reveals the Old Testament, both work together in harmony. The Old Testament Angel (Jehovah) stood before the Jews in the New Testament and said before Abraham was I am. (St. John 8:58) The Old Testament scrolls were a shadow of the New Testament scrolls also. Rev. 6:1-14 are scrolls being unrolled into seal visions! (And the 7th Seal (Messianic scroll) will roll right on into the 7 Thunders portraying visions, revelations and mysteries. wrapping the 7th veil elect people with 7 powers of translative (Shekinah) glory! Like following the trend of the Bible scrolls a mighty people will come out of these latter day scrolls!

Out of the whirlwind Jesus steps forth — (The Photograph) — In describing this, His head was just to the top left of Capstone wherein the Pyramid headstone was put into place. With the bottom part of the Temple becoming His body in the form of a Pyramid, also like great wings spread out below Him typing the “Son of Righteousness with healing in His wings!” (Mal. 4:2) Jesus spoke to me and said, “My last servants have died, but I am alive for evermore, and no man shall turn Me aside from My finishing work!” The Lord does His mightiest work when He gets all the credit! No such picture taken in. 6,000 yrs will rival the one He allowed to be taken here. There is one more thing which He related to me but I will hold until the right time to reveal it! Also the pillar of fire and cloud will appear behind Capstone. Remember the “eye” over U.S.A. currency well now the Lords head appeared over His Pyramid Temple.

Matt. 9:16-17 — Jesus said no man putteth new wine in old bottles or new cloth on old garments. New wine (revelation) is coming for His elect and not to the old bottled up Organizations. Also He will clothe them with new garments which means new anointing but will not put new anointing on the old garment covering of the sleeping Organizations which are satisfied with the old! Neither is He going to put new wine “revelation and anointing” in dead ministers of these groups, but is bringing forth a new people who will believe and is able to stand and hold His power! The elect is going to take hold of His garment and is going to be made whole. (New!) — Matt. 12:9-14 depicts the man’s withered hand becomes a new “creative wonder!” This is a perfect symbolic picture of what Jesus is going to do for His church. The elect is ready to stretch forth the withered hand and take on new healing creative power and strength! And His people will be restored and made perfectly whole! Some have withered like the man’s hand but they will lift it up in praise and Jesus will pour out a refreshing spirit upon them! This also was a type of the 5 ministerial gifts returning to the church!

Matt. 15:36 the creative loaves for the multitude – Notice He gave the loaves to His disciples, they worked the creative miracles as they gave the bread in obedience to the people! This depicts at the end, He will give His disciples creative power to work among the elect. The bread types in our day a type of the new heavenly manna that we will feed on!

The raising of Lazarus (St. John 11:43-44) — Notice he was bound in grave clothes, napkins over his eyes. Today God’s people have been bound by man’s doctrines of death and blindness, but now Jesus will loose them like Lazarus, saying come forth in “new life!” The church out of the darkness like the eclipse of the moon is going to step forth in new light and brightness! “Thus saith the Lord Jesus!” — (He will roll open) Capstone and a new beginning of life revival will start! Notice the word stone (verse 38-39) the real ministry is appearing to the elect which will not be imitated! The last miracle Jesus per formed before the cross was a creative one! (Luke 22:50-51) A man’s ear was sliced off and Jesus created it back again! And in our day the last miracles He will do just before His return will be creative ones! Also any type healing or creative miracle that you read about in the New Testament will happen in our building! (Even when Jesus performed this last miracle in front of the Pharisees they would not repent. So even with creative miracles today the religious systems will not repent!)

Luke 4:40 – 41. We are getting ready for this Scripture to repeat again for us (at Capstone!) Now when the sun was setting they brought to Him all manner of sickness and diseases, and He laid His hands on them, healing every one, and devils came out of many (insane healed).

Miracles I see will happen at capstone — I pre-see several insanity cases will be healed instantly from Tucson, Ariz. And more like this from other states! They will testify this is the truth! — A woman will be healed of a stomach tumor by the name of Mrs. Harris, she will testify the Lord sent her here! — A man born in Feb. from Florida will receive new bones in his feet! — A late model Chevy car full of people from Ore. who have severe sickness will all be healed when they arrive! — I see a man cripple which will be coming down from the left of the auditorium by the name of Bro. Carter will be healed! — A middle aged man will receive a new created ear drum who lives near Mesa, Ariz. — Scores of asthma cases will be healed from Tucson. A Sister Thomas will be one of the cases. — A woman from New York will receive part of a new stomach which was cut out by the doctors, she was born 1925, the last part of June. — A woman from the mid-west born in April will be healed instantly from a head tumor. — “A man will be brought from out of state on a stretcher with just a few days to live and he will be healed like new”! — “One day a man will be brought in who has been dead for several days due to traveling a long distance, when God shows me to pray for him and he gets up and starts talking, there will be thunder (power) in the land”! — I see tumors, cancers and All manner of diseases will be healed here. The Lord will have me to call many by the month they were born in and scores will be healed at the same time! I could explain this more precise but space will not permit. These events above will occur at different times in the future. — There will be a spiritual cloud and a magnetic circle of fire over the people’s heads at times here! Later in the revival Jesus will reveal Himself standing by the “little passage” in the Aud. His sides will look like lightning, His eyes like piercing fire, His face portraying the wisdom of ages! “Thus saith the Lord ye shall see wondrous things!”

The sign and emblem — the divine rod — Mighty exploits occur when God uses the sign of His rod. (Read Ex. 4:2 — Ex. 8:17) — God’s rod produces creative miracles. (Ex. 14:16) rod controls elements and gravity — (verse 27) — Psa. 110:2 — Isa. 11:1 — “Yea the rod of the Lord shall go before His people once again leading them out and up! Like unto Moses and Aaron shall He work wonders and signs for the elective seed! Yea it shall be lifted up over the land from Capstone bringing a (mighty wave) of deliverance to all who believe and fall in the anointing shadows of it according to the words of the Most High God! In this day all who are My chosen shall lift up their hands and be healed, everyone who believeth I am the only Lord and Savior! Amen. I AM that I AM appeareth once more! Oh, believe He has given me something for His people and you will know of it in time! (Notice) Scroll 57 did not project the bride would just sit in heaven 1000 years they will be with Christ in some capacity during the Millennium, “also new earth”.

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