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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 58

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


The godhead hidden by the Lord’s wisdom and shared and revealed to His elect — Gen. 1:26 reveals unusual secrets. “God said let us make man in our image”. (He was speaking to His creation, angels etc. Because in verse 27 it reads so God created man in “His own” image. “One, not three different images! It reads “His own” (God’s) — Ex. 23:20. He said, Behold I send an angel before thee. And verse 21 says and my name is in Him. Jesus said I came in My father’s name! (St. John 5:43) Jesus said before Abraham I was. (St. John 8:58) He was the rock in the wilderness with Moses (1 Cor.10:4) — The Pillar of fire! — Jesus is the angel of God when He appears in human or a heavenly form! (Rev. 1:8) Jesus said, I am the Lord, The Beginning and End, the Almighty! The Bible just interprets itself!

Gen. 1:26 Reveals God planned to make more than one man and He also foresaw the fall! It reads and let “them” have dominion, “them”, shows more than one. And verse 28 reveals more on multiplying! Then later in Gen. 2:7 He made man! But spoke of His over-all real plans in Gen. Chap. 1 — Then later He made the woman in Gen. 2:22 — Notice He made the “creation”, animals, seas, earth, etc. before He made man, so they did not see how or know His secrets in doing it!

The majestic fire, the burning bush (sign) — and the strange incidents which followed — Ex. 3:2 And the angel of the Lord (Which was God) appeared to Moses in a flame out of the bush. This burning bush (sign) will appear and represent the elect at the end as “He appears in a flame of fire” at a certain place! And Moses a type of God’s chosen said, I will turn aside and see this great sight! (Verse 3) — And the elect at the end will turn aside again and see a great sight, appearing in signs and wonders! They too like Moses may feel unworthy and unprepared, but the Lord will hover and guide them! — A peculiar experience occurred after this while Moses was on his way to deliver Israel. Some have not understood where it reads in Ex. 4:24 and God met Moses to kill him! Why? — Let us read the next verse 25, and Zipporah took a “sharp stone” and cut off the foreskin of her son! And cast it at Moses’ feet! And said a bloody husband thou art to me — then afterwards in verse 26, it says, and God let Moses go! Here must be the answer. God wanted Moses to circumcise his son — and Zipporah (his Gentile wife) did not understand the Jewish religion or way. This is why she made that statement (in verse 26). But when she saw God meant business she obeyed quickly! The Lord knew how to get this done fast without Moses arguing with her. “Moses chose a Gentile bride, typing what the Lord would choose at the end”. (Gentile) — Zipporah did not understand and possibly prevented Moses from obeying before. The above were strange occurrences, but Moses’ wife being Gentile explains it. Notice a “sharp stone” was involved. (Thus Moses continued on to deliver. — (verse 27-28)

The third sign — (This is not counting the first sign of the rod and serpent which was not a plague sign) — The magicians were able to imitate the first two signs (plagues). But they were unable to imitate the 3rd “sign” plague! And said this is “the finger of God!” (Ex. 8:17-19) So in our day there have been given two signs in the last 25 yrs. And the Organizations and some ministries have imitated these several movings of God, but because they did not keep the Word the revival ceased, turning into counterfeit!! Now Jesus told me we are getting ready for “the 3rd. sign” (call) and it will not be imitated, and will be 7 anointings of one spirit revealing His Word and elect! The 7 anointings will not be copied, (for it will be the finger of God again!) Notice some lesser groups will have some anointing — “but only the bride receives the 7 anointings for rapture!” (Rev. 10:4-7) Wait for the 3rd. sign, watch the “veil of God in the headstone” appearing!

The anointed bones of Joseph — the appearance of the pillar of fire! (Ex. 13:19-21) — When Moses picked up the bones of Joseph the heavens ignited into “the pillar of fire!” And the drama begins! God honored His old prophet even though only his bones were in sight! This was a sign that the anointing was with them, also they took his bones to the Holy Land. And Joseph later may have been one of those who were raised! (Matt. 27:52-53). When they carried the bones out they also received the prosperity that had been with Joseph!! (Ex.13:19-21) (Ex. 12:35-36) — The royal cloud — Ex.14:19-20) which went before them lifted up and went behind them. And then came between Israel and the camp of the Egyptians and gave glory light to Israel, “but was a cloud of darkness to the Egyptians”! And the one could not come near the other! — Now at the end God will put a glory cloud of anointing between the elect, the foolish and world. And the others will not be able to come near the elected (fire). Also verse 28 shows the tribulation of Pharaoh. And after the elect is raptured safely the tribulation will cover the world. The 7 major plagues that God put on the Egyptians was symbolic of the 7 plagues that He will later put on the system of world churches. Actually I feel Pharaoh was after the silver and gold the children of Israel took out. The Lord knew how to draw them. And also at the end they will be drawn out after silver and gold again ending in destruction!

The significance of names — The original name of Joshua was O’Shea (Num. 13:8) and was changed (Num. 13:16) — O’Shea means help (deliverance) One street associated to ‘Capstone Aud. is called Shea and the other street is called Tatum. Remember when God called Moses to deliver He said, I am that I am (Ex. 3:14) it sounds like ‘I am” at Tatum. These names were both associated to great moves of deliverance. And now both sounds and names come together for the 3rd. sign. The last stirring is near!

Gideon and the small group — At first, Gideon started with a large group just like the Lord did in this last revival! But the Lord kept narrowing it down to the main ones, leaving him with 10,000 -Then the Lord told him to watch them as they drank water, and those who lapped like a dog he was to count them out. And those who lapped water with their hands he was to choose, 9,700 lapped like a dog, and only 300 who were elected lapped with their hands (Judges 7:5-8) Actually the Lord wanted a small group so that it showed His hand in the battle instead of Israel! Also He can do more with 300 full believers than He can with thousands of mixed up groups! His choice will be the small group at the end, “but they will number more than 300”. — Judges 6:21 shows fire in the rock, and at “Capstone” fire is in the rock!

The divine ark is approaching “the veil” — Like Israel, God’s people will have a spiritual divine Ark. (Ex. 25:9-10) Spiritually and symbolically speaking the Ark then was a foreshadow of this last revival to the elect. We are going to get closer and in more direct contact with Jesus soon! The Ark and altar were 4 square. (Ex. 27:1) There were 3 things to be put in the Ark behind the veil (Heb. 9:4-5) Aaron’s rod which was a type of Holy Spirit miracles. (True ministry) — And Manna which was a fore type of the “true bread” (Christ) to come, and also the tables of stone written by God! (Ex. 32:15-16) The Ark also had 2 cherubic wings (angels) above it and was overlaid with gold! (Ex. 25:20-23) And the Lord said, “There I will meet with thee” verse 22 — And at the end God will have a special place to meet with us again! — The Lord did unusual things at Capstone, which were not planned by us! It has a “veil” in it with an iron and copper rod which runs right under it, (covered), it is surrounded in back by stone, (with manna) the written scrolls are beside it! These 3 things are similar to what God put in the Ark before, and one last thing He put in was a written message! — “Above the veil on top we have the wings which are in the Pyramidic Cap, and the roof that comes over the “little veil” is covered with the color of gold! What a significance! — Also the Ark was carried about until it was finally given a resting place in Solomon’s Temple of lively stone. — (II Chron. 5:14 and the house was filled with a cloud and great glory. “Spiritually speaking” the Ark is coming home”, and Capstone will be filled with glory and a mighty cloud! “Capstone and the veil is a sign” showing the Lord will meet us there! It is for the elect people to pass through, (the veil, the Ark of Safety!)

The priesthood established — The 4 square breast plate of 12 precious stones (Ex, 28:2-4 Ex. 28:16-21) Aaron used this when ministering before the Lord. This was a literal picture then, but now at the end the elect and ministers “spiritually speaking” will have the stones of fire (sign) in a spiritual breast plate protecting and going before them unto the Lord! — At the end God will send a prophet like unto Moses or Joshua under a dual sign of 7 anointed powers! Moses created frogs, lice etc. and this last servant will be used to create parts to the body (miracles) and even later may bring plagues on the nation just before rapture! — Capstone — “House of Thunder” coming into view, the royal family of God, the “true vine believer” is near! Amen. God’s bouquet

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