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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 57

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


A summary and exposition of unusual Bible mysteries” — Stay in prayer as you read, because we are going to travel into some high and deep places! We will start with Rev. 20:7- 8 “and when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosened out of his prison, to deceive the nations”. Then verse 9 says those who followed Satan went up and compassed the camp of the saints and fire came down from God and devoured Satan’s followers. Now these saints were not the Bride but were some that were on the earth during the Millennium, (the Bride was higher up with Christ then!) But we will explain more concerning this as we move along. Next in verse 11 and 12 a white throne appears, and the dead small and great stood before God. And the books were opened: and another book was opened which is the book of life. Verse 12 and the dead was judged out of those things which were totally already written in the first books which were opened! Then there was a separate book of life which has the names of the saints! The Bride is not judged, under condemnation but her works are recorded and judged for her reward! (The sea, death and hell delivered up every person and they were judged. Then verse 14 says death and hell were cast into the “lake of fire”! So death and hell must be associated to but yet a different place than where the lake of fire is! Verse 15 “Whosoever was not in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.” (Yea saith the Lord and My preordained powers shall not make the slightest mistake in numbering the good from evil.) Amen!

Rev. 21:1- 2 “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth. And it reads, and the first heaven and earth passed away and there was no more sea. And I John saw the Holy City the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven as a Bride adorned for her husband. So we see it is after a thousand years that the New Jerusalem comes down, while some saints were on the earth the bride was definitely up higher with Jesus! They had been raptured a thousand years earlier! (Rev. 20:8-9) In Rev. 21:9-10 it reveals this. The angel said I will show you the Bride the Lamb’s wife, and He carried John away and showed him that Great City descending out of heaven! Verses 11-21 explain the looks and dimensions of the city. Verse 14 – and the wall of the city had 12 foundations with the names of the apostles on them. — Our Capstone Temple also has 12 foundations in within its walls. Verse 11 says, And her light was like unto stone like a Jasper stone clear as crystal. Likewise our Temple has stone and “crystal glass effect on top”! Verses 12 and 13 also speak of gates. Now on the east and west side of our Temple is also what they call large gates for openings! They are not like ordinary doors, except we have small gates (doors) in the front and back! Verse 16 the city lieth four square, and our Temple with its height will be similar to Pyramidic square. Verse 18, shows a great amount of gold in the city. “The greatest portion of the Temple is colored gold!” Verse 19 reads, the foundations were garnished with all manner of precious stones. So also with our Temple along the sides will be filled with stones in concrete, covered with a white stone effect. (The Lord gave me the design pattern and I did not know that it would match all the above in similarity).

The river and tree of life — Rev. 22:1-2) Verse 2 shows the tree of life with 12 manner of fruits. It reveals 12 different kinds. Oh, what deliverance and joy! And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. “The River” is like people or the presence of God flowing through it. The leaves depict anointed covering! In Genesis there was a tree of life which Adam and Eve forfeited and if they would have eaten of it after they had sinned they would have lived forever. (Gen. 3:22-23) But they were driven out from it. But in heaven saints can partake of it freely. (The revival which will open now is a foreshadow of all this to come). For the tree of life is none other than the symbol of Christ himself. Verse 4 shows His name shall be in their foreheads. — (Verse 8 and 9 shows a mystery wherein John fell down to worship a great anointed angel messenger, hut the angel said, do it not, for he was of the brethren the prophets. Evidently he was one of the Old or New Testament prophets which had spoken to John. Possibly Jewish, he said brethren.

The Great Pyramid called the temple of light and Revelation measures (Isa. 19:19-20) — In Egypt next to the Great Pyramid, man copied and made two more similar, but they could not copy the symbols and marking on the inside of it which are called time measures and secret lines. And the Lord left the main top of the pyramid off so they definitely could not copy what was in that missing space! The men that copied the Pyramid then are just like the Organizations of today who have tried to imitate everything that the Lord sent. But they will not copy this last anointing and secrets which He is going to do for His elect! On the U. S. dollar currency you will see a “pyramid” and a “missing space between it and the eye above it.” It is this missing space connected to the eye wherein the secret work is! — In the mouth of two witnesses shall the matter be established. The late prophet on scroll #35 said he saw in a vision the last one, the 7th Angel (Christ) in pyramid form and was with the last 7th Seal messenger. And this 7th Angel (Christ) will spiritually reside at “Capstone” giving forth a message! The reason Jesus is writing so much concerning this, it is to be a very remarkable and noted thing! “Stay firm now” watch! He is near!” I would like to say the 7th Seal has to do with a lot more than just the above for in it is the starting point where in time runs clear out through Book of Revelations clear into the White Throne judgment! For after this seal, it sets in motion the vials, the plagues and the Trumpets. (Rev. 8:2)

Secrets in the pyramid compare to Capstone Temple — The book of Revelations pictures the Christian dispensation as made up of 7 Churches, headed by 7 stars which are the angel messengers to the churches. They noticed in the Great Pyramid there are 7 courses of overlapping stone which run the length of the grand gallery. (Called gallery of 7 courses). This corresponds to the 7 Church ages. Right at the end of the 7 overlapping stones is what they call the “great step”! Spiritually speaking the Church is now at that great step. And next to this “great step” is the “sacred chamber” (A little room) called the “triple veil” which leads to the king’s chamber! In other words the 7 Church Ages end at the little veil chamber, and new authorities claim the last dates in the Pyramid end in the middle of this little veil! (Some say it is 1979-81, others say from 1973 to 79 depicts the beginning of the end! Let the reader discern for himself, is this the last 7 yrs.? There is one more clue to this I will write later.) Also it is claimed that the lines cross in this little chamber “giving record’ and depicting the translation of Enoch. (Heb. 11:5) And the ancients called it the Phoenix cycle! Oh my, could all of this be a coincidence? I did not know all of this until God told me to build the Capstone in Phoenix with the “little veil chamber” next to the platform like the king’s chamber, where in I will speak, “time is no more”! Also this Temple will be a sign and witness to the Lord of Host (a marvel) on the desert. Man cannot break the deep symbols in the pyramid, but my message will no doubt reveal some of the symbols hid den there. (The 7 Thunders hold the secrets to all hidden mysteries of God!)

The little veil in the Pyramid is called chamber of Revelation — and passing through this veil signifies an advancement in revelation wisdom! The same will happen at Capstone and like Enoch they will receive translative faith which will spark spiritual fires everywhere! Also just before they covered the floor in the little veil room of Capstone, the Lord Jesus gave me some secrets and I put them underneath and I will not reveal them until later. I was taken into a deep dimension while writing them, and a revelation Key to all of this was given and was told to do other things that I will speak of later. — The pyramid’s rainbow Angel — The symbols in the Great Pyramid also speak of the mighty Rainbow Angel! The pyramid claims that it is this angel who defines the “times”. — the wonderful numberer or numberer of secrets. It says he was the 7th Angel and at His cry with a chief prophet, 7 Thunders uttered their messages! (Rev. 10) Identical likeness to (Dan. 12:7-9) “The pyramid also symbolizes this angel as the chief corner stone”! (I Peter 2:7) — Wherein all the treasures of knowledge and wisdom are hidden, but will be revealed in the 7th. Seal “in the Royal House of 7 Thunder (powers). “Capstone also represents a sign of restitution of all things! “It is here where the Lord will proclaim that there is no more time!” The Capstone Cathedral also has 7 ridges gently rising and meeting the Cap on top. Each ridge is like a Church Age seal until it reaches the crown Cap where the “light” is like an “eye” at night! All of this mentioned was not planned but only given by the Lord Jesus and this work is what was seen coming just before Christ returns! We know according to the Bible that the pattern the Lord uses is pyramidic and four square! (Also along each side of the gallery in the Great Pyramid there are 28 miniature graves, every one is open. This is a type of the resurrection but also could be a symbol of those who rose in Matt. 27:53). We could mention many more mysteries concerning Capstone Temple but will write more later. What I say to one. I say to all, may every scroll reader watch! And He saith unto me write, for these words are true and faithful and He saith it is done, I am Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end, I will give unto him that is a thirst of the fountain of the water of life freely! “Behold I make all things new!”

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