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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 55

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


Paul the chief apostle draws the line quite sharply concerning the gifts wherein the elect shall do well to take heed! — He wrote although one had all tongues, power and gifts and have not love and the Word with it one would be just a sounding brass! (I Cor. 13:1). He continues in verses 8-12 whether there be prophecies they shall fail; and whether there be tongues they shall cease and knowledge vanish, for we know and prophesy in part. Now we see through a glass darkly but then face to face, etc. (But spiritual love endureth and translates us! — He said “when that is perfect has come, then that which is in part shall be done away with.” Paul knew that young Christians just starting in the work would not completely understand and some would make errors while growing wiser in the Lord. Also some have taught the Bible partly but later saw more light and came nearer to Jesus! (But now in this next revival God will lead the Bride closer to perfection gifts etc., Heb. 6:1) — 1 Cor. 12:31, “Finally brethren covet earnestly the best gifts.” (But the Word and divine love supersede all!)

Endowment of power, the nine spiritual gifts of deity (Is that part of God in us which works wonders the dual nature of the spirit, salvation and then a greater measure of same spirit will work wonders! (Signs) — (I Cor. 12:4-7). There are differences of administrations, operations, and manifestations, but the same spirit. The gifts will work singularly, together or all in one service or even all in one person! (i.e. the Apostle). The gifts have such a wide scope we will not elaborate but just the main points. (Verse 8-10) Let’s rotate them some for better understanding. The gifts of healing, there are multiple gifts of healing, notice “S” on gifts because it will take different “gifts” of healing to heal many kinds of diseases! One person can have part of them or all of the gifts of healing. Gifts are predestined as God wills (verse 11). The gifts will not give eternal life only restore back to normal! Jesus the “Word” gives life! The gifts of healing work slower, but in cooperation with the gift of miracles healings happen quickly! Each person upon receiving the Holy Ghost receives one or more gifts, but sometimes a person needs to stir up the gifts by seeking a heavier anointing! (There are different “spirit degrees”. First salvation, then Holy Ghost, then seeking more anointing!) The “three stages” of each group of gifts are in degrees, like a fire or the sun getting hotter and hotter. And each one of the gifts can blend or overlap, merge and coordinate in their operation one with another! — The mighty (working) gift of miracles — This is a spectacular gift and in almost every case works quickly leaving a (wonder) behind! Spontaneous, dramatic, powers and even staggering explosion of wonders! Notice the word “working” of miracles like (creating) changing deformed cases into normal beings! Also like cripples suddenly walking (working, activating gift) — Like when Jesus raised Lazarus the working of miracles overlapped into the gift of faith and he came forth! Also these 2 gifts worked together when Jesus turned the water into wine — The gift of faith — can operate all nine gifts! Reaching the realm of the 7th. magnitude of the spirit, going beyond mortal reasoning! Stopping the sun and moon, as was in the case of Joshua! This gift will bring the former and latter rain gifts into a higher degree approaching the rapture. The gift of faith never gives up. (Elijah used it to call fire, Jesus used it to stop the storm.) The person who operates this could ask and receive almost anything! God honors the man’s words as though it were His own words! And a “person” can walk with “God in lightning” as it were! (Remember Enoch?). This gift and all the gifts will be working at “Capstone aud.” The above three power gifts can work together or suddenly one right after the other (and in coordination.)

The discerning of spirits – This will let you know what spirit is operating, good or evil. If an angel appeared the person could know which spirit it came from. (There are more good angels than bad.) This gift opens the door to the unseen world. And will discern the evil spirit causing the sickness in a body (cancer, tumor, etc.) Then the “word of knowledge” can reveal in the body “where” it is “located” at! Jesus with this gift knew the evil spirit in Judas. — The gift of knowledge discerns the secrets in men’s hearts.” In this way Jesus fore knew the names of His disciples”! It knows the past, present and the future of men’s lives! When Peter spoke about the tribute money, Jesus told him to go to a certain place and he would find a coin in a fish’s mouth! (Matt.17:27). The word of knowledge, wisdom and miracles were working in this incident! — The gift of wisdom, — can solve hard problems supernaturally, wise answers come forth (the gift of wisdom and faith is what designed and brought forth Capstone Aud.) Solomon used it in the perplexing case of the two women and the baby! “Jesus used it when He said render to Caesar his things and to God His things!” He used wisdom in explaining the Godhead so it would be hidden except to the elect! (Wisdom is possibly the best gift to earnestly seek). “The above work together as the three revelative gifts” The gift of tongues — is a sign for the unbeliever. One will build faith by speaking in tongues; it can be spoken or written. Also used for group edification if there be an interpreter. Tongues will give warnings when overlapping into the gift of interpretation of prophecy! — The gift of interpretation, this can interpret all kinds of heavenly tongues which are given, whether written or by voice! As in the case of Daniel with, “the hand writing on the wall.” — The gift of prophecy, can preach, edify, also warn of judgment! A person can have the gift of prophecy and yet not hold the office of a prophet. Generally a prophet reveals the Word and will know events of the future. Prophecy can be spoken or written. It should be said all the gifts are “prophetic” in that we see a small part of the divinity in action, finally reaching the whole part, “the gift of life in the resurrection”, (the finishing process the Word and degrees of gifts lead to) “You might say a little foreview”! — The above work together as the gifts of utterance, (vocal) — all the gifts can work in “different groups” or all nine in some cases, like the blending of “the rainbow”, but yet all by the same spirit! It is the degree of the (anointing) which makes the difference in operation.

Soon the saints will move into position — into precision and absolute unison in one spiritual body due to destiny and predestination. (1 Cor. 12:18). The Lord gave us a picture of this like in the vault of the heavens. Each heavenly body in perfect position timed to utter perfection in their courses. (Rev. 12 depicts this.) 1 Cor. 15:40-42). Finally in unison the creation and the elect will be one under the Lord Jesus Christ!

We must say in Part that all nine gifts were used in writing of the scrolls. (The “anointing” from the gifts of miracles, healing and faith were put on them). The Script scrolls definitely give one faith and deliverance! The word of wisdom and knowledge revealed secrets to me concerning Bible revelations and symbols! The discerning of spirits showed me how Satan would operate in the last church age “as an angel of light!” etc. At times “tongues” would burst forth and I would “interpret” them in writing (mysteries)! And of course the gift of “prophecy” has worked throughout the scrolls.

Dual sign — the Apostle during some periods is in a higher degree than the Prophet — but it’s according to when the Lord calls for it. There are “Five” ministerial gifts (1 Cor. 12:28) Apostles first — An apostle is actually a prophet, but is in a high measure of anointing, he can have a dual nature (speak and write, dramatic!) He can be known to have most ministerial gifts and all nine gifts of the spirit. He is sent in momentous and important times, he prepares and puts the elect in final order in “the age he appears in”! Sometimes appears as a revelator of the 7th magnitude. God depicts him as “a lion walking in thunder!” Judgment can follow in the wake of the apostle’s path. God often used the apostle to bring His final word on a subject. A prophet foreruns and generally speaks, an apostle writes or speaks equally well — Like Paul! (But both ministries are closely associated together as near equal! (I will explain more later) — In the last out pouring all the gifts will work at “Capstone” among the people. The 3 power gifts will work in very high degrees in the little “veil passage” also auditorium. — “Behold I will restore saith the Lord and will visit My elect lady, the closer to My appearance the more perfect she shall be, for a watchful eye hath the Lord thy God given her! But the “foolish shall be given deep sleep in Babylon”, but yea My own shall receive full measure of which hath been appointed, and will be covered with My love and anointing as the brightness of the sun! (For your cup runneth over!) Satan through history at times has imitated the gifts and part of the Word, but in this last move he will not be able to imitate what God will do! “It’s just beyond his scope”, plus so much spiritual love will be poured out he will not break it up before rapture! “Like an eclipse of the moon the Bride will prepare and suddenly leave! Some ask me what kind of gifts do I operate and how. When God appoints the hour to pray for the sick – Come see!

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