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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 56

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


The fulfillment of the last generation — (Matt. 24:32-34) Jesus said, the last Gentiles that see the “budding” of the “Fig tree”, which was reference of Israel becoming a Nation in 1948, that they would not pass away until He came! (verse 34) Verily I say unto thee this generation shall not pass away until all these thing shall be fulfilled! Here the Lord openly declares that all these signs in Matt. 24 will take place during this one last generation (which witnesses the Jews going home). (A generation span is about 40 yrs.) We stated that Israel became a Nation in 1948. Add 40 yrs. to this and you have 1988, but Jesus said, “before the period of the 40 yr. generation passed His coming and all would be fulfilled!” So it means it could occur anytime now or in the later 70’s. This is a significant sign and we are alerted to watch! — I feel without me influencing it, God will automatically write on the scrolls the actual nearness (season) of His appearance! And my opinion is the Tribulation and all will be through around the dates mentioned above. Let us take something into consideration, it takes the Jews 7 yrs. to cleanse the earth after Armageddon. (Ezek. 39:9-16) And if they do this before 1988 then just look where we are standing! Then the Tribulation would possibly be around 1980, and the rapture before this! But if their 7 yr. cleansing period started earlier or later it would change these dates some! (But we will be able to gauge what time it is by what happens at “Capstone” in the following years).

The 70th. jubilee — Sign we are approaching the final moments of history Israel’s 70th. Jubilee is definitely at hand! According to the evidence of Bible chronology this could occur sometime nearing or “in” the 80’s — but “we know the rapture” is before the Jubilee! — But first there will be a great elect outpouring, we will have an unprecedented revival before this! — The Apostle ministry will appear among the elect with an anointing like Paul had! And will take place at the time many churches are sleeping!

Positive and great changes — are approaching during 1973-75. From 1972 it will gradually begin to “ease in” and then later suddenly and explosively. Our date on scroll 5 and 8 depicts the beginning of God’s last warnings and the start of a spiritual move! Then we will see God’s master plans come into view gathering together His elect, as we move swiftly to wards 1977 — “The Middle 70’s a profound and significant era emerging!” Also the master plan of the beast system will begin to ensnare (gather) the fallen church!

The rainbow in Rev. 10 — is a symbol and promise of the fullness of the Lord’s spirit. A revelator rises in association with the “little book” of mysteries, the elect will know it! He will carry 7 powers and will be under a dual sign from God (both speak and write). The triple crown ministry of “7 anointings” of the “triple veil” in the 7 Thunders will appear to God’s people! The elect will be set in position and order! This special move appears from the 3rd heaven coming with thunder and lightning from the throne and goes right back before the throne with thunder and lightning, (the bride rapture!) — The pope has an imitation of the triple crown in Rome, supposedly a type of the true ministry, but the popes falsely usurp the very authority from the real apostles, and he is standing in the place of Christ as a false revelator — “But Christ will be standing with the real revelator in the 7th Magnitude” (brightness of anointing). Watch! — “We have had scores of “celestial eclipses” pointing to the appearance of this true messenger”. But the little elect will see and receive it!

The last world religious leader and the gold — Later a new financial trend and system will start in the 70’s. But the later 70’s are not going to work out as they think, but only as God wills it, leading to (Rev. 17). World currency and the dollar now are being devalued by high prices almost to the breaking point. Their money has become like a cancer, eating it’s value away “like a curse” because of sin! They have printed so much money and so much has been counterfeited drastic measures will have to take place. There is no solid backing behind it, “and the gold is being hoarded by certain individuals”! Speaking concerning “the money cancer” about the only way to get rid of it is to cut it out. And that means finally a complete cut out of the old money system, a “mark in the hand” is symbolic of working with them in a hand of fellowship! But the elect are marked by the Word and Holy Spirit! Amen! (But money has a purpose as it is used in God’s work) — No doubt in the near future we will see more gold hoarding and exchanging money like we did awhile back. Since writing our first prophecies I would like to list some comments lately of what financial leaders said: — Quote — The time will come when a man may light his fire with a $10.00 bill cheaper than with a match! We are about to be liberated from the bondage of our old money system which they want to bring up to date computer style. And are now ready for a checkless, cashless system! (end of quote) — We wrote craft would prosper during the financial crisis and there would be a type of restricted prosperity, 1969-71, (page 95 bottom of scroll Book). This is exactly what happened. Also that we would have financial problems off and on during the 70’s (scroll 33) — “Behold the king of terror shall appear in peace, but he shall scatter brimstone on those who follow in his path! Yea for hell hath coughed up a vile spirit (person) but the light shall be dark in his tabernacle and his candle put out! The confidence of his throne shall be rooted up in smoke! Yea the light of the wicked one shall cease and the spark of his fire shall vanish, his remembrance shall perish from the earth! And he shall have no name in the streets, yea his own council shall cast him down! Surely he will be put in the place that knoweth not God and where the wicked dwell. For I the Lord God shall intervene and rule!”

Nature’s pattern of chaos — There will be a gigantic destruction of nature that will take place both in 1971 and 72. (And World tragedy costing many lives is definitely going to take place. Screams and havoc rose, they should have heeded God’s warning!) (also watch Earthquakes)

Russia — will gain more in sea and air power! Weapons of great destruction will be on both sides (USA and Soviets). — “Discoveries in the sea later in the 70’s will also bring great changes to the world. World business will appear in the 70’s leading finally to a new system! Women’s clothing will continue to be a symbol of Babylon like the church system itself, naked of God’s power! — Many events and signs will take place the latter part of 1971! (Science is going to try to promote many things involving length of life. But the Lord showed me that just before His return, that scientists will go on a mad binge in the wrong direction. (I feel they will try to use parts of the human body to contrive some sub human or creature (half man, half robot! Watch!) — If R. Nixon gets the economy in shape and war he may run again. A magnetic change in Nixon would have to take place in order for him to be the wicked personality God told me would eventually appear. But a new leader may rise, if not in 1973 “then that one in 1977 could be” and that would be the beginning of the end and even at the doors! — (1972-74 a renewal or reshaping change will occur in the nation. This will involve religious and business change.) Several world leaders will definitely pass from the scene and we will see even more change! “A whole world shaping is about to take place! There will be several later stages of this, then the anti-christ will finally appear after and out of this! Momentous events shall prance forth! (Between 1976-77 will begin to bring on something different in economy! The standard of living will be involved, also the way people do business! No doubt world financial changes will appear around then or shortly after, and possibly the credit system will be changed too.) — The future space program will take on new meaning soon and the discoveries and inventions they use for this will cause a change in earth’s living. Also the men that control the galaxy will control the entire earth, just before or during the beast system instead of war they may convince the people this is a better way to bring great revenue and jobs for them! But actually it will be to get control of it for world dominion slavery and destruction at Armageddon!

Questions answered — Partners ask, who are the two prophets mentioned at the bottom of scroll #52 — One was the prophet mentioned on scroll 14 and 35 — “The last one mentioned is the writer of scrolls”. People want to know: who is the 7th Angel? “It is Christ” in an apostolic prophet revealing mysteries and reporting “time is no more! “This doesn’t mean a person is a literal angel but only that Jesus is with (His messenger) in personal “secrets to His elect”! I am not trying to be odd or mystical, but only staying right with the Word!

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