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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 54

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

Jeane Dixon the psychic — The break down of her prophecies: “are they in accordance with God’s Word?” — People sent me these events of hers and ask me my answer concerning them. Sometimes she is right, but quite often not in unison with the Bible. This is not written merely to judge but to check it in relation to the spirit of God. We want to help people see a more perfect way by staying totally with the Word of God! The world and foolish virgins will have certain insight of the world future and will have a certain type diviner among them —“But the elect” have it all in Word, revelation and spirit! Her type gift is allowed because it leads the foolish, or world and organizations towards the religious systems without the oil and Word! On the other hand the elect follow the fullness of God, the foolish seed see this during the Tribulation. -— Lately she predicts a beast and false prophet will rise, and says the false prophet will be in the USA. This one is true, the (scrolls) catered if years ago. But after this she sees another leader in the year 2,030 — a peace maker and yet a war lord. This can not be so because after the beast and false prophet (Rev. 13) the age ends. She sees these two coming, but misleads by saying more will follow. Now in the rears following this she sees some great wars or commotion 1999 and 2030’s but the only other one seen will be after the one thousand year Millennium reign. (Rev. 20:7-10) Scroll #9. But afterwards she sees world government going on for another 5,000 yrs. We will be in a spiritual kingdom before then and this statement does not match the Word of God in perfect order. (Jeane D), says Russia will join the USA later. This is true, but later Russia will break the truce and attack USA in Israel. Another statement, mentions China will cause a war, this is possible and may be one cause that Russia agrees with the USA momentarily. But later China will join the Soviets against the USA. (Armageddon) “Another late prophecy is she sees a woman president may rise,’’ This is possible, her timing is around the 80‘s, if it came one would think it a would be sooner! Remember, I saw a woman rising too, this may precede or work with the man (false prophet) #40. She says someday America will appoint rather than vote for a president. (The Scrolls revealed this is a great possibility). She sees in the 80’s a great star fall info into the sea, causing catastrophic earthquakes and tidal waves. This is possible and could be the end of all the age. (Rev. 8:10). But the elect is promised to be gone long before that event. ‘‘Much can happen in the next few years. If this is so it is possible the Bride may leave in the later 70’s and the world would go into the Tribulation in the 80’s. Jesus warns about setting ‘‘the exact day’’, but I honestly feel the 70’s and 80’s will tell the whole story! “Behold quicken thy spirit and faith, be ye ready for in such an hour as ye think not, “suddenly is My appearance!”

Entering a dynamic but yet subtle age — “space platforms foreseen’’ Long ago Jesus told me man would land on the moon. I also saw them circling the planets, but was not shown if man will himself walk ‘‘or by robot means”. I was told many things will happen in space and change the thinking of the nations. Men will find that there is some kind of life out beyond the deep! (But) it will be the life of God and supernatural natures of the Almighty! It may baffle man and just at the end they may fear an invasion, but not so unless it be God to judge the earth. But Satan will come down before in great delusion, he is called the prince and power of the air, and knows the secrets of sonic aircraft involving magnetic light beams! I saw man live in the air like a sky home, also in (Obad. 1:4) it reveals man would exalt himself like the eagle, setting his nest (space platform) among the stars. This is a compound or a dual prophecy written for them during that time and it also pertains to (now) the “end,’ when Satan would exalt himself like the eagle (false prophet) and put his nest (hatch his seed) anti-christ doctrine among the stars! “Stars pertain to “Christians” or in Satan’s case fallen stars). The false prophet seed will be among false Organizations! I see man will discover such ultra weapons to use in space that will keep making our protection system obsolete. The men that control the power of the “Galaxies” (heavens) will no doubt control the world. Man will also discover more about electricity and the magnetic field which will enhance them to greater inventions!

New age of culmination and fantastic miracles — will happen —–“both scientific and spiritually. Scientists claim a major medical breakthrough is near, claiming doctors will be able to grow arms and legs on humans. They have experimentally induced changes in the human cells which lead them to believe they are on the threshold of a tremendous discovery! The control growth of tissue and including regeneration. We are entering the cosmic age and they can only do this if the Lord allows them to. But I do know one thing for certain, God will create, things which are gone, and restore them again and by doing this will make the whole body perfect! — He said He would restore all! (Joel 2:23-25). This means “in sickness or” whatever was eaten away or gone would be replaced, spiritually and literally created! If Science is talking about this, then we know the Lord will soon be doing it instantly! — “Yea saith the Lord how could I restore the body from the grave and yet not be able to restore part of a body. Hear now! Yea I tell of a truth I can do this and yea even much more. Believe and ye shall burst with light! “People astounding miracles are just ahead and I know my ministry was sent for this very hour! Remember after every major revival that man rejected a plague of diseases was poured out upon them. Cancer, tumor’s and etc. ‘‘But the elect will be protected!”

The 7th magnitude (dimension) people and the “Little Veil” room — Later in history the nation will pass laws, concerning the healing ministry, And if a person does not belong to the world system of churches, he probably will not be allowed to pray for the sick. And finally may forbid a minister to touch a person in prayer or lay hands on them for healing. Nevertheless God will heal people from a distance! The law might forbid later a public showing of miracles (unless of course you were joined to the system) but later will even stop this. Now the Lord has put a “little passage” way alongside the large Auditorium. People will pass through and receive absolute miracles. And (this part) may not be used until the hour arrives concerning that mentioned above. (But also remember God does some of His greatest works in a secret manner! The light and glory of it could be so great it may be hidden from the people at certain times for special miracles as they go through the passage way! In Elijah’s ministry there was made for him a “little chamber” room and the miracles occurred and the dead child was raised again. (I Kings 17:23) The miracles concerning the oil and meal occurred too! Mighty miracles occurred around the prophet’s little chamber, he was hidden from Jezebel because he was forbidden to openly use his power in Israel (I Kings 19:2). But he used it anyway and left in a whirlwind of fire! (Raptured). This next quick short revival will possibly cause so much commotion in miracles that the Organization systems will join together quickly to stop it. The elect would have to work differently then, But this would take place just before the Lord swept us away. Finally I feel all who get near our Building will get healed! (Another great dramatic cycle change is coming near 1974- 77. I won’t say for certain yet but all this could take place before the end of the 70’s, “Behold the people of the 7th veil will see and talk in another dimension, and will be like Elijah was in the wilderness! Yea the cake he ate typed My Word and gave him faith to bring judgment and faith to be carried away! Ye shall have power as he did! — “Inspiring events close the Age out.” Amen!

The palace of the mysterious fallen King — in Dan. 11:45 it reads in he will “plant” the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain! The word “plant” means to take up or put down seed, showing his headquarters or operations ‘‘was elsewhere!” No doubt if Rome’s seat is left empty by fear of atomic war a “religious dictator would plant his palace in the Holy Land! This may mean build or later move into Jewish Temple. Paul saw him sitting in the Temple in the place of God! (Our “Capstone” Temple being built now depicts the Jewish Temple will be built next (soon) -—The false king from the Holy Land could rule the world by uniting Catholics, Jews and false religions! Rome would still be part of his headquarters. (Rev, 18:11-12; Rev. 17:5) depicts two great cities, one commercial and one spiritual! He would use the port in Israel for world trade, there is no central point like it. This would be his commercial headquarters (world trade) and Rome his mystical headquarters! Even if Rome vacates a Pope, a “religious leader” will control the Holy Land and Rome! That’s where the gold is. The false protestant system of USA would join also. It is said he “would plant”, take up something and put it in another place. Watch for this fierce king (seed of Cain)

The Melchisedec ministry is coming — (Rev. 5:10).This was spoken of in many parts of the Bible. It is the ministry of kings and priests of God from the seed of Adam, known as the house of the man child. This Gentile elect is from the spiritual house of Israel. (The “man child’ unite at the end in similarity fashion in the USA like the Israelites do later in the Tribulation age) God has a royal tribe in the USA (Scroll 53) which sings a new song!

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