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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 53

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

The angelic personage – Who is He? – His presence moves upon me sometimes early in the morning, sometimes at noon, but often more strongly at late night. It is the angel of the Lord God in the pillar of fire, to me as a messenger overshadowing me in mysteries. He is working differently now than at any time in the last revival! He is appearing now like He did with St. John. He is the first and the last. Now he will come to the elect Himself using voice and the pen of fire! He will be a spiritual cloud over them!

The heavenly figure – “who withstands the beast? – In (Rev. 10) we see Christ appearing in His absolute fullness to His elect ready to possess the world, wrapped in rainbow deity in blazing light casting off majestic fire, moving in a dramatic messenger to the pure seed! Verse 7 But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets. Now, in Rev 13 we see the absolute fullness also in the beast and he is crowned with evil powers and subtle colors of animals! This is a satanic messenger in his fullness to the world, of organized religion with his Harlot of Rev. 17. The pure elect is translated through the message of Rev. 10, and Christ will smite the colorful array of the beast at Armageddon (3rd woe). “I am He Jesus” and I shall bring this to pass!

The degrees of god concerning His church – out of the Church ages and the 7 Seals will come forth different groups in God’s divine plans. One is “Israel Jews” (sealed) 144,000 (Rev. 7:4). But there is definitely another hidden group of 144,000 (Rev. 14:1-2). The voice to the wise was go ye out! This group of 144,000 was evidently part of the “wise virgins”, yet separated as a very high degree of the spirit Bride. The first fruits and the wise together are raptured (read scroll #30). They are a part of yet a “separate voice” to them! (Paul spoke there are different just like the sun is one glory, the moon another glory, the stars another; 1 Cor. 15:40-42).Now the voice which cried was separate from the wise virgins who were grouped and asleep with the foolish! Yet the wise are of a higher degree spirit (oil) than the foolish and were separated by the “voice”! The ones who made the cry were not asleep! (The foolish were without oil) and when the cry was given (Rev. 10:4, 7) the wise go out from them. “The foolish virgins are part of the organized religion!” Yet they themselves are a little higher degree than the false churches, because the foolish virgins have the word but “no oil!” Later, they will come out of Babylon (organized churches) during the Tribulation like “sealed Israel”! The last degree that is left is the “beast seed” of Babylon with all the light being finally taken out, only darkness and judgment remain on the beast, utterly burnt with fire! All this is God’s way to “harvest” the first fruits and the wise, then the gleaning. He will lose nothing of value in “His degrees” except the “false vine” which never was with Him to begin within His divine plans (they are the system of false churches alone!) His first fruits can not be deceived! The Church is like a wheel within a wheel of measures! Yea these mysteries are only to those which I knew and called from the beginning! For I foresaw their heart and have chosen them to be here, blessed are the wise children for they are mine! They have no part in Babylon, Rev. 17. Yea who will believe? Yea him which I call will believe. One more thing, “voice” has to do with the Bride as a sign! The voice in Matt. 25:6 There was a midnight voice, (the voice of the 7th angel (Rev. 10:4, 7) My sheep know my voice. Notice the Voice. Oh how sweet! The group in Rev. 14:1-4 is called the first fruits (Sons of God); these evidently are associated with “the wise” as a particular group. They were called the “first fruits” and this would put them ahead of the Tribulation group or the 144,000 Jews! Notice they sang a new song (verse 3) but the Tribulation group in Rev. 15:2-3 sing the song of Moses instead of the new song! It would be more fitting for them to sing Moses’ song, same as those did when they crossed the Red Sea! The first fruits with the wise have more than just oil, they never lost their first love! The group in Rev 14 knows “His name”, it is written across their forehead. Notice there is a false written message across the head of Babylon (Rev.17:5)

The proof of his Word – Watch – we should blend this to spiritual precision interlocking chapters and symbols together. First let us place the chapters together, only God can do this! First take Rev. 10:4, 7 place it into Rev 12:5 then place the latter scripture into Rev. 14: 1-5 then you have the “voice”, the “Thunder” and the “birth” of the Sons of God! Here you have the pure word elect! Now all this is connected to Rev 8:1 that is why the “7th Seal was silent” then! He is going to do it now in the 7 Thunders then! The pure “Elect sons” follow Him withersoever he goeth! The group in Rev. 14 were on “top”, they were a very high degree of the wise! This is what the 7th Church Age prophet saw, but could not go to or place together. It is the 7th Seal secret! “Thus saith the living Word”, “the Amen!” But in a vision this prophet saw a written message and a Cathedral of some sort appearing at the end! Only God can do this, you don’t play with the eye of fire, “He is true” Jesus! Now let us follow the “Thunder”. First one Thunder in Rev. 6:1 then there are 7 Thunders (Rev. 10:4) after all this there is “great” Thunder (Rev.14:2). The “first fruit sons of God” are not the same as the 144,000 in Rev. 7:4; these go through the Tribulation and could not be called “first fruits”! Verse 6 shows the gospel still being preached to the Tribulation saints and Jews! The first fruits are translated, the two groups are different, and the one is a higher degree of the wise (the voice). The Lord is not saying that just 144,000 is all that will be raptured. Because there will be much more than this in the wise!

The 7th seal secrets in a message to the sons of God! – The hidden small group like Elijah. Elijah himself was veiled (out of all Israel he went only to the woman (type of the Elect) Luke 4:26. Elijah did not even know at first, that God had a hidden elect group. Always God appeared greater to the littler group! He appeared to Enoch and Noah, etc. and again as always before appears to the smaller group and by this prophesying what He would do at the end of the world (appear to a small group). And the elect will be the smallest group He has! “Watch I say, the others are like the sands of the sea, but the little ones are in My eye! Yea the King’s message in the Thunders is a royal invitation to her. What God did not reveal in the Bible in the 7th Seal (Rev. 10:4). He will do in His acts to the elect.

The house of the Man Child and the two seeds of Joseph – (the rainbow revelator) Joseph took unto himself a Gentile bride (Gen. 41: 45, 50-51)  And she gave birth to two sons, Ephraim, and the boy from the Gentile woman called Manasseh (and Jacob “crossed his hands”, when it was time for the birthright to be bestowed (Gen. 48:13 – 20). This showing the Gentiles would receive the blessing when Jesus died on the cross! But where are the spiritual seed and prosperity benefits of Manasseh today? Some astounding Historians claim that it is in the USA among us. Manasseh was born in Egypt right near the great pyramid (seal). Also it is interesting to note some claim that at a “certain point near the top” of the Pyramid where the top is left off would be a space near the point 12 x 12 typing the “number 144”. This definitely could be a type of the 144,000 (the first fruits) the Capstone people (the head) the high degree of the wise! Look! This group in Rev 14 were standing with Christ on top of the mountain (symbolic of the Pyramid top) – hidden spiritual tribe, the “Sons of God”. Amen! I restoreth saith the Lord! This elect on top are closer to Him and this is the order of the Melchisedec priesthood (Heb. 5:10-14)  Sons and priests of God! Joseph married a priest’s daughter! There will come forth at the end a 7th veil people! Thus saith the secrets of the living God! A chosen race, a royal priesthood! Joseph had a rainbow coat and actually showed forth his great ministry around the Pyramid in Egypt unto Pharaoh! At the end the Elect is associated with this same type (ministry) message. The Pyramid Temple, the house of the man child, the Sons of God! “Yea not even the angels have known all that ye shall receive”! The Old Testament Sons were around the Pyramid, and the New Testament Sons are associated with the “top” of the Pyramid which was left off! (Capstone). For I saith the Lord will be unto it a wall of fire around about, and will be the glory in the midst of it. Zech 2:5. Remember Joseph was hidden and suddenly revealed himself to his brethren in Egypt, and now suddenly God will reveal Himself through a ministry to the pure seed! “Behold thou has seen a great mystery, blessed are those which are called unto it the latter rain! And again I must remind you that there will be more translated that just the above number.

The restoration into perfection – Adam was created and was full of bright light! He had gifts because through the gift of knowledge he was able to name all the animals. Creative power was in him when the woman was made (rib). But after the fall they lost the bright anointing and was naked of God’s power! But at the Cross Jesus set up the motion to restore again. And at the end will restore to the Son of God what Adam (a son of God) lost! Also when God was creating the earth there were great explosions like “thunder”, and again great creative power will be restored to the Sons of God in the 7 Thunders and they will be filled with bright light (anointing)! God rested on the 7th day in “silence” with His message that later He would release to His Elect creation!

Scroll #53




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