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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 48

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

The amazing secrets – the 7th seal revealed in the seven thunders – Which gives birth to the Man Child group! (Rev. 12:5). First I must lay a pattern for this. When Christ the “Man Child” was formed in Mary by the spirit no man had “ever broke” her virgin covering. Then when Jesus (Covenant Messenger) was born He broke her seal and came forth! Then His ministry of miracles was (in silence) for 30 years (then he was given a book In the Temple,” Luke 4:17).Now in (Rev. 8:1) the mystery is solved, Jesus comes out of the 7th. Seal “silence” caped with a rainbow! This “7th Seal” secret bursts forth in chapter 10 of Rev. He comes out carrying the “Headstone Message” – (Verse 1 reads “And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven.” (Which means another mighty message or messenger). He had a “little book” (rolls) Verses 8-11 shows John took the book and ate it (read it) and then prophesied! Rev. Chapters 8 and 10 were both associated with time! There were no symbols in the “7th. Seal” because they were all in chapter 10. A message prophesying “no more delay”! (In Rev. 6) there was one Thunder and 6 messages (seals) were revealed, “the 7th was unrevealed!” But in (Rev. 10:4) there were 7 Thunders (7th angel’s book of prophecy rolls) which reveals (a message) the 7th. Seal! It was after the Thunders uttered that John (a type of the elect) was handed the book with rolls within! This was yet future for our day; it was the beginning of the end ministry. The written message in the Thunders is “to” and brings forth the Man Child (Sons of God). All creation has been waiting for this (Rev. 12:5).They have the manifested wisdom of Jesus! (Enoch’s ministry was spoken of, “less than any major prophet in the Scriptures.” Most of his work was hidden (Silent) he was associated with the pyramid at the time the “Capstone” was left off! Now the “Capstone” people (the Sons of God) are called in the Thunders! Like Enoch they walked with God and will be translated! This is the “Rod iron elect”, little is heard of them at first, but they are the most powerful group who ever came on the face of the earth! (Rom. 8:19). The prophet on (Scroll 14) His ministry to the wise virgins blends or ends where this group starts! (Rev. 10:4) The mighty Man Child in the Thunders shakes the earth! The message of the 7th Seal book handed to John gathers God’s children, also the dead live again! The strong anointed message in the Thunders was sealed (saved) until our day! The anointing now will be stronger than then! It contains the written secrets of the ages! The world ends in chapter 10. The Headstone Angel (Christ in rainbow angelic form represents the restitution of all things. (Finish) The book given to John and is revealed later in the 7 Thunder (rolls)! Read (Rev. 8:1) then turn to (Rev. 10) and you have the secret! These two chapters work together through out ending time! The 7th Seal rolls handed to John was “to declare” time “prophecies” (Verse 7-11). In (Rev. 8:2) we see the 7 Trumpet Angels followed after this mighty crowned angel (Christ). Also after John received the scroll book, “associated to this” we see the Jewish Temple come into view! (Rev. Chap. 11). Now in our day will God bring into view a Temple to finish up His work among the Gentile Church (elect) sending out a message? Let us wait and see! Read Zech. 4:7-11; Isa. 19:19-20) the same thing is about to appear again! Rainbow anointing with quaking power and secrets”! The “Capstone Pyramid Auditorium” is at the border of Phoenix and yet is in the midst of the area! In the same way the great” Seal pyramid is in Egypt! The 7th Seal is the “Capstone Seal”. It stands in authority and in the fullness of its hour, appointed by God, confounding the critics! “Behold saith” the Lord for I will proceed to do a marvelous thing.” Read ye Isa. 29:14) Behold then – look and see what is connected to this in verse 11-13. But the elect will understand soon! I am not writing an extra Bible only fulfilling it. – Before death an unusual prophet saw a vision of a large building or tent like place with a little room along side of it. In this place he saw the last ministry of miracles to the elect, it was so mighty he could hardly describe it! He said when he left this world (die) it would be in his bosom (secret) of what he saw.” I was told they put a Headstone in the form of a Pyramid over his grave.” (I did not know this until after we started building the “Capstone”) “Is this the sign left of what he saw”? I am not claiming or revealing (now) if this has any connection, I have my own ministry and God will direct it. I wouldn’t say one word to hurt his message and we want His people to stay right with the work he left. Let us watch, the whirl of fire is coming (again!)

Headstone Ministry – (message) or Rev. 20:10- brimstone fire – (Stones are prophetic!). Let us check what the word stone is associated with. First the end of world is connected to it (Matt. 24:1-3). Peter was called a stone (St. John 1:42), a type of the church. Jesus said upon this rock (Matt. 16:18) (revelation of Jesus) I will build My Church (a stone with 7 eyes will happen again at the end; Zech 3:9). Judgment sign is connected to stone (Rev. 18:21). Christ was the Headstone (Mark 12:10). Christ the rock, in the wilderness. (I Cor. 10: 2-4). Living stones! (I Peter 2:5). His body passed the cleft of the rock (Ex. 33:22) for Moses! Stone is involved in resurrection (Matt 28:2-4) unusual miracles is involved with stone! The 10 commandments were on stone (Ex. 24:12). The Elects names are on stone (Rev. 2:17). Christ the great destroying stone smashes the image at end. (Dan. 2:45). Elijah was visited by God in a rock cave. At the end the elect will be involved with stone again, The Capstone the (headstone) ministry (Luke 20:17-18). In Ezek. 10:1, stone appeared like a throne also rainbow in the stone (Rev. 4:3). The Bible is full of stone signs!

What else will God do in the seven thunders at the end? (Rev. 10:3 reads He cried with a loud voice. Loud voice is connected with translation and raising of the dead (I Thess. 4:16  (Read all of this before you form an opinion.). Will some noted prophets or saints return and minister again, appearing in foreign fields about 30 or 40 days before the Rapture for a quick short work? He said He would do a work that no one would believe though it was declared unto them. After Jesus died He returned and ministered to the elect about 50 days before He ascended, also some saints were resurrected and ministered to The Elect (Matt. 27:50-53). God is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb. 13:8) Behold I change not! The elect believed it, but the world did not believe it then. Before He returns great things wilt happen again. Jesus will give the elect the same witness that He gave the early church. If a person can not believe this is for us then how can he believe what happened then to the early church? Jesus said greater things then these shall ye see (St. John 14:12). Though one came back from the dead the world will not believe, but the elect who hear or see it will. The elect wilt sort of be caught up in a dimension with those, because they leave with one come back from the dead the world will not believe, but the elect who hear or see it will them. Those are a fore type of what blends into the two witnesses (Rev. 11:8-12).

God’s supernatural wheels of fire and time – The celestial wheels of God wilt be in the midst of His Church! Ezekiel was actually walking in 3 worlds or dimensions at once! Read first few chapters of (Ezek.) and chapter 10). He (Ezekiel) was standing in three different spheres of revelation! He was in the heavenly dimension, he was in his present age and he was seeing things of our future age. It was called a “Wheel within a wheel” working in 3 different time zones or spheres at once! Incredible! The elect will also soon be in several dimensions at once, heavenly spheres and earthly spheres, etc. Reaching into deep revelative wisdom! Just before the rapture they wilt be actually walking in the spirit, seeing visions, angels and the Lord! The elect will be transformed into God’s wheel within a wheel of revelations! God’s celestial wheels represent wisdom and knowledge, time zones and the future! (Cherubims are also connected to the mercy seat and judgment. Wheels and God’s glory work together! The Cherubim wheels can leap back and forth through heavenly dimensions! The elect is about to enter the dynamic heavenly spheres of God! Illuminating and incredible age is coming. The Architect put a large “wheel” in our Capstone Auditorium top to hold it together.)

The dead seed of Isaac returns to life – (in loins of Abraham) In Heb. 11:12 it reads therefore sprang there even one (Isaac) and Him as good as dead (and as many as the stars followed! (Heb. 11:17-19). God had promised Abraham a child, but at the end of his old age the seed was still dead, but God by a miracle gave life to the seed of Isaac in him, and though he were dead he lived again and through this brought spiritual and physical deliverance to those as the sands of the sea. (Gen. 17: 19 – Gen. 12:3). This was a type of Christ seed dying in the spiritual loins of God at the Cross and the dead seed returning to life to bring deliverance to the promised seed of Isaac! We are all from this seed spiritually. Little Isaac was a type of Christ being offered up by Abraham as a sacrifice. He also carried his wood which was a type of the Cross up the hill to the altar! But an angel intervened because Jesus was the real sacrifice to come! We know Jesus carried His Cross up the hill like Isaac and finished the work! Like Isaac at the end another miracle child will be born by a miracle, in the Thunders, the Man Child. In fact God will gather all of His different children (seed of Isaac afterwards! I think it not incredible that God could bring back a few of the dead seed that died, like Isaac, and live again to witness! Amen! You get in God’s wheel of wisdom and you can believe all of this (Dan. 7:9)

Scroll #48


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