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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 49

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

Joel’s vine in the 7th seal gives birth to the man child seed in the thunders – Real Joel 1:10-13 – Joel 2:23-25). This corresponds to the exact thing which occurred after the Lord’s revival to each Church Age of the past. There were two vines, true and false which were to grow together in the 7 Church Ages and the Seals (Rev. 1:20 Rev. 6:1). In Matt. 13:30 Jesus said let both grow together until harvest when He would separate the wheat from the false vine at the end in the 7th. Seal which is the operation of the Seven Thunders! Thus saith the Lord!” The true vine will be separated in the “rolls of the Thunders!” This is when the powerful Man Child (Elect) is born! They have the measure and fullness of Christ! It is the sun that brings every thing to a “Head’ stone Ministry (Capstone harvest. Mal. 4:2). The Lion ministry which can see in the darkest hour will finish up the mysteries of God! (Rev.10:3 – 4). This elect ministry will be a combining force of power (Rev. 4:7). The Sun clothed woman gives birth to the Man Child (Rev. 12:5). These won’t organize “this group is born outside of man’s system by true Word seed of God’s pure vine! The messenger to them is called the “rainbow prophet”, the messenger of the Thunders (Rev. 10:4-7). God’s Capstone of the one spirit in seven anointings will back him and the elect up in God’s wheels of power! The last messenger was to the 7th Church Age 1947-1965, (but a prophet now goes to the Headstone people the elect Man child! “This last message is so much like heaven it will not stay here long but goes right back to heaven with the Man child”!! (And ye shall eat in plenty and be satisfied and praise the name “Jesus” the Lord your God! – We are at the opening of the 7 Thunders (Joel 2:23-35). He now causes the latter rain! Verse 25 – He says I will restore saith the Lord what was lost in the 7 Church Ages! “I will restore to you the years the locust, the cankerworm, caterpillar and the Palmerworm hath eaten and will send My army among you! Behold saith the living God I will give you bright clouds! -“for thy seed shall be prosperous and the vine shall give her fruit (man child) and I will cause this people to possess all these things. (Zech. 8:12 -Zech. 10:1). (This is why heaven was quiet. (Rev. 8:1) The birth of the Man child, pure seed of God) was preparing to come forth in the Thunders. We are at the Headstone! (Pure elect) The false vine will go right into the beast system of Churches (Rev. 17:5). Also the cankerworm or palmerworm system will not eat this 7th Seal Thunders, because it is too strong it will knock the “parasites away! The organized seed mixed and cooled every revival of God, but they can’t this, it is the pure Word food!)

The 7th angel’s book (rolls)“And when the 7 Thunders uttered their voices (of prophecy) I was about to write! (Rev. 10:4). All the power of the mighty Rainbow Angel in Rev. 10 will be transformed into a prophet in Rev. 10:7 – The Bible speaks of angels with humans as messengers! When this begins and is revealed a new spiritual dispensation will start “latter rain” – We see in (Rev. 5:1) a book of sealed rolls written within and on the back side sealed with 7 Seals. In (Rev. 6:1-15) we see Christ open 6 Seals then stop! The “Word” connected to the 6th. Seal is “Scroll” verse 14 and then later He comes to the 7th mysterious seal and is “silent” Rev. 8:1. Six Seals were revealed on the back side of the book, but the 7th. Seal is a roll (little book) itself written “Within” Rev. 10:2 (Hidden). That is why heaven was silent, the Pillar of Fire, “Jesus”, comes down out of heaven with the 7th Seal book and will give the message to the elect in the Thunders! “Thus saith the living God”! Where the quiet seal is going to be revealed directly to the elect! In verse 2 we see a little book. Do you remember when Paul said that I wrote so large a letter to you (Gal. 6:11) he didn’t mean big letters in size but in volume at one time! Now this little book means “Little rolls” – little pieces “Seals” given piece by piece! God said at the end that He would visit His people line upon line and precept upon precept! (lsa.28:10 -11). The last message changes into “little book” (of seals) Christ gave the other message of the Seals at one time, but the 7th Seal is given piece by piece for it is gradually written in the Thunders, because it is going to get strong and very mysterious! Also in (Rev. 22:10) it reads seal not the prophecy of the book of Revelations but yet we see the 7 Thunders were sealed, because it was never written and will be written at the end of the elect. It must come unsealed! This little book of lightning seals produces tremendous explosion! John the Revelator was called (the Son of Thunder (Mark 3:17). This message (seals) goes to the Sons of Thunder! Manifested Sons of God – “first fruits” (The 7th angel is here with an apostle (writer)! “Thus saith the Lord”! Rev. 10:7 the mysteries of God should be finished. (I’ve been on the back side of the desert writing several years. Only desert is behind me. We are at the end! – I am on my way to “Capstone” God’s next move (the finished cycle).

Joshua and the stone with the seven eyes (Zech. 3:9) – This means one spirit in 7 revelations guiding prophet. Jesus called Peter a stone in connection with His Church. It also pertains to Christ when He came with 7 spirits (fullness). It means chief messenger! Seven eyes of revelation wisdom! (Rev. 5:6) This is to come upon the church elect (Headstone) at the end! Joshua had this with him when he led the children into the Promised Land (type of heaven). The Captain of the Host with his sword was the 7 eyes of power with Joshua! The same will be with the elect. Joshua stopped the sun and the “moon” (Josh. 10:12-14). This kind of faith comes only by the 7 anointings, the stone with 7 eyes. (Luke 20:17-18). This same stone stands before the elect leading them into heaven! Behold the house of the Man child is come! It is the one spirit in 7 anointings which translates them! Eph. 3:5

The great forerunner – a prophet of 1947-1965He pointed to the angel of the Thunder; – The messenger then started the “former rain”. He was the 7th. Church Age Messenger but he was not the 7th angel apostle of the Thunders! (The other prophet came in the spirit of Elijah bringing the mysteries of God but he did not finish them.) The 7th angel in a prophet with the “Pillar of Fire” of the Thunders does Now! This latter rain prophet has the rainbow Heavenly message of (Rev. 10) – The rainbow denotes the “end” of the “rain” to the Gentile Bride (time no more). We know that when it thunders we have rain, well that is what this last messenger and “little rolls” is all about! Enoch was the 7th from Adam and was translated away. We have a 7th seal “Capstone Apostle” at the end preparing the elect for translation! The former rain prophet did not reveal the 7th Seal because it is revealed by the latter rain messenger, “Behold the old passeth away (revival) yea the hour of the new wine cometh forth! Yea a new people shall be born and come out of the old! The sword (word) of the Lord hath spoken it. – When the lion of the Thunders roars the sheep run together in spirit! (Amos 3:8). Rev. 10:4 is one of the most important verses in the Bible, yet this secret is not in the Bible! There are 66 Books in the Bible, also there is 66 chapters in Isaiah and in (Isaiah 19:19) is where the Pyramid is found. Also where the sealed book is found! (Isa. 29:11) You might say what He does through His Bride soon is the last book of acts! (Capstone!) The last prophet will be a walking Pillar of Fire (7 anointings). The burning bush appears to him like Moses who wrote the first Command the other will write the last command! Here is what Jesus shows me – At the top of the Great Pyramid a space is missing (Headstone). Then, in Rev. 8:1 a space of time is missing in heaven! A space of time was missing in Joshua’s day (Jos. 10:12-13) and he was the one that took them in! And now there is an unwritten space missing in the 7 Thunders! (Rev. 10:4). Now all this space missing is done in the Thunders (Hidden) to the elect! (I am not writing another Bible only fulfilling it). The missing space is filled and the Capstone (Christ) appears as her head in the written message! Again like Joshua a missing space appears with the last prophet as he leads them in! The sun and the moon are connected again as before as the Man child is born. (Rev. Chap. 12) Thus saith the living God! Ye shall come forth as living Stones! (I Peter 2:5, 8) “and one more missing space goes with this, the new name! (Rev. 2:17) – new song (Rev. 5:9).”

The Angel with secretsWhat “one saint said to another saint” – Also the sealed Book -Dan. 8:13, 14) depicts a certain time was revealed to the saints concerning a particular subject. And this definitely reveals to us at the end that the saints will know a certain time (certain season) of His return and speak it one to another! Daniel wanted to know the time of end events too (Dan. 12:4, 6). Verse 7 shows the same celestial figure which was in Chap. 10 of Rev. and He told Daniel that the book was sealed unto the end, (but the “time” will be revealed in little rolls). The former 7th Age messenger revealed the operation of the serpent seed (Gen. 3:15) working (sin) in the 7 Church Ages, but he did not reveal or go to the Man child seed they were yet to be born (matured!) (The 7th angel’s “prophet message” finishes this! Thus saith God the “Amen” – The Headstone ‘Eye” revelation over the Pyramid (on USA currency) reveals a message (written) not just exactly heard. (Eye reads)

Scroll #49


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