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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 47

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

The man with the writers inkhorn – Who suddenly appeared with the ministry of Ezekiel marking the (Elect) of Israel! Notice in (Ezek.9:2-4) there were six: men with slaughter weapons in their hands ready to execute judgment! The first 5 men with destructive weapons were in similarity like the 5 Seals and plagues in (Rev. chaps 6, and 8) – Ezek. 9:6-10) wherein also great weapons were used to destroy! And the 6th man clothed in white linen and the writer’s inkhorn was like the (6th. Seal) wherein the Jews are marked (sealed) again! (Rev. 7:3) And in connection with the inkhorn man was the 7th one the prophet Ezekiel writing visions! And like the 7th. Seal wherein a silent message and marking goes forth again! Also world judgment occurs here. (Rev. 8:1-3, 7) (also See, altar here like Ezek. 9:2) plus Russia too comes out of North to slaughter Israel and USA at end! (Verse 2) -Also Ezek. 3:12 was a type of the translation!) Some of this is deep and more will be explained later.

Next moving into the house (temple of god) and the coals of fire – In (Ezek. 10:2-4) we see the writer go in between the wheels and fill his hands with (coals) of fire and was told to scatter them over the city. When the man done this a cloud filled the “inner court” and it was “full of brightness” of the Lord’s glory! This covered that day and was yet future for our day! The “coals of fire” depicted revival connected to great judgment! Notice also the ‘inkhorn writer” came suddenly on the scene marking and suddenly left! And now the Lord turns me towards “chapter” 10:13, 14, 15) wheels here denote “the future” and the glories of the Lord! It says the living creature or wheels had four faces each! I will explain this and you must discern it) spiritually, it has a double meaning and possible even more than a compound purpose! The first was a face of a “cherubim” meaning angelic or supernatural craft. And the second one was the face of a “man” shows the inventive stage of man involving aircraft! And the third the face of a “Lion” and the fourth the face of an “Eagle” this shows the English speaking nations was involved in this operation, and now another wise observation of the spirit, secondly I feel the next real purpose of the symbols depict the gospel ages coming to man. (Also Read Rev. 4:7 – The first face of “the Cherubim” means angelic and supernatural visitations! The second was the “face of man” showing him laboring in the gospel, although not perfect But laying the ground work. And then the coming of the face of “a Lion” which started the message of the early Church! And the fourth the face of “an Eagle” like the Lion it is depicting a prophet’s message, closing the final age in Word, Revelation and Power! Also these last two symbols depict the English speaking nations carrying their type gospel message. Lion (England) Eagle (USA) Ezek. 1:10 swift messengers! Chap. 10:16, 17, 18 reveals the living creatures and wheels involved in these messages and supernatural power of the Lord. These chapters of (Ezek.) were depicting the Age then and also the future age, now! Also this possibly even means much more than this, but these chapters are to be spiritually discerned, no one knows all the answers except He will reveal more! (Read Scr. #46 – ) Truly at the end of the Age a great moving is in store for us, miracles of creation and even raising of the dead in certain cases. There are already documented cases of this today. This type anointing will blend right into the dimension of resurrection anointing as Christ returns! Truly the greatest miracles of the 20th Century are yet to occur. Just wait I saw the Pillar of Fire upon the bride – Oh lf you saw what! He told me. Don’t miss next three (Scrolls) your destiny is shown at last.

The elect seed an absolute miracle itself, one of God’s greatest signs (the creation) There are 9 supernatural gifts of the spirit which testify that the Lord is alive, but there is another astounding gift which is one of God’s greatest witnesses that truly He is real! And this is the gift of “man”. Man himself is a great witness and sign that there is a Supreme God! Man was made in the image and likeness of God! The Word created him and to look at a real saint is to look at the Word of God! I would like to say gifts of the spirit can only heal, restore or direct but gifts “can not give eternal life”, only the “Word” can give life! That is why the Word comes first and gifts and signs secondarily! Also the light did not come first, but the Word spoke the light into existence, and the Word was from the beginning! – The Bible says, by Christ stripes you were healed. When they whipped Jesus (the Word) His body was opened, and you were delivered! Also the opening of His body types when one “opens” the “Word” of God (the Bible) and reads it he is saved and delivered by revelation faith! At Christ resurrection His stripes were sealed back again, but we will see His scars again proving this in the 7th Seal of wisdom (Rev. 8:1) (resurrection, translation)

Now as touching on gifts, Solomon was the greatest example (Read Eccles 1:16-17- and chapter 12:8, 13) -He typed the backslidden church at the end. Solomon was a man of almost angelic powers in wisdom and knowledge He was associated with unusual miracles. All the gifts at one time or another worked in his ministry. He had wisdom to solve problems and to build. He had wisdom to gain great wealth. (Read Eccles. 2:3, 7, 9, 11 and 12) Riches even unto madness. He had women of every description, he had over a thousand of them, he even had a great Temple of glory. But after having all these gifts of God he failed! But Solomon knew that if he had of hid the “Word of God” in his heart and had put it first ahead of the gifts and signs, he would not have sinned! He said all was vexation and vanity except the Word of the Lord which endureth for ever! Several men of God have already fallen because they put their gift and signs ahead of the “Word of the Lord”! I have miraculous gifts myself but I am told to always put the Word first. Now today the Church has wisdom, gifts, wealth and miracles and literally deny the word, but the people are in confusion and living many according to the world! But if the Church would have kept the Word solidly with the gifts this lukewarmness and sin would not exist! I do believe that Solomon repented and was saved because he was the seed of God! “But before this, in similarity, he typed the modern day Pope, he was associated with the beast number 666 (gold) (II Chr.9:13) Solomon had many strange women who believed in strange doctrines and gods! We know the World Church is typed by women. And the Pope has many strange women (Churches) with him at the end. (Rev. 17) With the gifts the people need the Word of God planted in their hearts, it is His “Word” or shout which raptures us! More would be healed if their minds were on the Word more instead of the sign gifts. “Behold saith the Lord, heaven and earth shall pass away (looking for new ones) but My Word shall not pass away!”

The Headstone Ministry – The world will have to except the “Capstone Ministry” of the last message or they will have to except the brimstone message of the lake of fire! (Rev. 21:8) Oddly enough stone is connected to raising of the dead (Luke 24:2, 3) and I believe on occasions this will happen in connection with the Capstone Ministry. God is about to send His spirit upon His Elect in tornadic waves of titanic power! I feel that God’s wheels of glory will spin over “Capstone” (see Aud. pictures) I am not saying this will be the only work of God, but it is an Elect major work of His!

A mighty awakening is coming to EuropeEurope and Western Europe will one day play a great role in changing world currency, and balancing World Trade, and soon they will trade much more with Russia. I see West Europe will cause the USA to do things She never intended to do, and will be led in the wrong direction because of premature decisions. (Religion and .economics will be a dominant reason for much of this.) In the future watch Germany also in connection with the Common Market. Also England will be changed and involved with much of this above or all of it. By 1973 we will begin to notice much of what is ahead and by 1975 we will see just exactly how all the formation is to take place. And there is great possibility by 1977 God will give them one heart and mind and before or around this time the beginning of the end could start. Also by 1975 an entire new communication system will come into view. Many astonishing events will also take place following these dates. “Yea saith the Lord for My name is great and I shall show the heathen that I am a Mighty King. For My feet reacheth to the lowest earth and My hand to the highest heaven. For they shall fear and know that I am the Lord of Host who hath made them!)

Scroll #47


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