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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 46

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

The prophetic scrolls -The word scroll means roll or book (is written on) .The only two places the word scroll is found in the Bible is in Isa. 34:4 – Rev. 6:14 – In both places they are connected with ending of an Age and judgment. (Important prophecy is associated with them). Rolls of scrolls appear for a definite “sign.” (Ezek. 3:1-3).The significance of what I have been writing is a final message to the Bride and pronouncing judgment on the nation. “Behold I will work a work that ye shall in no wise believe unless ye be called to believe it! Behold read Ezek. 9:11). Rolls are connected to God’s wheels of power also! The elect are marked by them in a message too. Divine revelation is associated with them!

Ezekiel 1:4 And I looked, and, behold a whirlwind came out of the north, a great “cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the color of amber, out of the midst of the fire.”Now” by this we can definitely see that something was coming for his day and our “day.” Verse 8-12 reveals he saw faces and wings joined together. Verse 13 depicts the likeness of living creatures as coals of fire! Verse 14 – and the living creatures ran and returned as a flash of lightning! Then in Ezek. 10: 19 – it depicts the cherubims of God and the wheels of the Lord, and the glory of God were over them! What you have just read show the ultimate in “God’s glory” to His elect and the ultimate in “supernatural and modern air craft” of men at the end of the age!” Now right in the midst of all these visions of the future something occurred, an important figure stepped forth”! (Ezek. 9:2-3) The mystery man with the writers inkhorn: “The solemn announcer that judgment is near!” What does he represent? Ink is something that you write with, horn means power, so a message of power was involved (Inkhorn is also connected to wisdom and knowledge) Verse 4 says that he was to set a mark upon the “foreheads of the elect” that sigh and cry for the abominations which are done in their midst! Verse 6 shows that all was to be destroyed that did not have “God’s mark!” The inkhorn writer was a symbol of the past, present and future writers who would appear at the ending of each age. He appears when the cup is full of iniquity! (Verse 9). The inkhorn man appears with warnings of God that time is ripe for judgment! He marks and separates the elect! The visions of Ezekiel denoted in no uncertain terms that something was coming to Israel and to the future world! This writer appeared around all kinds of “wheels of glory” and fire! He reveals he was not only sent to that age (the) writers type work) but to the modern age at the end! There is no name given to him, he was just a writer of judgment, woe and mercy. An inkhorn writer will mark and separate the elect again at the end. The visions he was surrounded with then will actually be real in this age! He was in the old age surrounded by the new age when he appeared! (Ezek. 10: 1- 5) reveals he was told to fill his hands with “coals of fire” and scatter them over the city. Verse 3 and 4 then shows the “glory cloud” and the “brightness of the Lord filled the house” (Temple) – He was told to do this after he had marked Israel! (Ezek. 9:11). Ezek. 10:14 no doubt shows symbols of the different (ages) or messengers which would go forth up until the end of the age. (Also after chapter one right in the midst of his visions of supernatural and modern ultra sonic aircraft’s (Ezek. 2:9-10) he was given a roll (scroll) message) thus revealing the same type message would occur to us in our day!). Lastly I will close with a vision of deity (Ezek. 1:26-28). He saw a man whose sides were on fire which was covered by a rainbow. He saw God’s glory then fell upon the ground! (More will be continued (explained) concerning the inkhorn writer on scr. #47)

The angel of the seven thunders – (The time angel) Rev. 10:1-8 connected to a Book of scrolls -“It is the lightning that sends forth the message but it is the thunder that causes commotion (revival) judgment!” Verse 1 shows him wrapped in a rainbow which means He is about to redeem His elect! The rainbow denoting the 7 anointing which separate the elect! Evidently the angel was to bring a special message by voice and one that was to be written, that John was told not to write, but would be revealed just before Christ appears! The special job of the messenger of the Thunders was that “time should be no longer”, (no more delay) verse 6. – This strictly looks like the same job the inkhorn writer appeared for, writing again, marking the children of God with a warning message “that time is up, that judgment is near!” His job is strictly to say that there is no more time left!” Yea I doeth great things for My children at the end, all will miss it but My chosen ones marked with My spirit and Word of the writers inkhorn! (This is absolutely a divine work and I make myself as no one special but all this God wrote of will take place at the end through the credit of God’s Spirit alone!

Michael – the great Angel – Is he the lightning figure of God in angelic form? Who is he? (Read Rev. 12:7- 9). It reads Michael and his angels fought against the dragon (Satan). It says Michael’s angels, only deity has angels! Also only God puts the final defeat on Satan, nevertheless it emphasizes he is a very important personage of deity! And in Dan. 12:1- It reads at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children. Only God through the blood of Jesus can stand for the children of God. Verse 1 and 2 also show that Michael is connected to the resurrection! Then Dan. 10:13, It shows only Michael could defeat Satan there, being called one of 1 the chief princes. God was secretly hid even among angels. Then in verse 21 only Michael knew more than that particular angel. The Lord often hides many of His characteristic forms. The Lord is even called the angel of the Lord when He is in angelic form! (Pillar of fire, the cloud, etc. (Ex. 14:19). When the angel appeared to Manoah, he said he saw God (Judges 13:18-22). Michael guards and sees that the message goes through and he is connected to major events. Behold who is the King of Angels but Michael!)

God gives the position to good kings and evil kings, true prophets and false prophets to rule in the affairs of men. They are positioned according to God’s orders! It is true God allows Satan to set his princes over many principalities but Jesus gives the first and final orders! There is no president or King given without His consent! The Lord gives divine gifts by predestination whether small or great whether they fall or stand according to His purpose! The Lord knows the name of each ruler which will be in position when He returns to earth! He knows the exact name in advance of each gifted ministry which will be here in their position when He returns! Behold the Lord setteth up and taketh down whom He will. “Oh that He would let me write all His wisdom now, but you will see it all in heaven (Read Dan. 4:17, 34-37)

The signs in the sun, the moon, the stars -The significance of the great spectacular solar eclipse in March 1970 – (St. Luke 21:25-26) reads, signs would be in the sun and the moon, and right with this it says that “men’s hearts will fail them for fear of dreadful things coming!” The March eclipse gathered world wide attention, what did it mean? First it was a sign that prominent leaders would leave the earth in, the manner it occurred. Parts of the nation was blacked out! Evang. A. A. Allen’s heart I failed along with other ominous things (he knew something was coming and the end was near. He worked hard, but to speak good of him or other wise would not make much difference now, but we wrote some things were hidden and would shock the people if they knew (page 126 Scr. Book). He was of the “former revival” (Read scr#7- part 1). A spiritual (cycle) change is coming! Now the harvest or “latter rain” is about to fall, gathering the elect! Some of the greatest wonders and miracles that the world has ever seen will take place soon! Some actual “living creatures of God from heaven” will be seen upon the earth over His last great move! The elect will see the “wheel of fire” that Ezekiel and the inkhorn writer saw in the house (temple of God! Ezek. 10). We are entering deeper dimensions of Jesus! The sign in the sun also portrayed a “spiritual revelator rising!” The eclipse effectively pointed that changes in world leaders would come and strange phenomena will occur upon the earth. Science called it the eclipse of the century!

Scroll #46


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