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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 45

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

The angel of the Lord gives glimpses of the end – the prophetic symbolism of the Dragon, Eagle, Bear and Lion. These four dreadful powers will appear at the end of our Age. The prophetic order of the four beast in the 12th and 13th chapters of Rev. 12:7, 12:14- Rev. 13.2) The Dragon of Rome will be the source of tragic and gigantic power over all Nations, (but completely the last 31/2 yrs. of the Age). These four powers will surge together for a moment to fulfill prophetic drama. Then afterwards splitting apart and erupting in Armageddon! The Eagle (USA) is involved. Not only does the Dragon represent Oriental Nations but also depicts “Satan” controlling Rome! The Lion is England and common wealth of Nations. The Bear is none other than Russia and its satellites. All four unite and make the terrible beast of (Rev. 13) But the horns in (Rev. 17: 16, 17) burns the second part of the beast with fire (Atomic) USA, Rome and England. I visualize deeply in the spirit (the Dragon) will bring great changes upon the world in a startling, cunning and unusual manner, between 1975-77! She will plant evil hidden seeds approaching the years 1973-74 but will be noticeable in the former dates. (1 looked) and saw the (Eagle) changing colors later (1 felt by 1976- 77). This could possibly mean changes in foreign policies and religious systems and constitutional beliefs! It depicts several more things too, the Eagle’s eye changed directions and was attracted off course, drawn to the wrong prey! The Eagle reached great heights (inventions and space) -The Eagle soared high and proud, but here is something strange he started mixing with other fowls and birds, something a natural Eagle never does! This is a type of evil religious nations. (Zech. 5:9) I see the Eagle begin to fall even during the midst of great miracles, but before it’s final destruction I see the hand of God’s providence appear. I do not know the exact date of this but it could be around or a little after the former dates given. (I also see a “bright dove” which is guided away in a brilliant light which is the Holy Ghost Bride, “the flight of the Lord with His own! “) The spiritual Eagle represents prophets (Rev. 4:7) or Nations (Israel, USA) “overshadowing wings” in (Isa. 18:1-2 depicts USA) Eagle types the “Word” (renewing life Psalms 103:5)

The lion – I see him who was once fierce and covered much ground begin to limp and was unable to watch or cover the ground He had before gained! And the Lion gathered with the wrong animals the jackals and the wolves in order to survive and feed himself! This is none other than England. I feel England will join the wrong pacts in order to gain in trading wealth and recognition falling into the trap of the Dragon and Bear! I feel this sometimes before or by 1974-75.

I see the bear – Although she is clumsy she rises over many nations and gathers much prey (world trade) stacking it high. This was obtained because the Bear hunted out of its’ own territory and was able to gain. This is none other than Russia involved in trade with Western Nations. (Rev. 17:2-3) But the last I see of the Bear it strikes true to fashion suddenly and without warning, Attacking Israel and USA after world trade! It is possible world trade starts after 1973- 74. I feel the Lord will show us before the rapture “nearly the date of Russia’s final onslaught. This (may) be before the late 70’s and the final ending in the early 80’s. I saw America eventually became a bald head, “bareness of God’s power and righteousness!”

Now the summary – In all this we see a great gathering of different terrible beast Rev. 13 with one fallen eagle (Daniel saw also the Ancient symbol could have in one way depicted the USA and England (Dan 7:4) Then later the Eagle is seen separate in (Rev. 13:14-15) We know God’s major christians are in the USA, but don’t forget true to form the devil will always be right where God’s children are in order to try to deceive them! So Satan’s image will appear in (Rev. 13:15) imitating the true Eagle (Rev. 4:7) read scrolls 5 and 8. This is why the Lord shows the symbols in animal form because just like wild beast they will fight over the prey. (wealth of the world). A great red billowing, smoke and tumult will rise high in Israel, but the rainbow eye of fire (God) will overshadow Jacob’s seed; And God’s saints will shine like the stars – Israel celebrated in May 1970 it’s 22nd Independence year. It is possible they have only 7 or 8 more left until the Tribulation and the Messiah. This would fulfill One month (prophetically 30 yrs.) in Bible reckoning since 1947-48 (Read Joel 2:23 and Scr. 20)

The rainbow eye of fire – Just before the rapture the Bride will receive the 7 revelation anointings of God! It will be the Royal anointing from her King (Jesus) Rev. 4: 5 The 7 lamps of fire will give her immense light for the Bride will even glow! The 7 spirits combined will be on the Bride like a “rainbow eye of fire”, (revelation wisdom) They will receive all this for rapturing faith, and the false church receives the 7 last combined plagues for destruction! (Rev. 15:1) The Head (Christ) will soon unite with His body (The Elect) It will be a supernatural miracle body” working signs and wonders! The Head (Christ) will tell the body when to move and what to do. The Head is the Word of God to the Body (The Elect) and they speak only His Word! All of God’s power will be poured into the Elect. (St. John 14:12) They will be in His very image even united as one, so close together that the body can not deny the head.(The Bride and spirit become one) When the head gets together completely with the body the rainbow anointing will break forth in 7 revelation spirits of wisdom and power! Remember Joseph’s colorful coat saith the Lord (Gen. 37:3)

And this gospel shall be preached unto all the world and then the end shall come – (Matt. 24:14) The Lord definitely tells me to explain this, even after the Bride is raptured the 144,000 Jews and the foolish virgins will still be preaching and giving a witness for awhile during part of the Tribulation.(Rev. 11:3) Also we see an angel proclaiming the gospel will be preached after the rapture. (Tribulation harvest) (Rev. 14:6) This is exactly what He meant the gospel will be preached to every nation and then the final end comes! But the Bride witnesses and leaves and the 2 witnesses finish up the gospel.(end)

What is prophecy? Some ministers say it is not to foretell the future but only for church edification. But the Lord said it is for both. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (Rev. 19:10) Jesus said seal not the prophecy of this Book (Rev.22:10) And the book of Revelations is also entirely foretelling the future. The Old and New Testament were books of the future. Christ healing of the sick was a definite fulfillment of prophecy (Isa. 53:4-5) If a minister says anything different he possibly has personal reasons and not true Bible reasoning. The Old Testament (Christ) prophesied of the New Testament (Christ) coming (The Word!)

Oral Roberts – The Lord woke me the night of June 3rd. and told me the prophecy on scr. 16, 19, 20 was coming true! Especially – scr. 16 -speaking of (1970) the cross roads! If you saw his T.V. Special on June 4th. then you know exactly what I am speaking of. Worldly entertainers sang worldly songs and gave no testimony. Plus they were dancing in the wrong spirit, and even a child could see this! Now I am not writing this just to criticize Bro. Roberts, but what will happen if this continues? Surely some day a golden calf type worship will be formed! Pray, just watch the scrolls! II Thess. 2:11

I saw something very vital coming after 1974 – It will be big and leave an impact upon the world like never before. Before the ending of the 70s, will appear a absolute revision and some world catastrophic occurrences plus unbelievable changes and stunning surprises. “Divine providence will control the shaping of this! I know some things and events that if I printed them now I possibly wouldn’t be able to preach for very long so the Lord wants me to write them later. (Be watching!)

Scroll #45


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