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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 44

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

Absolute evidence that the rapture takes place before the last 3 1/2 years of final Tribulation – (Matt. 24:29-31) Verse 29 reads “Immediately after the Tribulation” – also verse 30 reads, “and then shall appear the sign of the Son of Man.” -If one just quickly glanced at these two verses without reading farther it would seem to emphasize He came after Tribulation, but there was already a secret translation; The Holy Spirit proves the Saints leave before this, using many other Scriptures (But I will use just a Jew). Some people misunderstand these verses and think the Elect goes through the Tribulation, but the Lord will reveal this is not so, because they fail to read the last part of the next verse (Matt. 24:31) It shows a sharp difference! It reads and they (angel) shall gather together His Elect from the four winds (From one end of heaven to the other!) You see His Elect has already been raptured! (It reads from one end of heaven to the other, it does not read from one end of the earth to the other). The Elect was already in heaven when He gathered them to judge the world! If the Elect were not taken out He would not have said in (Luke 21:36) pray that you may escape all these things! (Verse 31, reveals a great secret! (4 winds explained in Zech. 2:6)

The revelation concerning Matt. 24:24-27) – It says there shall arise false Christs and false prophets showing signs that would almost deceive the very Elect. Verse 26 reads if they say behold he is in the desert go not forth or in the secret chambers believe it not. Now this does partly mean that some men will fail God at the end and go into strong delusion, but it strictly does not have anything to do with true prophets working miracles on the desert parts of the earth! Because Jesus and the Old Testament prophets worked their greatest miracles in the desert areas! But verse 27 gives us the real secret and the greater emphasis of what it means. It reads as “the lightning cometh out of the East shining even unto the West so shall the coming of the Son of Man Be!” This is definitely speaking of the rapture and we are warned at the end that some false prophets and false christ would arise showing great signs saying the Lord has already come and was with them on the desert or in a secret chamber! Also at the end a Pope or a religious man will rise and say that he is Christ and come and will show great signs! But Jesus said believe them not for as the lightening shineth from the East unto the West would be the way He would appear! It would not be in a secret place exactly but Universal! The Elect will see a “flash!”

The real test of the holy ghost who has it? – What other way besides tongues can one discern the infilling of the Holy Spirit? Paul the Apostle was not just convinced by outward manifestations alone concerning the Holy Ghost (sign). In 1 Cor. 12:3 the last part of verse 3 reads “No man can say Jesus is the Lord but by the Holy Ghost!” Most Organizations will not say Jesus is their Lord and Savior and they do not have the true spirit no matter what tongue that they speak in. “But the Elect firmly cry Jesus is their Lord and Savior and they have the true Holy Ghost, because only the true spirit will say this! I positively believe in the gift of tongues, but the real test of the Holy spirit is not exactly gifts of the spirit. Because demons can imitate tongues and other gifts of the spirit but he can’t imitate (love) or the “Word” in the heart”. The “Word” came before gifts were given and the Word is put ahead of all signs! If you believe (1 Cor. 12:3) then speak for the Holy Ghost is in you! “Yea this is refining time and should a man not believe this then behold he shall have no part in the first quickening power of My first fruit harvest! (Bride) -Oh! that men would believe that I am He! Ye who believe and have this scroll behold I am with you saith the Lord Jesus! (Yea read -St. John 14:7-9) For this is My Word!

The separating sign to occur – Be careful – Every Bible reader knows Judas fellowshipped right around the Disciples! Jesus said Judas had part in the Deliverance type ministry. But at the end joined the Organized religion for (30 pieces of silver) betrayed and killed Christ! Now watch this closely Jesus told me some gifted ministries are and will be right in the midst of the Bride working miracles when He suddenly separates her! “But some of the gifted ministries will continue on the same trail to Rome or the Organized system for pieces of silver!” (Nevertheless some great true gifted ministries will stay with the True Word and the Bride). There will be a revival among the foolish and a revival of the wise when God separates His children! Then you will see who is the true Elect by what direction they go! (Man’s system or God’s Word) Gifts or no gifts, Amen! The Bride has the prophet message and the “Royal whirlwind of fire”! More insight will be written on this subject later.

Two astounding signs to watch which will be seen and give us the secret to Christ return – Jesus said we would know the (season) but not the hour. I’m not proclaiming this date as His exact return but it will be near it! Before or by late 1977 the translation of the Bride may happen. This could be associated with the rise of a new and different type Leader! (I am shown two signs that we can be certain of and gage His return to, no matter what the date may be!) Sign (1) When you see Russia begin to align or “join the USA” in a “pact” watch! Sign (2) When you see ‘a new type urban car run on electric or guided by radar” – My opinion is it will be guided in town traffic by some current and then when it is back on certain highways the person can drive it or control it himself. (Possibly a two way car) Now some of this may start before or by 1975, (nevertheless when we see it, we will know He is right at the very door (rapture) Also watch the churches which are silently uniting!

Very vital and interesting events to come – (Except for 1976-77- 1973-75 will be most important dates ever. Ground work will begin to be laid which later will form a new USA. No matter who is in Office they will not be able to prevent it! “I see this work will be going on underneath, then later at the right time will come up like the rising of a submarine!” I saw it like this. Amen. Pray! – No doubt later the USA would rather work with their enemies rather then possibly taking the chance of being destroyed by them, fearing a surprise attack.

The future – I am lifted up above the world catastrophe (Armageddon) and all ages will be used in the last war. I saw children, young men and women and old men armed prepared to fight the last great war, as Russia and the Orientals came down on Israel. But some Americans prayed and united many people. God intervened and all was not destroyed, but it was the bloodiest massacre of all time. The Lord showed men what war really was. This time instead of a few men seeing combat all nations and leaders got a taste of the poison of war! God in His judgment forgets no evil!

Atomic bomb, not the final weapon – The Neutron Bomb is now being prepared. This will lead to worse calamity and inventions. The Neutron Bomb is not being created exactly to destroy great cities and property, but produces some type of ray which will rend or paralyze the people helpless. Then the enemy would then come in and take over a whole undamaged city. The elements used in making this weapon is relative cheap that some poor nations will invent and stockpile them (terrifying inventions is one reason man unites in order to protect himself). I see super weapons will become so destructive and of such dimensions that they will be able to destroy whole continents at one time!” This reminds us of Rev. 18:8) literally burned with fire (Rev.16: 19). The nations fell! It rained fire on Sodom and destroyed them all, even so it shall be at the end! Luke 17:28-30) Yea therefore just as I have spoken saith the Lord, perilous times shall come, and the whole world shall be in a deep sleep, but My Elect shall be given power to foresee the nearness of My return! And I shall cover them with My wisdom and I shall guide them as a man does with his only son, and My eyes shall become their eyes and My feet shall become their feet, and My Hand of power their hands and My faith shall be as their faith and they shall do great exploits and please the Most High and l shall take them away suddenly with Me!

Scroll #44


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