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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 43

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

Two dramatic and wonderful secrets concerning the (Rev. 8:1-Silence!) – In the beginning God rose up and suddenly heaven became silenced, and the Lord God said I will put man upon the earth. (Gen. 1:26) And right now at the end we see in (Rev. 8: 1) He announced “silence” in heaven again! The last Silence (Rev. 8:1) is connected to the ‘Silence’ in the beginning. And the Lord now says under (Rev. 8:1) He will redeem man whom I have put upon the earth (rapture). Two things Satan did not see. (1). The secret of creating man. (2). And the other secret he knows nothing about is when Jesus will redeem man under the (Rev. 8:1). Silence! Read Scr. 26-27). There is various other mysteries concerning the 7th Seal it controls things backwards from the beginning of time (Adam) forward to the ending of time, united to (Rev. 10:4) 7 Thunders and White Throne Judgment! (God speaks “Let the heavens and earth be silent for who is like unto Him? For then His Word is become a flaming fire!). The first Silence, in the beginning He created and started His work with man. The second Silence (Rev. 8) He finishes His work up (immortality occurs) with man! Thus saith the “I am!” (Ex. 3:14) “The Bible message was given in connection with the first “Silence”, and the second “silence” God gives man His last message.(Rev. 8:1 -Rev. 10:4)”

The glistening white garments -we shall be dressed like him! – Now in all history most Leaders dress differently than their people under them. But at this particular time we shall be dressed in White like unto Him! Only the Great Lord Jesus would consider and do a thing like this, to be like His people! Although the Lord does and can appear in various forms “at this particular time He will be like this”, (Rev. 3:4) “And they shall walk with Me in  white!”

The chosen name – God foreknew us before the foundation of the world! (Rev. 17:8) In (Rev. 2:17) – In reads God will give His Elect a white stone and in the stone a “new name already written!” And only you will know the name. Hundreds of Scriptures can bare this out but it proves God foreknew His Elect and gave him a heavenly name hidden from the beginning. And then upon the earth he was given an earthly name (Rev. 2: 17) shows that he will be given the original name also. This definitely shows that He knows each of His Elect as personal as He does “Gabriel” His archangel! And brothers and sisters that makes His Elect an important class of all ages! He loves us and imprinted it in stone! (Eph. 1:4) We were chosen in Him before the world!

The great rainbow revival coming which will surround and crown the elect with white glistening power! – The messenger shall suddenly appear in His Temple! (Mal. 3:1) God’s messenger and people to come forth in a sword of refining fire! Quickly and suddenly something great will appear upon the earth, the “Capstone” Prophetic Ministry which is the seal of God to His Elect.This last electrifying revival will be a mystery to the world and the foolish, but loved and understood by the Bride! As the “Pillar of Fire” comes down from heaven, the world will follow the golden calf “image of Rome”. (Protestants and Catholics united in one system). The last move will be dreadful to the world and glorious to the saints! The dramatic flashing appearance of lightning and thunder miracles will occur! Tremendous anointing is coming to create parts of the body, at times all will be healed! It will be unlike anything in church history, literally fantastic. Dreams and visions will break forth and the appearance of angels will surround His people! “Justified in the name of the Lord Jesus!”

The elect spirits which were part of god before the elect body was created – The real you (the spiritual part) was with God before it was appointed a body upon the earth through seed. There is a fleshly seed and a spiritual seed which was united! The real eternal spirit which God gives His saints had no beginning and has no end and is like unto God! That is why after death our body is changed into the inner immortal spirit, that is why it is called eternal life, it always was and always will be with God! And He breathed it into each of us (Gen. 2:7) Behold saith the Lord do ye not know this Scripture? Ye were with Me when the Morning Stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy!” (Job 38:6,7) Our flesh body came upon earth by birth uniting with His spirit which was always with Him! And when we repent (salvation) we keep this spirit in order to always live with Him!! Read (Isa. 1:9- Eph. 1:4) (Satan’s seed is a group, also the Lord has created a place for them.)

Was Jesus in heaven at the same time that He was upon the earth – Read this closely and you may understand a mystery of how great He was both human and divine at the same time in (St. John 3:13) and Jesus said and no man has ascended up to heaven but he that came down from heaven, even the son of man (Jesus) which is in heaven!” People for a long time have not understood this Scripture and some never will but it means just what it says. He was in two places at once! In heaven (in spirit) and upon the earth, in body and spirit! I am told to write only a viper would try to separate the meaning.“Thus Saith the Lord!” For Luke 10:22 says No man knoweth who the Son is but the Father, and who the Father is but the Son, And to whom the Son will “reveal it” to! And this He has just done for us. They are united as one! Jesus said these things are hidden from the wise and the prudent and revealed unto babes, for this seemed good in His sight.Yea prophets and kings has desired to understand these things, which ye have read, but unto the Elect it is given!

The future of the nation -the cunning of the lamb like spellbinder – I saw the nation of the USA go into a hypnotic trance in not too many years ahead. We will receive a Leader which will be a mysterious and lamb like personage, cunning and completely different then any before. Bewitching and fascinating who will charm the masses and lead them to doom! This person will turn over or put all the power of the USA behind the anti-christ and issue a mark (666) commanding all to worship his God of force! This will appear like a lamb and go out like a ferocious beast. Also a well known woman will be connected in all this. (For Pres. Nixon to occupy this spirit there would have to come a sudden change in him.) There is no doubt another Leader to step forth!

Fascinating and true mysteries concerning pope Paul –the significance – His ascendance to the Papal seat is strongly marked with the number 6. In spiritual things we know the number 6 is definitely connected with the anti-christ system. (A) The new pope chose the name Paul-VI (6) (B) Paul VI was elected on the sixth ballot! (D) Paul VI was elected in the sixth year of pope John’s reign (Year 1958-63) (E) Pope Paul was in his 66 year (age at the time of his election! (F) Pope Paul VI according to some historical records completes a group of 4 X 66 popes! (G) Number 6 means incomplete also and this could mean that he may not complete his papacy. Divine intervention may occur. The Number 6 shows Paul VI is moving in the direction of the world church which eventually will include both Protestant and Catholics. “These things portray Babylon the Great (Rev. 17). This will be the counterfeit of the true church. “If Pope Paul is not the final man then the number 6 shows us the other one is quickly to come!”

A world change prophesied to come – I wrote Charles DeGaulle would leave the world power scene, but when the people voted him back in, it looked like the prophecy was wrong. But to the amazement of the whole world with in just a few months following his election, he quit and left the world power scene! I also wrote that Alexei Kosygin of Russia would leave the world power scene. (Like Charles DeGaulle, even if he is reinstated, he will not finish his next term! The news since has stated that he has been a very sick man. But with his final passing from power “a great change will be inaugurated in the world.” The same thing (changes) will happen when Fidel Castro leaves the world scene. I feel strongly that all this happens soon in the 70’s.

The body, soul and spirit – (When the spirit leaves the body, the soul and spirit become one) The body carries the soul and the eternal spirit (Gift of deity) ignites the soul body with life, and it becomes a “living personality” of the spirit! The body (flesh) often warring against the “spirit soul” which is the real you! The elect body will be changed uniting soul and spirit together, (becoming Glorified) Then all the three stages of body, soul and spirit blend as “one” The same as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost united together as “One” (marvelous!) (Read -1 Cor. 15:40-44). (The soul is the personality connected to The Spirit)

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