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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 42

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

The great Pyramid — The significance of the prophetic secrets on USA currency, revealing the key, the scales of balance, the revelation “eye” and the eagle! First I do not consult it but I would like to lay a little ground work concerning the Great Pyramid (Only until recently has man understood a little concerning this giant marvel in the desert. (Isa. 19:19) establishes it as God’s witness, and it reads an altar unto the Lord in the midst of Egypt and a pillar at the border there of! The exact location of the worlds most famed monument stands here. It is the only sign in the “midst of Egypt” and yet at the same time at the border. (Of the 7 wonders of the Ancient world the Pyramid is the only one still standing! Many mystics and cults have interpreted this great stone to suit their religion, and they have done the Bible the same way! But this should not keep us from discovering the real purpose of it. The knowledge of astronomy and mathematics has not hardly even been equaled today. Science discovered by measuring the inches or lines of the Pyramid that past history of man from the beginning is portrayed upon it in symbolism. (Read Scr. 5) (I have written the above in order to bring out some valuable information the Lord Revealed to me on the USA one dollar.) On the back side of a dollar and at the left corner is the sign of the Pyramid and at the top we see the “capstone” separated forming a “capstone eye” with glory around it, revealing the “all seeing eye” of god was rejected! This also is a type of the rejected Church which is raptured in the twinkling of an eye! Now below we see the wide part of the Pyramid (separate from the eye), this depicts the large groups that started in the 7 Church Ages through history and as it gets closer to the top it shows how the Lord narrows down a small group separated in the eye to take away! Above the eye is worded “Annuit Coeptis,” interpreted means God has favored our undertaking (Elect). Notice there is no glory around the large bottom part of the Pyramid (this group under Divine Providence will suffer tribulation) Also the Pyramid denotes the destiny of the USA, showing the Lord’s hand will be upon much of its people unto the very end the “Eye watching it” — Notice 1/2 inches below the bottom of the Pyramid you see the words the “Great Seal.” This is a type of the 7th Great Seal (Rev. 8:1) where it was “silent” — the symbolism matches the “revelation eye” and the rapture (read scr. 26, 27) Notice the clouds behind the “eye” and clouds are connected to His coming! There is 13 steps or lines to the top of the Pyramid which is separate from the eye, (13) is the number of rebellion, and the USA will be connected to (Rev. 13:13-15) suffering tribulation. Also to the right you will see an eagle depicting that we are like Israel connected to the prophet type ministries! Notice too the claws of the eagle, in one is an Olive leaf denoting peace but in the other claw arrows denoting war, revealing we would have war and peace, but never “complete peace” until Christ comes! Now before I finish concerning the eagle turn the dollar over to just the opposite side behind the Pyramid, and to the right you will see a big “one”, and behind the letter “N” which is in the (one) you will see two (balance scales) and below the scales a “Key.” (This may be hard to see it is small) The KEY was given to this nation which opens the door to Jesus (Rev. 3:7, 8) This salvation KEY was given to us to take the gospel to all Nations! Now the scales or balances denote justice, liberty and true law! We were to be a sign to all nations in justice and the USA has tried to keep the peace so far. God’s hand is on the USA, but when she denies the Lord’s Word in sin (like Israel) the bad elements will take over. (Ex. 32:6-25) When this nation denies His “name” like Israel then she will become a fallen eagle (false prophet) turns to beast (Rev. 13:13). She will trade the true gospel “KEY” for the false doctrine “key of Rome.” (Making an image to Rome) The balances or scales will take the place of the Black Horse balances (Rev. 6:5) Notice on both sides of the bill the “ONE” this depicts the Lord working in all three attributes united in one (But — is not three Gods). Those who believe the former will be separated and go up in the rapture of the “revelation eye” of glory! Those who believe (Acts 2:36 and James 2:19) are very favored!! (Also there are four corners composed of 4 ones. This signifies (Rev. 4:1) “Elect translation”!) I could reveal much more but I feel you can see most of the mysteries. He put all this on a one dollar instead of a 20 or 100 dollar bill, being (one) would be seen or handled more as a greater witness! Also the USA currency is in almost every nation witnessing this very thing. The Capstone Eye that was separate from the Pyramid was rejected from the rest of the body typing (Acts 4:11 and Mark 12:10). All this was for a significance only a few will catch the significance, Jesus told me the best way to hide something especially if it is a spiritual revelation is to put it right out in front of everybody! Yea even this witness will be taken and replaced with another false witness (Rev. 13:15) Thus saith the Lord Jesus verily I say unto you this generation shall not pass until all these things be fulfilled.

The witch of Endor, the failure of Saul — the raising of Samuel — This is a supernatural revelation, was Samuel actually raised or was it an impersonating spirit? We will check this from every angle. Read (I Sam. 28:15, 17, 19) Verse 15, 16 — suddenly Samuel said why hast thou disquieted me to bring me up. Samuel also said God has departed from thee and is thy enemy! Satan can impersonate the dead, but he can not produce the dead (Seeking dead spirits is a sin (Isa. 8:19). In this case God no doubt took the matter out of the hand of Satan’s witch! The woman was possibly dumbfounded and surprised to see the prophet Samuel. Now verse 19 reveals many things, where Samuel said that Saul would lose the Kingdom and the next day Saul and his sons would die in battle. And Samuel said, “tomorrow thou and thy sons shalt be with me!!” Now Saul was backslidden (lost) but Samuel was one of Israel’s greatest prophets and saved, why would the two be together? Unless we say that it was really an evil spirit saying that Saul would be with him the next day. But it’s possibly different then this, I feel the Lord would have this happen to reveal there would come some changes later.

Paradise removed higher — Even in old testament times the bible depicted the saints were low, and the sinners were even lower yet. (Read Gen. 37:35 — Ps. 16:10; Hosea 13:14) Now Luke 16:26 reveals the secret. “The Gulf” Now Samuel said Saul would be with him the next day, what he meant was, Saul would be in the vicinity but not in the same location, because a “gulf” separated them! One was a false King and one was a true prophet! They could look across at one another, but was separated. Jesus gave the same story concerning the rich man and Lazarus! (Luke 16:22-26) It also reads that Lazarus was in the bosom of Abraham, bosom means a little lower then the top (paradise) Now! After the Cross when Jesus was crucified He changed all this! He went across “the gulf” and preached to the dead (1 Peter 3:19-20, 1 Peter 4:6) and then took Paradise (Old Testament Saints) up higher above the gulf of the sinner! So after the Cross, even today we go directly to a certain Paradise! Here is the rest of the fascinating secret, be sure and read all of (Eph. 4:8-11) when he ascended he lead “captivity” captive, and he gave gifts to men! Now he that ascended is the same one who descended first into the lower parts of the earth! He also ascended far above all heavens that He might fill all things! etc.)

Preordained decrees marked in the heavenly spheres God’s plans predestinated millions of light years ago — When god’s ordinances reach an exact point in the heavens it signifies wonders will burst forth!) He also preordains prosperity, war and peace! All things are established in the mouth of two witnesses, one in the heavens and one in the Bible on earth. (Eccles. 3:1-15 — reveals God’s cycles in the Universe! God set in motion the cycles of the earth and the Universe, controlled by His spirit! He preordained the good as well as the bad cycles! Everything is in motion and is part of God including the very Elect! He is sovereign, He set His wheel of time in time links and the end is clocked to it climaxing in (Israel). Everything in the Universe is constantly moving, the people toward life eternal or towards judgment! Most things are predestined with the exception of what the Lord allows His watchers to decree (Dan. 4:17)! He always leaves space for some changes or interventions! Even at the same time He sits on His Throne with all things prepared, His spirit is creating or moving through all the Universe! (Rev. 4:5) The Lord amazes job. Concerning secrets in the firmament (stars) — God says in Job 38:31 (to Him) — Canst thou bind the “sweet influences” of the ‘Pleiades’ or loose the bands of Orion! What does this mean? These are near the constellation Tauri, (called the “Foundation Star” symbolizing the “word” (Bible) upon the Earth) the ancients in Bible days called them the lights of God’s Chariots. This reminds me in connection of the immortal Elijah’s revival and translation! (II Kings 2:11) The divine Pleiades are beautiful, an immense sight, a clustering of 7 stars with suns rotating in perfect harmony and is a part of our own Milky Way! (God said “sweet Pleiades” this definitely in symbolism has something to do with God’s great spiritual refreshing upon the earth! Not that “the Pleiades” bring revivals but that when it’s sitting just right it is a sign of a refreshing (Revival) a multiplying and restoration of our needs will be met upon the earth, like it was in Job’s case! It represents the influence of spiritual beings (angels) would be with us! He further startled Job by saying in (verse 32) “Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season (the 12 constellation signs)! Knowest thou the ordinances of heaven, canst thou set the dominion there of in the earth?” He later told Job that his blessings and curse was preordained. (Job 42:1-10 – Eph. 1:11). Yea, I do great things past finding out, and wonders with out number. I maketh Arcturus, Orion and Pleiades (Job 9:9; Luke 21:25) – Like Paul I am warned not to utter any more for it is too great for us to know now!

Scroll #42

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