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Prophetic Scrolls 41

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby



The government of England – By the word of prophecy – England’s government and people will come to the fore front in the news in the 70’s especially 1972-73. Important events and vast changes will come upsetting the old ways of England. (I saw a dark spiritual mist in England’s society change!) Later England will go through tribulation, “a fire will swallow up much of it.” (Atomic) – God protects some)

World missiles – Advanced – The USA will wake up about 1974-75 to find out how far advanced Russia really is in the atomic arms and missile race! (China will surprise us also.) America will probably not be able to ward off an all out attack! Many missiles would still possibly get through unless America discovers a colossal protective system! Both nations see the dire peril and will look for “peace” as a better solution, only it will be a false peace!) In the 70’s we will see Western Europe planning to unite (A peaceful looking yet sinister figure is appearing). Right at the very end look for the anti-christ system to take all paper money and issue a type of “credit mark” along with world currency backed by the false system. The credit system will be fixed to change our society – I feel in the spirit the prosperity of the Great “commercial Babylon reign” will pour into view some times in the 70’s. “Finally having control of World Trade!”

The 70’s will see America beginning to streamline everything – (Including even religion). The congestion and over population will start this type trend in building cities, living quarters and clothing, etc. I need not linger long on immorality but the slinking serpent look will appear just before the end. The female style will be emphasized with the exposure of the lower back part and the sides. The trend is the going away “from” look. Right at the end only a narrow strip in front and back will be worn! – I am shown between 1974 and 1976 tremendous events will happen in the political, scientific and religious world.

Prophetic glimpses – Great changes in money and economics is appearing in 1973-75. I am quite sure this means a different type surge in prosperity or it leads to prosperity. One thing we will see changes in economics and a different approach concerning finances, lending, buying and selling! There will be another surge in the Gospel work evidently God will supply the needs! But shortly all money will be in the hands of Babylon (anti-christ) – Rev. 13 -We must work fast while we can. (This could be leading to the boom I wrote on (Scroll 7).

The aftermath of Korea and Vietnam – Later this could lead to the last great Asian war (rev. 16:12) The onslaught of the orient – The lack of food and for their share of the western worlds wealth will cause the orientals to come down on Israel and the world like a cloud of locust (at god’s appointed time.) Satan will put it in their heart to try to get the riches promised them by “the Babylon religious system” (Rev. 17). They will be determined to get their share by a plunderous war! What they receive from the World System finally just makes them want more of the commerce! (Rev. 13) In the 70’s – Japan will try to extend more political power in the Orient. No matter how Japan co-operates with USA now, at the very end Japan will join Russia and come with those mentioned above. “Many alterations will come to Japan and she will be in the headlines often!”

The lord controls life and death as we enter the cosmic age – Startling new drug and ray discoveries (laser) will occur. Man will even claim to bring certain people back to life after death. This may happen in certain cases like heart trouble or some rare premature cases where man stopped breathing for awhile, but they will never bring anybody back after the spirit has truly taken its flight! Because the moment one really dies the spirit goes directly to God or below! Evidently something like the above does occur in connection with the anti-christ. (Rev. 13:3)

Israel danger She should be alert. I feel before or after any peace agreement with the Arabs that they will still try a sudden bombing attack on Jewish cities never the less “God will stand with Israel.”

Transportation during the millennium – (Rev. 2:26). This will be a probation period for certain remnants which was left after catastrophic conflict “the end time war.” According to the prophet during the 1,000 yr. reign on earth people of the world will go up to Jerusalem to worship once a year. (Zech. 14:16-17). This would be utterly impossible with out some kind of huge swift space craft, (possibly some new gravity free super sonic or atomic craft!) Never the less the Lord may supply the transportation, “He has supernatural craft” (Ps. 68: 17). Also the prophet saw some planes that looked “round like a cloud too”! Isa. 60:8). The question asks, who are these people left? No doubt they were left after Atomic war during this 1,000 yr. period. Satan is sealed in the pit (Rev. 20: 1-3). Then at the end of this period he is released from the pit. (Rev. 20: 7-9). It doesn’t matter where these people came from they were just there! Some could have been from goat nations who never had a chance to hear the gospel, the others from the sheep nations! (Matt. 25:31-36). The rapture has long taken place and the saints’ job will be to teach them the gospel. (Isa. 11:9- Isa. 2:2-3). Isa.11:9. Isa. 2:2-3. Some of these people will live to be nearly 1,000 yrs. old and raise children! (Isa. 65:20-22). Remember this mysterious group starts and finishes before the White Throne Judgment! (Rev. 20:11-12). Evidently after all the harvests this group is the Lords gleaning remnants. Nothing shall be lost that is His! God’s mercy is beyond us. Read (Isa. 30:26 -Isa, 2:4). All of the Lord’s children are predestined – (and all of Satan’s children are foreknown!) Review of events in perfect order (Luke 21:36) -(1) rapture – (2) tribulation and Armageddon -(3) 1,000 years millennium -(4) the white throne judgment then after all this (5) –“The new heavens and new earth appear,” and we shall be with the lord forever! (Rev. 21:1-2)

Hell burst wide open for Christ – After his death his power flashed in every direction! (The keys Rev. 1:18) – Here is the Scripture which reveals this, (I Peter 3:18-20). “By which also He went and preached unto the spirits in prison. For this cause is the Gospel preached also to them that are dead! (I Peter 4:6). With an intense commanding light Jesus opened the prison of hell. The former Scripture says “These were the people of Noah’s day”! There were millions of people upon the earth and possibly only one righteous preacher and it was Noah! Possibly all never had a chance to hear the message. Also those in prison (hell) had heard through prophecy the Messiah would come, and Christ went down revealing He surely had come! Does this mean a few of those of the flood will have a chance? Or for those during the ages before this who had never heard of Christ? It also shows some things were changed and transferred higher after the Cross! I am warned by the Lord not to venture any deeper now. Read (Acts 2:25-27). Next Scr. 42 I will write more in connection with this fascinating subject.

The lord Jesus preserves and records the faithful prayers of his children in golden vials! (Rev. 5:8) reveals these are the prayers of the saints! This shows no real true prayer made in earnest is lost. – And it reads the smoke of the incense which came with the prayers of the saints ascended up before God out of the angel’s hand! (Rev. 8:3-4). It depicts the tremendous importance that God puts on our prayers! When we pray for our healing or the salvation of a loved one, even if faith is not high at that time the Lord saves the prayer until the level of faith is higher for the miracle to happen, “but He never forgets”! The prayers are especially kept in golden vials until the right moment. If answer is not given instantly then later on it will take place gradually, nothing is wasted. A startling revelation! The angel offered the prayers of the saints upon the altar (Rev. 8:3-4). Every prayer you wrote in the will of God to me will in one way or another be answered, “for at some time you will have just the measure of faith!” – “Behold saith the Lord Jesus this is the hour of which I have spoken I would gather My chosen Sheep by name! Yea they will turn in and follow Me, Yea they be but few but they will be powerful! I have with held many wonders until now and I will release them unto My Elect, for in them I have put a desire yea to know the deep things of God. I have spoken that the spirit shall show you things to come; yea the mighty secrets of the Lord shall appear in this last hour of prophecy! “Behold run little ones, run into the sanctuary of My Word and ye shall be clothed with sudden power”, but the nations shall be covered with astonishment. Yea I am writing, this is the last time and signs, and My Elect shall be given the last signal!!


41 Prophetic Scroll 

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