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Prophetic Scrolls 40

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


The former and latter rain – The harvest rain shall fall like drops of fire! (Joel 2:23) we have been in the noted part of the “former rain” since about 1946-47 in connection with the last salvation and healing revivals, known as the “teaching rain” which planted different seeds, the wise, the foolish and the world together as it were! The latter rain of rapturing faith is next called the “harvest-rain” this will bring His full Word and Power, creative Miracles, visions, raising of the dead, etc. This is associated or in conjunction with the 7th Seal (Rev. 8:1- Rev. 10:4) and the 7 Thunders outpouring (God’s eye of fire and revelation power). This deluge of the spirit will separate the Bride seed from the other seeds planted, giving translative faith to the Elect, at the same time bringing judgment on the world! During the last revival “Former Rain,” seeds were planted, now suddenly Jesus is going to ripen it (bring them to a head) sunning it with His anointed faith. Separating them from the foolish and world calling His Elect unto Himself! I saw it like this, in farming the first rains that come slowly prepares the crop -“The former rain” Then just at harvest time the last rain appears and ripens the crop quickly, called last or latter rain! Next the wheat is separated from the Chaff (brought in) this is like unto God’s Kingdom! The Latter Rain starts just about the time the organizations will unite directly or indirectly. Simultaneously Jesus will visit His Elect in the most powerful way, this occurs right before the mark 666 is instigated, (the Elect escape it). But all the church Councils unite suddenly so the foolish can’t get the “oil” (Matt. 25:8). They keep her away from this until the Tribulation starts, then the foolish virgins see their mistake. Satan is cunning and well knows just about the time the “final latter Harvest Rain” starts. At that moment Satan will cause the dead churches to unite “away” not mixing in it. Amen! But the wise stay with God! Lot (foolish) went right in, but not Abraham (Gen. 13:12-14). The “Harvest Rain” starts in the 70’s but will this lapse over into the 80’s? The Tribulation rain of judgment possibly will, but the Bride Revival probably will not cross over into the 80’s! The Former Rain lasted from 1946-47 to about 1965-67. We have had a lull between 1965 until now, the Harvest Rain can start anytime soon. It will be short and quick! The first revival lasted around 20 years before its’ lull, the Latter Rain Revival” will not last as long because the Bible says it will be a quick short work. The Former blends now with the Latter rain providing a greater anointing!

1971 the “first glimpse of the dark hour ahead for the later 70’s – 1971 will be a crisis year in many ways at that time one will begin to see only part of the great unprecedented changes which is still a little over the horizon. We will begin to notice the starting of a strange situation in this nation (1972-73 will be talk of trade also of congestion and over crowding). I foresee later what will bring some unusual changes to the USA; it is the population expansion and universal air pollution. This will promote a startling new type of car and transportation. Planning starts in the 70’s! (Right after I wrote this the President made a speech concerning this!) Along with these two subjects will cause a change in industry. For the future new highway systems will come into being, and new cities springing up, the sea also will be involved greatly with mankind soon! Around or after 1973 – 75 new frontiers for industry will usher forth from the Government. Sometimes in the 70’s or just before Jesus appears I saw a complete new phase in living process unfold for the people of the USA, along with this came new kind of evil and entertainment. I watched signs pointing to the fact this is the last fateful generation of this age of doom! Some dramatic events are marked for the 70’s.

The middle 70’s – Some astonishing events are yet to come! ” Amazed and startled I saw the years 1974-75 – A subtle change along with startling understanding of complex things (evil wisdom) worsening by 1977. During this period will be confrontation, unrest, confusion and turbulence in the world! This will lead later to some kind of religious fervor or great happening. Then after 1975 people will see the delusion settling around them! Many could not break free they waited too long in sin. We will be entering into the presence of the turning point of human affairs in 1974-75 leading into disaster of enormous scale! I feel strongly in the latter 70s our elective system will completely change (while writing this late at night in my room I am also receiving something to do with the World Market and USA business exchange! It is important I am shown the years 1976-77). The Church might well be gone or preparing to leave by that time! I dare say the 70’s will bring political upheavals of such unprecedented nature and magnitude, the world will shout desperately for super control or world Government, finally producing the anti-christ as he regulates and controls the economic world by allowing none to buy or sell without his mark. Economics and money is finally what makes the people lean into the wrong hands! From what I visualize it would take a divine miracle for the Elect to be here by the ending of the 1970’s! Remarkable look 1970-1980 is also the 7th decade of this century-‘the lord thundered this scripture shall be the case of the usa, read it -“job 3:25-26) – the most violent quakes yet in all history yet to come – mighty storms, devastating winds and great disturbances are foreseen for this last generation!

A deeper look into the future – Around or after 1975 famine is going to cause unrest in many parts of the world. Violent internal disturbances also will occur. In not too many years racial problems will return again over many parts of the Globe. After 1975 the beginning of severe holocaust a tumult will come with powerful warnings from God! The Angel spoke after this date rapid events would happen and startle the world!

Out of the pit” – satan will advance 1971-75 – (but only as god permits) -satan will make some cunning moves 1971 forward, at first it will not be so openly but as prophecy leaps forward i see him make some outward moves. There is coming another youth change during this period, later in the maturing of this they made the wrong choice and decision concerning the nation! Coupled with these dates many spell binders will rise leading scores away! As Satan’s power will go into deeper dimensions and strong delusion! He will go forth releasing full vent up fury after 1975 seducing the masses, “His spirit also forming strong groups”, intoxicating men with immense delusion! Multitudes of the carnal church become his most ripe field after “denying the Lords Word and Power! I understood at times he even made it look like he had more power than the true children of God, but it was false miracles.” Jesus spoke “My children will do greater exploits then he!” Near the very end Satan will cause some of his incarnate followers to disappear and reappear as one of his wonders! He will try to go forth with great marvel, signs and wonders because from that date forward his time is short. He will call for more spirits out of the pit (Rev. 9:11). He will enter a new depth with more magnetism attracting his key men! Watch from 1974-77 (strange phenomena is coming climaxed in tremendous proportion!)

Divine foresight -god’s last prophetic hour – A prophetic hour according to god’s revelation clock is “15 prophetic years!” The former prophetic hour ended about 1967-69! It is my firm opinion that we have already started a new and last prophetic hour! I am also persuaded God’s Bride Church will leave sometimes within or during this last prophetic hour! (Of 15 years) Also the end of the world is apparently destined to climax in this last hour cycle! The number 8 or 1980’s means new beginning or new age!

The man behind the scenes – The political organization that leads to the false prophet – in the back ground lurks a subtle man with tremendous influence at his disposal, he has a grip on all the vital places, ruling a large portion of this country under cover! I am not told if he will continue but his political machine will. – (Will Pres. Nixon later come under this power and be a marked man?) Even if this other person does not appear into power his political organization will put in another person! This political system will finally overwhelm the Government of the USA, and it will eventually blend into another power – (religion – Catholic, Protestant). Out of this ushers forth the false prophet ruler! (Later a woman ruler will rise before or with this last false prophet statesman) -Women soon will receive more power. There is coming what is to be called a women’s revolution. – The scrolls will give the final answer to this and the end. It looks like only a few years remain and the harvest will end! The Bride is privileged to have the Scripts as a time guide so she can make herself ready, as God measures the time! The cycles and dates converging and interlocking together in astounding fashion prove we are in the hands of Divine Providence!

40 Prophetic Scroll 

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