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Prophetic Scrolls 39

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


The record books and the lamb’s book of life – the throne (Rev. 20:11-12, Rom. 9:11). He who occupies this seat is the all seeing Lord the eternal Godhead! He sits in His dreadfulness in His dramatic almightiness, ready to judge. The earth and heavens fall back before Him. The books are opened! (Rev. 20:12-15). The explosive light of truth flashes forth! Heaven certainly keeps books, one of “the good deeds” and one of “the bad deeds”, (and what one has given or sacrificed). The Bride does not come under judgment but her deeds are recorded. And the Bride will help judge (I Cor. 6:2-3). The wicked will be judged by what is written in the book, then he will stand speechless before God because His record is perfect nothing is missed. Every idle word or thought is recorded (Matt. 12:36, 37). Those who lived in various periods of history will be there, not a single person is missing! There will be an account of those born dead; those that were born crippled will stand before Him also, in newness. Now, another book is opened, the “Book Of Life” and whosoever is not found written there in is cast into the lake of fire (Rev. 20:15). The Elect of God had their names in the Book of Life before the foundation of the world! (Rev. 13:8). Also the foolish virgins who came through Tribulation also have their names’ in the “Book of Life” (Rev. 17:8). Some names are blotted out! (Ex. 32:32-33; Rev. 3:5). And still others who worshiped the beast never will or never have been written in the Book of Life (Rev. 13:8). Now God shows me to write something which has puzzled the church, here it is -We will touch on those who have had their name removed. One might wonder why did He put their names there if He later removes them. One reason He has a record of them and the lost too! Those who went back and never repented again, also those of the world system of churches who fight the Bride will have their name removed! ) Now next we are really going to get into something deep, but it is “Thus Saith The Lord” people could never understand this Scripture where the Lord said -“In that day many would cast out devils and I do many mighty wonders, and the Lord would say depart from Me I never knew you!” (St. Matt 7:22-23). This pertains to some Organizations who left God and the Judas type gifted ministry, who once worked miracles but sinned against God and fell without repenting again! (Balaam and Judas, etc.) This covers the men all down through the ages who started with God, but in the end fail God! It covers Organizations who started with God and had miracles, but denieth the power there of in the end! ” I saw the above Scripture in God’s hand! It Is Thus Saith The Lord!” Judas was given power yet he was the son of perdition he obtained part of this ministry and was numbered among the twelve. His name was recorded (Acts 1:16, 17) His name was removed! Even reprobates are appointed by God (Peter 2:8, 22 Read Luke 10:17-24). Jesus knew that some gifted men would fall but it is by divine purpose (Eph. 1:11). “Watch Mine Word closer than thy gifts which is given thee and thou shalt not fail.” (The Lord told me His royal seed would come to my ministry, I feel their names are on the Book of Life. These will receive God’s new name! (Rev. 3:12).

The four seasons prophetically matching the times of God – Most all historical writers are agreed upon this one thing “christ was not born in december”! The pagans and Rome initiated this date. What I am going to reveal is my calculated opinion along with divine wisdom. “The four seasons will prove it”. Jesus was born in the fall under the (fall of man). It’s an absolute fact we know he died in April and brought “forth life” as all life and nature comes forth in the spring (renewed life!) When He returns for His Bride it will be in the summer season (harvest time) when the seed (Elect) of God is ripe. And surely He returns to Armageddon with His Elect to destroy the armies of the world and it will be in the winter time (the death season). We know most nature dies then. This completes His plans, He gives us the symbolic signs of the seasons to prove it! Records show that Jesus died at 331/2 yrs. So He could not have been born in the winter or spring, because His age would have been 33 or 34 not 331/2, unless by being born in the (autumn) fall (genuine records show Oct. 3 – 4 B.C.) Also we know for certain He died in the spring so this would make His age exactly 331/2 yrs. old! You count Oct. through April for the half year. Also if He was born in the winter the shepherds would not have been out with their flocks at night (Luke 2:8). Also, the four seasons will return back to just “one season” after the end. (Rev. 21:1, 2)

A prophetic vision revealing the tree, a way of God’s revival – Now I saw this before me. Notice in the spring life comes to a tree and it begins to put forth leaves typing (Rev. 22:2). Healing and Salvation but notice in the autumn the leaves begin to fall away again and finally dying in the winter (bare) “spirit gone”! Now God’s spiritual out pourings have been just like this visionary tree! During the intervals of history His church would be bare like the tree in winter then He would breathe or pour out His spirit on the church and “revival life” would return producing leaves on it! Healing and Salvation returning to the nations. Then we would see great Joy when the spirit blew and the leaves would dance for joy! But later Satan would begin to come along testing like the “weather conditions and everyone would get dry and cold” then finally the leaves would begin to “fall away” and the church would be dead again (Organized). This is exactly how it has happened to all 7 Church Ages. But a great moving of the Holy Ghost wind is coming among the Mulberry Tree (2 Sam. 5:.24) (to the Elect tree) and before the leaves (Bride group) can fall away or be organized; again Jesus will rapture them! Remember the Tree of Life and the tree of evil and good in the Garden? One was a revival of life (Jesus) the other a revival of death (Satan) (Gen. 2:9, 17). Thus the righteous one and the wicked one stood side by side in the garden (Ezek. 28:13). The Mighty move I mentioned will be the dynamic “Capstone Ministry” to the Bride! If Adam and Eve would have been allowed to remain in the garden to eat from the tree of life, (type of Christ), they would have retained life, but God drove them out! And later Christ died and brought eternal life back to the spiritual seed which make up the Bride Tree! This last revival Satan will not go into the garden of God’s Elect because He raptures them quickly before Satan can cause them to fall! (Gen. 3:4-6- 7)

Reach for the stars – space flights – Man will achieve great success, but I am shown great mysterious events will happen in the 70’s during space flights! .I see a dark veil, this no doubt is connected to death or that man will go no farther then the veil! Also could this be possible that man may bring back some kind of germ, or plague? -The USA will discover more and newer ways to hurl planes through space. I saw an ultra invention, a magnetic craft coming for the 1970’s.

Firearms and the anti-christ – The people of this nation have a right to bear arms, but later in history the anti-christ will work with the communist to forbid their personal use to the world (disarmament). I might say this it will not be easy at first, it will happen just before the middle of the Tribulation. At first they possibly will only take smaller arms, then later the larger arms. Those who receive the mark may be allowed certain rights, possibly not. –

World events – 70’s -in 1972-73 the nations will begin to talk considerably about international problems and later disarmament talks will begin to unfold, but will not happen completely until later in history. And I feel our weapons of destruction will grow even more terrible before then. During this same period all kinds of talks concerning mixing culture of peoples will take place, or how they can work together or blending of ideas (No matter how “scattered” Satan may make the world look, a surprise will suddenly come.) Watch! Money will be one of the main causes which will bring them together. The men who hold the gold can cause this to happen over night!(Rev. 13:1-13-14)

The world scene 1977-81- Could this be the rapture and the end of the world? I was shown the worlds most important events will take place then! I was shown “in” the spirit and from what I could visualize the events will happen around 1977, but I saw some activity a little after this so I put the other date. We ought to watch for the rapture before or close to 1977. And the end around 1981-83. I am certain Jesus will show me within a year of the rapture, but He will not show me the exact hour, no one will know that (now He will no doubt show me close to it so I can warn the people). “Behold I will not leave My people in darkness concerning the mystery of “My return, but I will give light unto My Elect and she shall know the nearness of My return! For it shall be like a woman in travail for the birth of her child, for I doeth warn her in intervals of how close it is before she giveth birth to her child! So My Elect shall be warned in different ways. Watch! (It may well be said the 1970’s could be God’s last prophetic hour to warn the world).”

39 Prophetic Scroll 

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