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Prophetic Scrolls 38

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


The seals of the rider of the four horses of the apocalypse (Rev. 6:1-8) special notice – Various people have written me and said they disagreed with a certain evangelist (g.l.) concerning his revelation of the white horse rider of whom he wrote was “christ” and they would like to know my opinion. I win answer this in respect and not in criticism of (G.L.).The Rider symbolizes the anti-christ spirit! You see this Rider is trying to take the place of Christ in every age, and almost deceives the very elect! This is why it is so hard to see, it is the cunning spirit of the anti-christ! The-real Christ appears in (Rev. 19:11). This is not to say because the minister misunderstood the symbol that all he writes is wrong, certainly not, he is entitled to his opinion. (And now we will enter the stages of each “color” Horse Rider with additional information below!

The white horse Rider (Rev. 6:2) And I saw and Behold a White Horse and he that sat on him had a bow and he went forth to conquer! The first thing we see is that he had “no arrows” to go with his bow, in other words “in starting” he looked harmless (innocent) “No arrows” clearly shows “(false peace) and a religious spirit (false message) with out the (arrow) true Word of God to back him up! It shows he depended upon impersonating, a bluff or lie to back up his false doctrine! He had a weapon (“bow” denoting religious conquest). White does sound religious but Christ is not the rider on the horse because He stands there with the Book in His hand revealing this! (Rev. 5:7). Now in the next verse we see the rider and the horse change colors and we really see how sinister he turns out! (This rider had no name – Christ has a name in Rev. 19:11-13.

And there went out another horse and he was red and power was given to him to take peace from the earth that they should kill one another, and a great sword was given unto him! This shows after deceiving the people what the rider really was (a murderous villain in the name of religion). During the dark ages 68 million people were killed in the name of religion under the Catholic Church! (Babylon). It shows Satan the Ruler killed with a mighty slaughter “a great sword” was given him to cause death through all ages, also to cause war upon the earth! A “great sword” prophesies massive death too at Armageddon (Atomic Bomb!)

The black horse rider(Rev. 6:5) – I beheld and lo a Black Horse and he that sat on him had a pair of “balances” in his hand! And a voice spoke and said a measure of wheat for a penny and 3 measures of Barley for a penny and see thou hurt not the oil and wine! Immediately this shows us famine would continue down through the ages but it depicts something more, it shows a famine for the Word of God through the dark ages! At times the spirit of God was very scarce because the false church (Rome) had complete power during those ages and will again at the end! Watch this a measure of Wheat for a penny (etc.) shows that Rome actually charged people money for forgiveness of sins by offering a measure of Wheat (a type of Bread of Life). Notice that food was scarce all through the ages at times and it will be scarce again at the end, both for food and the spiritual word of God, people will be charged money again (666) for food and forgiveness of sins! Take the mark or starve! Black Horse pain! Notice also he was commanded not to hurt the “oil” or wine! “Wine” is revelation and Holy Spirit is “oil”! This was scarce and he was ordered not to hurt all of those who had it, but leave enough for the light to shine in the Elect of each age even showing some will not be hurt during the Great Tribulation! Now notice the first three horses and rider had “no name” they just had titles, but God will give it a name shortly on another horse we will speak of later! Also notice the colors of the horses, white, red and black, if you mix these together you will come out with a Pale “color” Horse which God “named Death”! Also what occurred in each horse down through the church ages will happen again but all united together in the Pale Horse! Also these horses colors reveals he mixes the races of people and nations into one religion at the end (anti-christ) and rides the “Pale horse of Death! (causing eternal separation from God). Mixed with all organized false religion and politics ending in the battle of Armageddon! So Satan finishes his job of deceiving all through the ages on the horses climaxing with the Pale Horse of Death.“Thus saith the revelation of god!” Short summary Rev. 6:1-8 So there will be no doubt –

1. The white horse reveals how satan deceived people in every age using religion as a front (impersonating the truth) to get things in his hand and then change like Judas and inaugurate a savage reign of terror! After he conquers through his White Horse (False doctrine) he then rides the Red Horse and slaughters all who disagree! 2. The red horse shows how satan took peace from the earth in every age through wars and also mainly martyring many Christians in the dark ages! 3. The black horse not only reveals famine for food down through the ages and again, at the end, but shows a famine for the word of god through the ages and how satan received wealth for prayer through the false church! This will repeat again under the anti-christ at the end for food and religion (mark). The Pale Horse shows that all finally culminates (unites all three horse spirits) together in the Pale Horse (Rev. 6:8) – (Now I am going to write about other horses which the Lord uses and is just opposite of these Four Horses.

The visions of horses (Zech. 1:8) Opens with a man riding on a red horse but he stood among the myrtle trees and behind him there were red horses speckled and white. We will prove these horses demonstrate the power of God! The Angel explains what they are in (Zech. 1:9-11). It reads they walked to and fro through the earth and reported all sitteth still and is at rest!! They were symbolic of certain angelic powers watching and overseeing the earth! These horses absolutely are not the ones we wrote of in (Rev. 6) where those appeared each at one time but these in (Zech.1:8) we see the “Horse Powers” appear here grouped simultaneously (All at once!)

The four mysterious chariots and ‘the horses there in!” What be this? (Zech. 6:1-4). “Behold there came four chariots out from between 2 mountains and the mountains were of brass”. Verse 2-it reads-“in” And “in” the first chariot was red horses and “in” the second chariot black horses and “in” the third chariot was White horses and “in” the fourth chariot were grizzled and bay horses. I want you to notice real quickly that there is something very startling and mysterious going on here. “These are not ordinary Horses or Chariots” because it reads the horses were “in the chariots” and not pulling them! These were angelic powers that were “in” these chariots which I can prove were watchers and messengers of God to the earth. (Zech.6:5) said these are the four spirits of the heavens, which go forth from standing before the Lord of all the earth. “Verse 6” shows they each went in different sections of the world! (Verse 7) reads they walked to and fro through the earth which meant not walk like us but went back and forth scanning the earth, and then would report to the Lord! So we see the celestial type chariots carried the four spirits of God! Now the Lord showed me their particular duty was to patrol the earth and constantly watch over it! Also in each chariot was many horses showing divers powers, they also brought messages to God’s children and watched over the (messengers of the earth which corresponds to (Rev. 4:7) “Behold saith the Lord they are My patrollers, alerters and watchers of all the earth, and bring rest to the Elect! (Verse 8) Some have tried to say these were the same as the 4 horses of The Apocalypse of (Rev. 6:1-8) but we see those of (Rev. 6) were not connected to chariots plus these of (Zech. 6) had many horses in each chariot and not just one. No matter how many horses were “in” each chariot they were still just the four spirits of God working in divers manifestations and powers! Zech 6:5). Possibly they kept Satan from going beyond what God allowed him. I definitely know that these chariots and 4 spirits are connected to the Church work of God! For it speaks of a Temple of God in (Zech. 6:13). Certainly this is a mysterious chapter but we can sum it up as horses mean power in the chariots and the chariots carried the four spirits of truth that gave rest to parts of the earth as they kept it under divine surveillance, and could definitely bring judgment at various times! “Be silent O all flesh before the Lord for He has raised up out of His Holy habitation! -And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together and every mountain and island is moved out of their places. (Rev. 6:14, 17) And who shall be able to stand! One should study these various chapters with the script scrolls for accurate understanding and faith. “Behold the eye of the Lord hath seen through the darkness and brought light which is written here in!”

38 Prophetic Scroll 

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