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Prophetic Scrolls 37

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


Richard Nixon – dictator or saint? – People are already saying he will only last one term, but he could very well last longer. Then the people will really see what kind of a person he is. I see great pressure will be brought upon him, if he does stay true he will possibly be the last President that does, but let us watch closely for men change. He is not exactly free from becoming a dictator, because generally they come in humble and of a religious nature but later turn to be just the opposite. Look at Judas the same will be the case of some of the last rulers. Time is short and we should not be surprised to see anything happen. (Notice) this is interesting God uses the letter “N” in ending things. For instance Noah started with an “N” and the flood came! ‘N” (Nimrod) was connected to the building of the “tower of Babel”. But was left unfinished “in judgment” and today’s modern tower of Babel (space program) the letter “N” again –Neal Armstrong put his foot on the moon (judgment follows!) Again the letter “N’ was used when Rome crumbled and burned under Nero (Rev. 17:10). And now the letter “N” appears again in Nixon, If it does not end with him then it is evidently a definite sign that it will end in the next era of who ever is to follow! The “N” then being a sign of the nation’s last chance before the evil leader rises! (The Lord uses in the scroll writing the letter “N” in Neal to show the ending and critical time) so keep your eyes open, because “within any given 24 hours” the Nations Leader or mind can suddenly change! Also on Scroll #22, I was shown Kennedy would have some unexpected trouble and surprises. Part of this happened, but at the same time God did not tell me that he would not run for President. There is more ahead concerning him, events showing whether he will or will not run by 1977. At the right time God will reveal who the last Leader is and He will release it! Watch!

The magnitude of the universe – God’s plans. The coming ruler ship and work of the saints. In order to write this one must know how massive God’s universe is (it is endless for even angels). Only the Lord is the end of it, and there is no end to Him! His eternal light (life) goes on and on, and the saint’s life will never end either! The saints will conquer space, there will be no time or space to them. They no doubt will be able to appear where they want to in a glorified body, even faster than light travels! Man just reached the moon but this is only “one mile” in Gods great magnetic system. If man would go to the farthest planet he would still be in heavens back yard. Man can not find the end! Recent discoveries reveal our own galaxy is composed of one hundred billion stars, some larger than our sun, and the universe is populated with millions of such galaxies. Some millions of light years away! Surely God has a plan and grand purpose for such a staggering and amazing universe (all of which is inside Gods Spiritual body!! ) It seems unbelievable that He would create such amass universe without a reason. The hour has arrived now that He will begin to unfold some of His plans to the saints!” Jesus tells me He did not just put us here to raise children and die. He has a plan for His Elect seed to rule and work with Him in His massive solar system! I am shown that He has something far greater for us than one can imagine or that I can write! I see He is preparing a group to share His secrets and work! His plan is magnificent! The Scriptures claim the saints will be Kings and Priests and rulers of God in His great heavenly city! The parables of the pound show a difference in positions in life to come. He gave one authority over 10 cities to another 5 cities and etc. Some will have higher positions other lower positions. (Luke 19:11-19-Rev. 7:3- Zech.14:16-17). Rev. 7:3. Zech 14:16-17. Some will be near the Bride and then the Elect Bride herself. (Matt.25:1 – 13.) Perhaps the foolish virgins will be around or nearer the earth. There are different degrees II Cor. 12:1-4. During the last 6,000 yrs. God has been predestinating who will take the place of many angels who were cast out with Satan. No doubt the Lord is planning to refill the vacant spots the angels left! For it says we will be known as the angels of God! (Mark 12:25). I am compelled to believe we will fit in God’s space age plans. Also, watching over the New Heaven and earth (Rev. 21:1-9). No doubt we will watch over the Millennium reign! (Rev. 20:3-8). Behold I spewed the Sun, moon, stars and planets’ out of My mouth! “My word created them”. Some call me a higher power, but My Elect and Angels call Me the Mighty God and Saviour which was, and is and that which is to come! Yea there shall be no other Gods besides me! Ex. 20:3. Isa. 9:6

Will we know one another in heaven the same as upon the earth? – Where do people go after death? Yes we shall know one another in heaven- read I Cor. 13:12. Moses and Elijah were known when they appeared with Christ. (St. Matt. 17:1-3). This is one reason you will rejoice in heaven, you will see your loved ones once again! We will also have discernment possibly to know those we have not known before like the Apostle Paul, Elijah etc. We will know Jesus at one glance! When a person dies the Lord sends an escorting angel to them. (Ps. 91:11) explaining secrets after death because surely people are startled afterwards to find they have a spiritual body too! Even more alive and alert than before death. The sinner and the saints departure – Where are the dead? (Luke 16:26). Divine revelation will reveal this is true (Luke 16:22-23). The flesh body of the Elect that die in the Lord Jesus is in the grave, but the real you, the spiritual personality “form” is in a beautiful waiting place, prepared for them just below the 3rd heaven. (II Cor. 12:1-4). Until at rapture time they unite “Heavens Presence” with their body which becomes glorified then! Now the sinner who dies without God is escorted to a place not so beautiful, below or just above) or near the final hell until they also unite with their corrupted body to appear for judgment. (1 Cor. 3:13-14; Rev. 20:12). Afterwards the sinner finally goes to the dark abode. Both places were created heaven for the saints and hell for the unbeliever. The parable of the rich man and Lazarus reveals recognition in heaven and also people go to different places immediately after death! (Luke 23:43). The rich man also knew Abraham who he had not seen before. He also saw Lazarus and knew him as the same person who once had laid at his gate (Luke 16: 19-23-30). Read Job 3:17-19. David said he would know his son again! (II Sam. 12:21-23). Hold fast and let no man take thy crown. Yea saith the Lord if ye shall believe the Word of the Lord in this message thou shall have no fear for the angel of God is beside thee to watch over thee until I return -‘Selah! “

How many Gods will we see in heaven – one or three? – You might see three different symbols or more of the spirit, but you will only see one body, and God dwells in it the body of the Lord Jesus Christ! Yea saith the Lord did not I say the fullness of the Godhead dwells in Him bodily. Col. 2:9-10; Yea, I did not say – Godhead’s! You will see one body not three bodies, this is “Thus Saith The Lord Almighty!” All 3 attributes work as one spirit of three manifestations of God! There is one body and one spirit (Eph. 4:5-1 Cor. 12:13). In that day saith the Lord Zechariah declared I will be over all the earth. (Zech. 14:9). Jesus said destroy this Temple (His body) and in three days “I” will raise it again (Resurrect- St. John 2:19-21). He said personal pronoun “I” will raise it. Why did the Lord allow all of this to look mysterious? Because He would reveal to His Elect of each age the secrets! Behold the Lords tongue of fire hath spoken this and the hand of the Mighty hath written this unto His Bride! “When I return you shall see me as I am and not another.”

(Predestine – God fore knew) – the fall of Satan – the saga of the three frogs (Rev. 16:13) the three dimensional spirits – These three spirits were transferred here with him! (1) First he wanted to be the same as God. (Isa. 14:13-14). This is the same spirit as Communism (Equality). (2) He wanted to be worshipped (This is like Catholicism, false religion, anti-christ spirit) (3). He wanted the wealth of heaven, (This is the same as misused capitalism spirit upon the each). These three motivations is what he used in heaven to try and take over in getting part of the angels to rebel against God! And now Satan is instituting these same three spirits to take over and rule the earth, where he failed in heaven he will succeed on earth for a season through these three united spirits of Communism, Catholicism and misused Capitalism! He will set up a world (666) super power in scope and dimension there will be no parallel in history, but only later to fall again like lightning to the pit! The whole world will worship him except the ones whose names are written in the Lambs Book of Life! So these same three principal spirits we see originated in heaven and fell with Satan -Rev. 16:13) (Read Scroll #3). One thing for sure they will see 3 bodies in hell -the dragon, the beast and false prophet (Rev. 19:20). This thing has 7 heads and 3 bodies, (the elect is not going to follow any monster (beast!) (Rev. 13:1). “Yea saith the Lord I have one head and one body and in this manner I will rule the heavens and the earth! This is infallible saith the Lord of Host! (Zech. 14:9). Thus Saith the Lord My Elect believes this! “Amen”

37 Prophetic Scroll 

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