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Prophetic Scrolls 34

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


The world’s greatest “gigantic” weapon will revolve out of the atom – Later in history scientists will reveal a cosmic (electrical explosive energy) type death ray. (I can possibly not even describe it right) which will be able to destroy the world! This will be given into the hands of the anti-christ who at first will appear as a man of total peace, but underneath is a sinister (treacherous) villain. The world in its sin finally breeds the man from its own bowels which Satan will use to try and destroy the world! But Jesus will intervene by supernatural intervention before all is destroyed!

The religious person that will govern the USA – (Keep your eyes open) I was shown a religious leader will govern this nation before the end, and will come like in the name of the lord but will actually be a deceiver! I was told the person will be magnificent with great authority, Also an orator and “may” even be a gifted person!

(1975) The future – Around 1975 the completion of one phase of american history will end! And from that year forward another vital period will begin. This phase will start the “last term as Armageddon will begin to loom in the short future ahead!” The last decade could begin anytime now or start at that year! Some worldly psychics see ahead until the year (2,000). But this is what will happen to a lot of what prognosticators and predictors see is that God will “cut short” the time and even that which would or was seen ahead!

The Lord gives another true prophetic sign to the elect – This will begin to happen to warn the elect bride just how close the rapture will be after it! This will be practically connected to the rapture. This sign is also given to prepare the Elect in order to leave! The sign is modern (Bodily) Christian transportation! During the Early Church and in Elijah’s day there were cases of supernatural transportation of the body. (Philip was one Acts 8:39-40). Christ supernaturally transported all of His disciples at one time (St. John 6:21). Elijah was transported (I Kings 18:12). And again in our day when we see or hear of such supernatural transportation of Christians to preach or to go on a special mission among the Elect it will be a very direct sign to prepare, for all of us soon there after will be transported to heaven. One type precedes just before, the other (group case of the Bride). Like when all of the disciples at one time were transported. We already have a definite witness of modern transportation today supernaturally in the ministry of a mighty prophet. He was taken up in a clap of thunder surrounded by clouds of beautiful colors, among angels where Jesus was and told to reveal the seals of (Rev. 5:1). He revealed the first Six Seals, the 7th Seal was left unrevealed (The “Silence” Rev. 8:1). He said the message to that Seal would be revealed in the Thunders (Rev. 10:4). And it would happen just before rapture time! In the last part of my new prophetic scroll book (soon to be released) Jesus has spoken to me to close with a few words concerning this Prophet. I will name him! And then words of the Lord concerning this work of mine. – also I have

The vital prophetic years – I hear a trumpet blow – When a trumpet blows it’s a warning trouble and woe will come! -“Behold the Lord” is giving me a measuring line to see and understand the exact points in which different crisis will happen, and when some types of unusual changes appear for the USA! The first period is 1971-72. The second one is between 1974 and 1975. The third one is 1977. We are indeed reaching a serious and grueling time in prophetic history! Soon the inhabitants of the earth will be ready to step upon the threshold of the prophetic hour of the 3rd woe. (Will this last date start it?). It is possible the rapture could be before or close to this also.

(Caution – Gods time clock the outstanding “Prophetic Sign” of the 6000 years. We are nearing the end of 6000 years in human history! This is another way Jesus shows us we are living in the final days of the end! The Bible reveals accurately we are nearing the final full course of 6000 years of human history! But when does the exact date expire? We don’t know for certain but according to Bible chronology the first man “Adam” was created about 4026 B.C. From then until 1968 -5,993 years will have expired leaving about 7 more years ending around the summers of either date 1975-77. This will complete right close to a full 6,000 years! And according to Science we have lost time and our real true calendar year is now in the 80’s. And according to our calendar year when we reach 1975 or 1977 we will really be in the 1990’s! I do not say this is absolutely perfect but the evidence shows it’s very close. The Scripture does not state it in this exact manner, but world events are rushing at us in such a pace until we know we are headed for a climax very soon! There is strong evidence ”as witnessed by the scrolls” the 1970’s will be the most critical in history! Could this mean we are in the last decade? Behold saith the lord i will come in an hour that ye think not! For it shall surely come as a snare to all those upon the earth (except to my own) yea I come quickly!

The holy spirit and the world – When the elect goes up will the holy spirit still be in the world? And when does the “man of sin” turn into the (false Christ beast) before or after the church leaves? (Read II Thess. 2:7-8). It declares he who now letteth will let (hindereth) until he (spirit) be taken out of the way! Then in verse 8 it says and then shall that wicked one be revealed “the anti-christ”! Notice the Holy Spirit will still be upon the earth after the rapture but only it will be restricted so the anti-christ can rise! But like it says not while the spirit letteth or hindereth, but only as the spirit be taken aside! So the beast can not rise until the Spirit removes the Elect (II Thess. 2:7-8). And then the spirit works but is restricted to certain areas on the earth.

I have space left and i would like to repeat what was written in one of my magazine articlesAtomic destruction I feel that atomic destruction will come after 1975, but when it does we know the true elect will be gone before. Science claims an unusual grouping of planets will be coming together in the 1980’s. They claim when this happened in past history all the violent major wars occurred. Many claim that Armageddon will be fought then. Whatever it is they say is of gigantic scope! However, the Church could still be long gone! Actually the period of 1969 through 77 holds the better key for the ending of the world system! I would like to add one paragraph from Scroll No.12 here. The Lord is showing us something in Rev. using 7 at every important point. 7 means perfection and fulfillment: 7 Angels, 7 Churches, 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, 7 Stars, 7 Plagues, etc. We can safely say it looks like He is pointing to the ending of things in early or late 70’s. Number 8 means the beginning of new things. However, if it goes past the 80’s it will all totally end by 1986. Amen! But I really feel the 70’s will tell the complete story of the end. The dates on Scrolls 5 and 8 will either be the starting of two vital points that lead to the end, or the dates are just after rapture time. However, the rapture could take place between now and 1973 and still leave the rest of the dates for the Tribulation. The first 7 years of the 70’s should find the Elect ready for Christ. The last half should lead to Armageddon. Noah went into the ark in the 7’s “between” gen. 7:1 and 7, Watch!

Jeane Dixon – The Washington, d.c. Forecaster – Foresees and puts the end around 1999 or so, with the coming of a Great leader in the Middle 80’s -This is hardly likely, because Jesus said the days or years would be shortened in the last generation. So it would not reach the end of this generation! Some very good authorities believe we have lost time with our calendars and that we are in the year 1985-88 now. The Lord said it would come as a thief and surprise. Also it is claimed that the Early Church had two 19 year cycles in its Revival. I feel that our first cycle started between 1933 or 1936, with the last 19 year cycle ending between 1971 and 75 and leaves the rest for the Tribulation. Later I will write this more precisely as I feel the Lord on the Scrolls at the right time will leave us without a doubt and give us a confirmation!

34 Prophetic Scroll 

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