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Prophetic Scrolls 35

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


An angel from the presence of God – the angel’s dynamic message to a “Royal Prophet” – The Lord has definitely led me to print this and later in the scroll my own visitation. The remarkable angelic visit received by William Branham has caused not little wonder among the people of God, as well as the unsaved. The overwhelming majority of people who attended the Branham meetings are completely convinced of the reality of the angelic visitation! The Angel’s message – The angel conversed with Brother Branham during the first visitation for perhaps half an hour. We are coming into Bible days again, and no doubt there will be more such supernatural revelations as time goes on! Concerning such visitations there is one point that is fundamental. An Angel of the Lord will never reveal anything but what agrees strictly with the Scriptures. Now we will let Brother Branham tell it in his own words, as taken from his book – “I must tell you of the angel and the coming of the Gift. I shall never forget the time, May 7, 1946, a very beautiful season of the year in Indiana, where I was still working as a game warden, (Bro. Branham also pastored a church, too) and while walking around the house under a maple tree, it seemed that the whole top of the tree let loose! It seemed that something came down through that tree like a great rushing wind they ran to me. My wife came from the house frightened, and asked me what was wrong. Trying to get hold of myself, I sat down and told her that after all these twenty odd years of being conscious of this strange feeling, the time had come when I had to find out what it was all about. The crisis had come! I told her and my child good-bye, and warned her that if I did not come back in a few days, perhaps I might never return! That afternoon I went away to a secret place to pray and read the Bible. I became deep in prayer; it seemed that my whole soul would tear from me. I cried before God. I laid my face to the ground, I looked up to God and cried, “If you will forgive me for the way that I have done, I’ll try to do better. I’m sorry that I’ve been so neglectful all these years in doing the work you wanted me to do. Will you speak to me someway, God? If you don’t help me, I can’t go on. Then along in the night, at about the eleventh hour, I had quit praying and was sitting up when I noticed a light flickering in the room! Thinking someone was coming with “a flashlight, I looked out of the window, but there was no one, and when I looked back, the light was spreading out on the floor, becoming wider! Now I know this seems very strange to you, as it did to me also. As the light was spreading, of course I became excited and started from the chair, but as I looked up, there hung that great star! However, it did not have five points like a star, but looked more like a “ball of fire or light shining down upon the floor”! Just then I heard someone walking across the floor, which startled me again, as I knew of no one who would be coming there besides myself. Now, coming through the light, I saw the feet of a man coming toward me, as naturally as you would walk to me. He appeared to be a man who, in human weight, would weigh about two hundred pounds, clothed in a white robe. He had a smooth face, no beard, dark hair down to his shoulders, rather dark-complexioned, with a very pleasant countenance, and coming closer, his eyes caught with mine seeing how fearful I was, he began to speak. “Fear not, I am sent from the presence of Almighty God to tell you that your peculiar life and your misunderstood ways have been to indicate that God has sent you to take a gift of divine healing to the peoples of the world! If you will be sincere, and get the people to believe you, nothing shall stand before your prayer, not even cancer!” Words cannot express how I felt. He told me many things which I do not have space to record here. He told me how I would be able to detect diseases by “vibrations on my hand. He went away, but I have seen him several times since then. He has appeared to me perhaps once or twice within the space of six months and has spoken with me. A few times he has appeared visibly in the presence of others! I do not know who he is. I only know that he is the messenger of God to me. Due to space we must shorten this part and will add a remarkable vision he had. The Unity of The Church Elect – He says, as I was worshiping God, suddenly I felt the angel of the Lord in the room. I turned over in bed and was in a vision immediately! (I saw that I was in the midst of a grove of trees and in the center where I was standing, was an aisle. The trees were planted in big green pots. On one side were apples and on the other side were great big plums. On the right and left were two pots with nothing in them.) I heard a voice out of heaven, which spoke, ‘The harvest is ripe, but the laborers are few.” I asked, “Lord, what can I do!” Then as I looked again I noticed that the trees looked like pews, in the vision of my tabernacle. Down at the end of the row was a big tree standing and it was full of all manner of fruit. On either side of it were two little trees with no fruit and standing side by side, they seemed as three crosses. I questioned, “What does this mean and what about those pots with nothing in them!” He replied, “You are to plant in those.” Then I stood in the breach, taking branches from both trees, and planted them in the pots. Suddenly, out of the pots came two large trees that grew till they reached the heavens. After that, a mighty rushing wind came and shook the trees! A voice spoke, “Hold out your hands now, ‘you have done well; reap the harvest.” I held out my hands and the mighty wind shook into my right hand a great apple, and into my left hand a great plum. He said, “Eat the fruits; they are pleasant.” I began eating the fruit, first a bite off of one, then a bite off of the other, and the fruit was deliciously sweet! I think this vision had to do with the bringing of the Elect churches together. In the vision, I was transplanted from one to the other to bring the same fruits out of both trees.(end) (I feel the Lord was using Brother Branham to bring together the people who baptized in different ways concerning the water, uniting them together according to the original way of Gods word. Today Brother Branham is still loved by all major men of God. (Bro. Oral Roberts and Bro. Coe both knew their ministry was no match for this prophet from God.) I myself was only beginning my ministry when Brother Branham was taken.) And we know Brother Branham was told and believed in baptizing in the original church way (Acts 2:38-Acts 19:5).

A dramatic and mighty visitation of the Lord to Neal Frisby – (divine providence). After the death of my wife the Lord called me alone for nearly six weeks without food, and spoke several times to me concerning my future ministry. His words to me were: “There shall not anything stand before thee all the days of thy ministry. As I was with Moses I will be with thee! Be thou strong and full of courage!” I sought the Lord so long my hair began to fall out, and my bones were almost without flesh! And He told me the true mystery of the Godhead and water! Now like Paul the Lord sent me not to baptize. (1 Cor. 1:17) But to preach, but I will discuss the original way it was done. “Behold this is a revelation to my chosen, and those of the world who say it is not true shall suffer Tribulation, and will not be taken up with my Elect Bride! For the hand of the Great God hath written this concerning the Godhead! And who is great enough that he shall call the Lord Jesus a liar!! For all power is given to Me in heaven and earth:’ (Matt. 28:18)

The mystery of the infallible godhead and water baptism – How will the lord judge? (1 John 5:7). The Early church baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, (Acts 2:38; Acts 19:5). But in Matt.28:19 it reads in the “name” of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Why did the Lord allow it to look two ways? By the wisdom of God I wilt show there were several reasons why. If some wonder if I am teaching Jesus (Only) no, but He loves those people too. Now read Eph. 4:4. There is one body and one spirit! We are baptized in one body, not three different bodies! (God dwelled in the body of the Lord Jesus Christ) (Eph. 4:5). One Lord, one faith, one baptism! – (1 Cor. 12:13). This is infallible saith the Lord God! Paul wrote and I quote – (1 Cor. 13:1-3). Though I speak with tongues of men and angels and though I have the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries and all knowledge though I have faith even to move mountains (This means even to create or raise the dead). And though I give my body to be burned! Now I will write by command – even if a person is baptized the original way of the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 2:38) of for that matter the Father, Son and Holy Ghost and has not “love” he is a loud noise! I am become a sounding brass and a tingling symbol. (I Cor. 13:1). Although important, the water alone will not rapture you! But love will! That’s the secret which raptures the Bride away! Live by the Word with “spiritual love!” This is the message which we received from the beginning! (I John 3:11). Again the Lord warns us not to put all our salvation and confidence in just water alone, or to argue it, no sir! The Lord does not want that! It is absolute fact the early Church (of Acts) baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus (Acts 8:16- Acts 2:38) but not in Jesus (Only). Because some people name their children this in foreign countries, but Lord Jesus is different. Now why all the mystery about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit baptism? Because Jesus wanted to bring the right way by revelation to His Elect of each age! They always have the closest truth, also He said I have other sheep not of this fold (St. John 10: 16). How the Lord will bring some of the other groups in and to heaven is a mystery! But He is all wise and knows every heart. And in this way will save more and all His children, because of (Matt. 28: 19 and Acts 2:38). He knows His people! Nothing that is His will be lost! Now I must say Jesus loves both, but some don’t always love the revelation of His Word! I know in (St. Matt. 28:19) it says in the name (singular) of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost but notice “Name” not names! Jesus said I came in My Fathers name (St. John 5:43). In St. John 1:1, 14) it says and the Word was God and was made flesh. We are not baptized into three different bodies, only one! This is the Lord Jesus (the body that God dwelled in). He told Philip, you have been with me this long and don’t know me, and the Bible states the Scripture cannot be broken (read St. John 14:8-9) this is the case of many today! I am writing this in love maybe if one can not entirely agree that’s fine, but we are still brothers in the Lord and if we still don’t love one another we will not be taken up! The water baptizing and the Godhead is one thing the Organization can’t decide for a person, you alone will have to according to the Scriptures (St. John 10:30). There is one God, but He works in three different ways. There will be people in heaven who believe in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, working together as the self same spirit! But at the same time I don’t believe there will be many there who believe in 3 different Gods! For He said, “hear O Israel for the Lord your God is one!” Jesus said to the Jews before Abraham I was! (St. John 8:58). (Don’t separate them believe them as one together, this is the secret of faith and miracles!) Amen! I do not deny the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, but I state emphatically and it is the absolute truth that these three are one same spirit. Just like (Rev.5:6) it says 7 spirits of God, but these are all one spirit working 7 revelative ways! If people knew who Jesus was, then they would know what He meant when He said in the “name”! (St. Matt: 28: 19 – Acts 9: 17 -Luke 10:21-22). Behold what I have spoken about the water is true! What I have spoken about my name is true! It is I the Lord Jesus which has spoken unto my people the Bride! And unto them who will take my name will become my Bride! And unto her is given my Kingdom to rule with Me! For she has spiritually married me and has taken my name the Lord Jesus Christ, for she is My own, the very handy work of my spirit! For even now the time must shortly come when I will take her to My palace. Watch! I say watch! Behold now is the end of the age come! And I will reveal hidden manna! I was God walking in the body of Jesus, walking the hot roads of Galilee, and gave rest to the weary! Healing the sick of Israel! I am your Lord let no man deceive thee! And there is no other God besides Me! Behold i have hidden myself in Jesus in such away that the foolish virgins and the world can not see me, until the time that i shall reveal it, but my elect was born to believe it and another they will not hear I am alpha and omega, yea a man’s hand has not written this, but the hand of power the Lord of hosts has written it! – I want to say in closing anyone in his right mind could only say surely God is speaking to His people. May our Lord Jesus bless and rapture everyone who believes this message. Amen! Man has put his foot upon the moon, also God will put His foot upon the earth soon! (Rev. 10). And right now July 20th through July 25th this book is being compiled and printed. (The revelation of the written scrolls!) The first man to put his foot upon the moon had the name Neal. The writer of this book has the first name, Neal. And my birthday was July 23rd. All this is significant! “For a fire is kindled in my anger, and shall burn into the lowest hell, and shalt consume the earth with her increase, and set on fire the foundations of the mountains, and the seas shalt boil, the Heavens shalt thunder. All power is given unto me.” Saith the Lord Jesus! (Read also Rev. 21: 1)

35 Prophetic Scroll 

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