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Prophetic Scrolls 33

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


The 7 churches – (Rev. 1:11). At the beginning of the revelation St. John was given a message to the 7 Churches of Asia as they existed then! Rev. 1:4 These same churches were chosen by the Lord to be prophetic of seven successive future stages that they would occur down through the ages to this present time, with the 7th Church Age reaching a climax! Behold saith the Lord The 7 Golden Candlesticks are my church elect which were refined in the fire like gold in each age and my spirit in them gave forth light to each age, as Paul brought the light to the Gentiles so each church age until now was a type of the Golden Candlesticks! (Rev. 1:20).

The golden candlesticks – Represent the 7 spiritual churches of prophecy (Rev. 1: 20) each candle stick is a church in each age and was the elect of that age and there is also 7 sealings one for each age! All down through the ages the Lord had His candlesticks representing His people! And in each age He sealed His (Elect) candlestick away until now we are in the 7th sealing of the 7th Golden candlestick! (And He is sealing His elect now!) The Laodicea church, the 7th church age of the 7th seal (Rev. 8:1) Rev. 10:4- and He is writing a message to the 7th candlestick you the elect! (Rev. 3:14) in the 7th church age the 7th great seal come forth the Harvest ministry of the Thunders, the capstone ministry to the Bride that raptures her and ushers in the Tribulation, the capstone ministry of the 7th Golden candlestick produces the mighty creative miracles of arms, legs and the raising of the dead! As faith increases enough for the bride to rapture! Each church age also had its foolish which got its light off the 7 candlesticks (Elect). Also the sinner which was given a witness by each candlestick! The Holy Spirit and Word kept the candlestick “light” and gives light to each church age! The Early church baptized in the name of the lord Jesus Christ, (Acts 2:38 and Acts 19:5). But in Matt. (28:19) it reads in the “name” of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Why did the lord allow it to look two ways? Later by the wisdom of God I will show why there were several reasons. One was so he could bring the correct way by revelation to His elect of each age!

7 stars, the seven messengers to 7 church ages – each age is given a messenger (these are my chosen saith the lord the 7 spirit filled messengers rev. 3:1). There were to come 7 different messengers bringing light to the candlesticks (Rev. 1:20). That is why it says in (Rev. 5:6) these are the 7 spirits of God sent forth into all the earth. Each messenger was given a revelative spirit to his group. The 7 spirits refer to one spirit of God working 7 revelations and word to 7 different church ages! Like Paul was the first messenger to the elect of his day.

The 7 “eyes” of god were the 7 revelations – each church age was given a revelation and revelator until now all the 7 revelative spirits and power will be combined in the 7th church where we have all the revelations and all 9 gifts will be working! Also my message is to prepare the last powerful move! Some gifts will operate in many after reading the scrolls! The fullness of the gifts will be restored! Jesus will come to us in the 7th church age in incredible power! Now the fullness comes which seals and raptures the Bride! (Where in speaking of 7 spirits we know God is one spirit). But it is like (I Cor. 12:8-11) where we find one spirit manifesting himself in nine ways! Then we know the 7 spirits of God are revelative spirits and mean one and the same spirit coming forth in a 7 fold manner!

The 7 horns of god – Horn in bible symbology mean protection and power. And this was the Word and the Holy Spirit of the Lord protecting 7 spiritual Kingdoms of the 7 Church ages. At the end all 7 horns of protective power will protect the elect like a great flaming sword!

The 7 lamps of fire before the throne (Rev. 4:5). This is showing us the 7 spirits of divine power to His churches. This alone is enough to create and control the world and entire Universe! “Behold do not count the Lord as a small thing! For He can be magnified 1 million times greater than what He has shown in the Bible! This has been hidden partly because He knew man would worship Him for His awesome great power alone, but few would for just faith and love itself! Each Church Age was like a burning lamp of Fire, but now all 7 lamps of Fire (of all 7 spirits) will be combined, all burning in the 7th Church Age “Seal” to give it the 7 Thunders of dynamic power! ! Rev. 10:4 – (The Lion Power! ) Watch out God is about to do something great! A little bit has grown in each church age until now we receive an explosion of Gods power to carry us away! 7 fold power (not just one). The 7 spirits unite in one (Elect) body of mighty power, the 7 revelations compounded become one whole revelation spirit! The 7 Lamps of Fire produce a surging revival, 7 fold power of the Lord in the 7th Great Seal (The Bride Seal “Life”) Rev. 8:1. We will have what all the Early Church had plus the full force of the spirit and ushering in the 7 Thunders. Rev. 10:4- Yea it cometh! It cometh! Yea it cometh! (Rev. 3:13-14) And to him who hath wisdom he will hear what the spirit saith unto the churches! Amen!

In the 70’s the rising of astrology – Within the next few years astrology will increase until one day the nation will be practically guided by it (instead of god). Now let me make this plain, we absolutely know God has predestined many things and our destiny and the nations is connected to His principalities and ordinances (Scr. 17). Along with the unprecedented Leadership of the Holy Ghost! The Lord does not want his children carried away (even if man knew certain things about the heavens he could not interpret it right) only God knows what is written in the heavens, only He knows why and for what purpose He put the stars there! (As God told Job) and mans attempt and knowledge will finally end in failure! The nation will follow this spirit forgetting Gods perfect guidance (The Bible). The destiny of the world is held by God in the heavens, but He cautions men not to tamper in it for fear of leaving the Word which is the Lords true guidance! (Heb. 12:23). Yea I stretched out the heavens, alone understand the mysteries of them for it is too deep for mans mind!

Religion – Some type of revolution, surprise or sudden changes in world religion will occur between 1973-75 – Also if the elect are still here we can expect some type of unexpected moving of god (in the way “Jesus will do it” among the bride) – Behold the world shall not be prepared for the unexpected events which I shall send upon her saith the lord of host! A fierce fire is kindled!

Real estate – In the 70’s property changes are coming between 1971 and 1975. I could not make out what it all meant! But it will be impressive and noticeable! One of the things could be a change in the way property is taxed.” But finally one day all real estate will be owned by the Church (state). In the “future” a man of complete peace will rise but afterwards the total reverse of this takes place and only after he betrays the people will they see he was just the opposite of what he first appeared! Finally he brings them to a catastrophic war instead of peace! I am the lord and the world will reject me and another one shall they receive (anti-christ).

Gods restriction coming – I am shown in the next few years different types of farming will go into a cycle of damaged crops and in some areas will do poorly, no doubt this could affect the beef also. The Lord is judging the nations concerning the sins of the people! The weather will be disturbed too. Behold a dryness shall come in one place and a flood in another saith the lord! Cry unto me and I will protect thee! (Also money will tighten some in the early 70’s- Wealth will be up and down until finally wealth appears but only if you receive a mark! (Rev. 13: 16-17). Also one day such a food shortage will occur in many nations until food will be “rationed” and received only through a mark (666) and famine is “one way” the anti-christ receives sudden power!

The Arab worldAnother severe outbreak will come between them and Israel! It will not be the last! No matter how much they will be disorganized now the day will come when the Arabs will receive a certain amount of unity. This is because no doubt Russia strengthens them and later cause the last war in Israel! Also I for see the anti-christ will work with them and Israel in order to bring a type of solution between Israel and the Arabs! But this will fail in the end as Russia will move her armies around Palestine!

I said in 1968-69 world leaders would change! Including several major men in America! And 70’s satellites over USA, with atomic war heads. Vietnam halt! This one is partially fulfilled; Russia invented satellite warfare since, and the Vietnam War has been almost halted – (But there is a dual purpose for the rest of it possible in the 1970’s.)

The 7th Angel of (Rev. 10:7) is an angel messenger (ministering spirit) revealing mysteries (the 7th angel of Rev. 11:15) is changed and is bringing judgment 2 different jobs altogether.

33 Prophetic Scroll 

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