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Prophetic Scrolls 32

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


The inventive period of the 70’s – The beginning of a diabolical scheme to control the masses -with the population explosion of the 70’s a gigantic turnover will occur with unprecedented changes! Many hidden secrets of ultra modern inventions being worked on now will be completed and revealed to the people “in the fantastic 70’s”. More will happen than has happened in the last 100 yrs. The number 70 is always connected to completion and fulfillment! We will also see God finishing many of His final plans to usher in His return. In the 70’s sinister ways to control people is coming. The age will move toward a robot society, a dominate role of computers! A person will be known more by a number than a human! The Government will file people in perspective order or belief! This being eased in for the arrival of the anti-christ (Rev. 13). Giant computers will compile all data of people and finances! No one will escape the eye of the Government machinery! Surely something evil is on the horizon! We will see preparation for this between 1971 and 1975. Events of the 70’s will be of cyclonic proportion! Space inventions emerging then will finally consume many in man’s final pursuit, as we enter the astro age they will be swept into atomic, holocaust and apocalyptic judgment of (Rev. 15). I am told it will happen before this generation ends! I foresee astounding genius achievements of man’s wisdom, but it will only take them farther from God! The 70’s bring great activity for the Lord’s children and cunning subtlety for Satan’s worshipers! But for the Bride the 70’s can be a marvelous era! (Watch last part of 1970 through 71 for unusual and strange events.

Matt. 25:8) the lamps going out!! – I foresee some Full Gospel churches will let down their moral standards until they act and look like the modern and nominal churches as both mix together! Although they will still say they believe in the Holy Spirit, Healing and Tongues -“But the Elect will stay with the anointed Word of God no matter how the world churches change!” Amen! According to the Bible there is great evidence that sometimes during the decade of the 70’s it could be the last chance to reach the lost! ” (Newsweek Apr. 14th issue described what we prophesied 2 yrs. ago.)

Now I should mention here – I have the task of writing this below not that I like to but there is no other way to write the truth or what I saw, but only like it is! And for a warning to Christians to prepare themselves, because very potent spirits will appear, take heed lest ye be overtaken by the powerful onslaught of lecherous compelling spirits coming upon the nation! If America repents God will stay what I have seen -“But it is my firm conviction America will not repent! “Only divine intervention could stop it, “for surely what you read will come to pass and more also! Even at times God’s spirit will hinder the corruption, but at the end this is the way it will be.

The tragic drama of the 70’s – The blood will run hot in america’s veins, money will be its god, pleasure its high priest and unbridle passion the ritual of its worship! The wickedness and the imagination of man’s mind will be continually evil! Never in history shall mankind be so degenerate, the lustful appetite of many in shocking wickedness is beyond words to describe here. (I might mention America has some precious men and women, and all are “not” like this). I foresee the obscene orgy spirits of ancient Rome return again! The Gentile world will forsake God’s knowledge and He will give them up in the lust of their hearts, dishonoring their own bodies in savage and unnatural acts. In the degrading power of sin because they exchanged the truth for a lie! Reveling in shameless acts of immorality and utter disregard for decency! In the 70’s one out of every 3 babies carried will be taken by abortion or destroyed! Also you will see half or more births will be out of wedlock or pregnant at time of marriage. Depiction of nude films, books and magazines portraying sex will take its toll! America will create a monster at the end (free love.) Before the flood people wallowed in sex perversion, the open pleasure orgies will run rampant across the world disintegrating into chaos! Marriage will be a thing of the past for young couples. With nightly exchanging of wives common! Stark madness of pleasure will reach a peak of vulgarity. Insight is given to know the nature of man in the 70’s will be animalistic. Man’s wisdom will try to cover up his vileness with glamour. Never will there be a time like this in history, compared to the drama of the 70’s. No person ever lived on earth will see what those will see here then! Weird sex crimes in the 70’s will be appalling. Daring spirits will go forth to torment and bring fear to the nation, “but Jesus will protect His children.” Horrible sodomite crimes appear, atrocities possible similar to that of Hitler will come. Unbelievable crime will sweep many cities, hate will ferment into madness, the ungodly vexed in his own torment! You will read some cases where the parents were so inhuman as to punch out their children’s eyeballs, cut off parts of their body and scatter them. Also the spirit of cannibalism will be found in the nation. People will be beast like for they will even worship the beast anti-christ at the end (Rev.13). I read where some teenagers went on an LSD “dope” binge when they caught a cat chopped it up in little pieces -and devoured it! Dynamic devils creating catastrophic delusions!

Ungovernable passions – Even now and in the future notorious wild parties will be staged where lewd spirits cause those to disrobe in primitive unspeakable debauchery in unforbidden desires with no shame! Instead of the power of regeneration they want power of degeneration!

Immoral humanity preceding coming of Christ – I print here some bold absolute facts pointing to where things are headed. The open lust power of the masses is reaching the mania stages! West coast business men report on certain streets it is impossible to walk to work without being molested by young girls. The news article said sometimes being approached 2 or 3 times before reaching their destination! Some are prostitutes others need money for drugs. Some are lecherous youth looking for a bold new thrill by using this seductive approach in broad daylight! Lust will become like a magnetic pull. In the 70’s degenerates will cover the streets like locust! Also in the 70’s strange as this may sound some depraved nymphomania seductress will actually promote an illicit attack for a spirit will only allow them to be satisfied in this fashion, while other women will abhor this age of violent sadistic acts! Also strange phenomena of unprecedented proportion will appear as a new form of pleasure insanity subdues multitudes. Behold the wicked shall do more wicked and vile spirits shall ascend upon the earth saith the Lord! “A pathetic spectacle of a world making its bed in hell!

Vile charmer – A noted writer printed a startling magazine article of what he saw depicting a beautiful woman in raw ecstasy having an actual bohemian love episode (sex) with a serpent in hysterical pleasure. This is prophetically showing us some human nature is slowly turning to a beast nature! – The new films – This abnormal filth has been vomited right out of hell – according to statistics several pictures now released revealed we are fast headed for a wind up -titles are -“I am curious” -“Inga” or “I, a woman” – its reported one would see an actor or actress undergoing several orgasm (affairs) right during the films! Tempo vice (music) another stimulation is the new dancing to slow music. The partners wrapped around one another, then slowly swinging somewhat in the actual act of having inter … ! (The false look) I saw for the 70’s a complete new look as people change -I saw their eyes as if they colored the insides. Some false changes could have been due to plastic surgery or plastic parts (or a spirit). Whatever it was people want to look different than God created them. After 6,000 years man is using his last key in fleshly acts; reaching his height in hate, greed, his height in orgies and crime. All his evil will blend into a crescendo! Each desire reaching its final stage, exploding in sodomite fashion! God is showing us man’s vile passions will be set on fire ending its final course in Armageddon! (Rev.) The whole earth corrupt before God, nothing left for Jesus to do then but bring judgment! II Peter 3:10

A valuable vision of the “imitation” blending of Satan’s false church – Now god created certain animals that can blend right in with scenery or the surroundings of sage, jungle plants, trees and grass, etc. So their prey could not see them there though looking right at the animal itself. I foresaw this as the Lord showed me a serpent of a certain color gradually crawl into some flowers, rocks and weeds blending right in with the surrounding environment. “If I had not known it was there I would not have seen it until it moved out of its place! From this the Lord showed me a prophetic view of how it is happening to the sleeping churches at this late hour! Only now the scene takes place in the human realm. Satan’s imitation (serpent beast church) is gradually moving until it will be lying right in with the other churches becoming part and parcel of other religions, working together with other lukewarm Christian surroundings, blending together until finally looking just like the real thing! Only the elect will spot the serpent religion lying right among the sleeping churches! They not knowing how deadly it is because it slowly formed together looking like the original church environment! But when the satanic beast suddenly makes its last move it will be too late. The poison will have already been injected, the mark -666- Rev. 13:17”.

William Branham – Did Jesus take Him at his appointed time? “Yes” He died in the exact moment of the Lord! There will be a rumor in 1970 that Wm. Branham will return from God’s realm (but this will not be true then). There is evidence according to what I saw in the spirit something very remarkable could happen just before or at rapture time in union with Christ return! Now remember I did not say he would return before this or 1970, only that a rumor would start!

32 Prophetic Scroll 

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