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Prophetic Scrolls 31

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


Elijah and the letter from heaven – The bible never ceases from the mysterious and is full of secrets – not many people know this but a letter from Elijah appeared on earth after he was taken to heaven! II Chronicles reveals great evidence the event was of a supernatural origin! I will write the first and last part of the verse – And there came a writing to him from Elijah the prophet saying “Thus Saith the Lord” Behold with a great plague will the Lord smite and thou shalt have great sickness by disease -This letter was presented to King Jehoram of Judah showing him the judgment that was to befall him. This letter from Elijah appeared 8 years after he was translated (II Kings 2:11; II Chron. 21:12-20). Jehoram was a very wicked King he murdered his own brothers so as to hold the Throne (II Chron. 21 : 1-4). His wife was the daughter of Jezebel, but the judgment letter of Elijah caught up with him! (If you figure out where the letter came from let me know). There is no record the letter was wrote before he was translated! There is only one other place the letter could have come from, “out of Elijah’s (coat) mantel” he gave to Elisha at his translation! Later it might have been released). He was taken to heaven while Jehoshaphat was King (II Kings 2:13). Strange and unusual things took place around Elijah! This same type spirit is to rest on the elect at the end! And unusual events will happen, I feel led to illustrate here a very dear experience that I had while I was in a Crusade in (the South) I had put a good suit in the cleaners and a ticket was given me to pick it up when done. Upon return when we went to get it they could find the trousers but not the coat! They knew the coat had been put there, but said they would have to find it but “the owner never did. (This coat was worn several times already during the meeting before this). But at the end of the meeting I had to leave that city without the coat. As I was sitting in the car wondering about it I was urged to pray a very definite prayer of faith that God would return it somehow. (After traveling several thousand miles and when arriving at home, my brother said a strange thing happened. When he picked up some things in town, my coat was among his belongings. No one knew how it got there! You say how do you know it was the same coat, because at the crusade there was an envelope (letter) handed me telling how they enjoyed the meeting plus a love offering and the address on it from the city where I had my crusade 3 thousand miles away, and here I was standing in Calif. Oh God is great!

The prophetic 11th hour – And now the 12th hour, “midnight”, zero hour. On July 28th -Aug. 4, 1914 World War I begin and we entered the 11th hour! And World War I ended at 11 o’clock Nov. 11, 1918 which was the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. Just 11 months after General Allenby entered Jerusalem on the 11th day. On Dec. 1917 (and the Jews began to return) this is what happened entering the 11th hour, plus Jan. 16, 1920 League of Nations were born -Dec. 7 -8th, 1941 World War II – Aug. 1-14, 1945 Atomic Bomb ends World War II). March 18-24, 1949 North Atlantic Pact organized -Nov. 1952 H. Bomb exploded – and now by divine guidance the world is entering a great climax, the fate of Armageddon. The 12th hour midnight is upon us! The church will rapture in the 12th hour -The Tribulation starts ending with the wars of wars -World judgment!! It was at Midnight when Moses took the children out (Ex. 12:29-31). It is at midnight when Jesus calls His Bride (Matt. 25:6). Time now is drawing to a climax. Gods clock is about to strike midnight! (Divine intervention) – New relationship will come between Russia and the USA in the midnight hour. Russia will be involved in a world society! The nations will be finishing their course and stepping off into eternity! (Midnight) Between 1970 and 1977 the government will change more than it has changed in the last 50 years. Our society as we know it will be utterly transformed! “Gigantic” (auto changes, dress wear, vast city building along with world revolution).

The astounding prophetic cycles of god! – The 15 cycles of Israel and the 15 cycles of USA – First we must establish that Israel was a type of what the USA would be – God told Israel to go in and drive out the heathen and possess the land of milk and honey (riches) And the Lord gave Israel great leaders! – Now the Lord told His people to go into the USA and possess the land of milk and honey (riches) and the people drove out the Indians and possessed the land just like Israel did! And the Lord gave the USA great men (Lincoln, Washington, etc.) Also the USA was built on the Bible foundation like Israel was. “But just like Israel a shown down is coming!” There is not space to write all the remarkable cycles for both nations, but this is how it starts using Bible chronology. We find Israel had 15 cycles covering 17 years each cycle. When she was in war or under divine judgment the first of these 15 cycles of 17 yrs. Each begins in 887 B.C. Israel rebels under Jeroboam and became an Independent nation! Then after 15 cycles (632-631 B.C.) involving 17 years each of war and strife. Israel goes into captivity and ceases to be a nation! II Kings 18:9-12). Now if the USA follows the same path (which history proves she has) then what cycle are we at now? The first cycle starts in 1729, the 13 original states are formed, George Washington was born) -17 yrs. later the King George war. 1746 was the first cycle -Then 1763 the French Indian war. 2nd cycle – (Then 1776-83 Revolutionary war -3rd cycle) And on and on each 17 years the USA was in trouble or some kind of war! Then at the 11th cycle and the midnight hour! The 13th cycle was 1950-53 the Korean war. The 14th cycle was 1965 the Vietnam war through about now 1969-70. And now like Israel we enter the 15th cycle, we are in the last hour and like Israel the USA will go into captivity (dictatorship-anti-christ). Remember each cycle was 17 years concluding 15 cycles. Is it too much to say within the next 17 years the whole age ends! I feel it will before the 17 yrs. are up, but we are not sure when this last cycle starts, the date close to it is 1969-7O, ending through 1984-86. Like Israel at the 15th cycle of her Independence she went into captivity! And now the USA is at her 15th cycle since the forming of her 13 states! – I definitely feel the Lord will appear during this 15th cycle. The evidence is before or by 1977. However the cycle ends about 1984-86.” (We know the elect leaves before the end.) I believe Jesus will cut the cycle about half way. “Because He said time will be shortened for the Elects sake! (Matt. 24:22). The Lord reveals Israel’s past history to show us the future of the USA! The timing is of such perfection that certainly divine providence is working! Let us get ready for the most important event of all time the Rapture!! “At such an hour as ye think not the cycle will be cut short!”

The swiftness of the 70’s – In 1970 events will begin to form which will change the USA’s way of thinking. This society will take on a different look, with much trouble and turmoil. Problems will begin to mount soon following 1970-73. Events will happen with startling suddenness! New relationships will be formed concerning the USA and Europe, and Russia by or near the middle 70’s (1975-77). But the year 1970 will begin to show us what is coming into view concerning the next 31/2 yrs. ahead. It will seem, and I am shown that during this time events will all happen together! Many problems coming, new events never seen before, but great joy should be among the Elect as they draw closer together!

The polar cap (arctic ice) will one day melt as great climatic changes come. All this is leading to major catastrophic climate changes as the earth prepares for the Millennium (Rev. 21:1-2). I wrote of this long ago (scroll 13). Now scientists believe the Arctic ice pack is thinning and the ocean at the North Pole may become an open sea, within 10 years or more. But the Lord is to do away with most of the sea space during the 1,000 year reign (Rev. 20:6). The climate will be the same all over the world again.

The infallible godhead – If some are wondering if I am teaching Jesus (only) no, but he loves these people that believe in that doctrine too. But here is the way the Lord Jesus told me, and this is the way I believe – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost work together as one spirit, “in 3 manifestations” but not as three different Gods. Jesus said, my father and I are one. He that denieth the Father and Son are anti-christ.” (1 John 2:22). He that hath the Son already hath the Father.” Jesus and the Lord are one in the same Spirit. (Amen) (James 2:19) Satan believes this also and trembles! (What has happened is man has split the Godhead up until they have thousands of organizational “Heads” but no (working) God! Satan split the Godhead “divided” and conquered the Laity!!

31 Prophetic Scroll 

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