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Prophetic Scrolls 28

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


These two Scrolls explain the prophecies of the last 25 Scrolls which came to pass or are in the process of fulfilling-

Scroll.1 – Next inventions – the spirit prophesied man will perfect a radio or light beam. With the coming of the laser beam this is fulfilling perfectly, and from this the long sought super weapon will become a reality -“the death ray!” (This laser light may be used later to detonate a larger atom bomb. Read (Zech. 14:12)

Scroll. 1 Famine – in 1967-68 – famine covered many parts of the orient. It became so severe that some natives eat cow dung! National newspapers carried this fulfillment. More is yet to come. Two years after this prophecy, U. S. Government reported mass starvation will begin in certain nations before 1975! (St. Mark 13:8)

Scroll. 1 Prophecy and teenagers – we said music would get to a place it would lead teenagers to commit sex violations, lust, and cause rebellion! This certainly was fulfilled and if people couldn’t see it, they were blind! (II Tim. 3:6).

Scroll. 1- Next flying saucers – what we wrote in (scroll. 1 and 6) has perfectly come to pass, the saucer craze has increased into an epidemic nearly! With many weird clubs starting, super natural lights have been reported on the East and West Coast also many in Arizona.

World leaders (scroll. 1). We said that a Russian Leader and others would be involved with the Pope, and that he would meet with World Leaders. Shortly after this a Russian Diplomat met with the Pope for the first time in this century. Also right after this the Pope said he would work with Communist and even atheist to bring peace. (Plus since this we have also seen many Organizations merge together! (Scroll. 12; Rev. 17:5; II Thess.2:7-12)

Next – (scroll. 2) The Jews – We wrote that they would soon take much gold and silver back to Israel (to build their future temple (rev. 11: 1-2) This was partially (and magnificently fulfilled when during their short war in May 1967 they quickly raised millions of dollars to take back to Israel. Now if Israel starts to build the Temple then Nixon would be our last president (scroll. 17) unless he quits or dies (but if the Jews do not build during his term then he is not our last president). When Jesus came the first time (born) the people were laying the foundation of the Temple. (Herod) which was later torn down. (There will be several attempts on Nixon’s life, but no doubt he will survive them.)

We wrote on scroll. 6 and 7 about Billy Graham and Oral Roberts – not in criticism but what they would do (i’ll never forget some of them said i was for you 100% brother Frisby until you said oral would join the nominals.) One lady was just a little bolder (I won’t print it here) but I would like to see her face now! About one year later Oral Roberts announced he had joined the Methodist Church and would work with them! His ministry will still function, but oh! Look what happened to “Lot”! (Gen. 13:11) I believe on Scroll. 12, I said you begin to see this in 1968. (Billy Graham has been a very forceful figure in speaking. But Jesus warned us not to be involved in politics. (I am not speaking about voting.) On Scroll 13 we said ministers would intervene in politics For one thing Billy Graham secretly and outwardly worked for Richard Nixon! And since has met several times with him (talking unity) “There is nothing wrong with trying to help get the right man in.” But I speak by the mouth of the Lord! No matter how religion and politics attempt to bring unity and peace and how beautifully it looks, it won’t work. For this will wind up in the wrong hands at the end. Thus saith the lord!

Scroll. 2 Film capitol – we wrote that films would be inflamed with nude scenes and affairs. This certainly is coming to pass. With even more to be fulfilled! It’s possible T.V. companies have already purchased some of these films for use now or later.

Scroll. 4 Morals – we wrote dresses would become shorter and shorter until possibly they would wear none! Since this many have run out in the streets and on the beaches nude, including teenagers. Many night clubs has went topless afterwards. (Scroll 7) we said they would cover their bodies with paint! Need I say more; you can see this daily.

Scroll. 6 Teenage world – Jesus said their sins would double through narcotics. “Since” then the hippies have covered our streets like the locust and LSD nearly took the youth. (Scroll. 7) “We said the appearing of the Sodomites. Have you noticed how they look?'( I warned that orgies once hidden in the back room would appear boldly and publicly! (You can read much more on scroll 7) – More is yet to be fulfilled on all these ) subjects. (On scroll 7) I said homosexualism would reach into even some ministries! One noted Evangelist got mad when I printed this. You will be surprised to know what’s going on but this is not the time to reveal names when they hint against the prophetic ministry God will show you who they are. His organist came to my meeting, He needed deliverance from this Spirit ( II Tim. 3:8-9).

Scroll. 6- Great pyramids – we said man would make a discovery concerning the pyramids. Six months later scientists went there and used modern X-ray machines to try and find hidden things (they did). Some of it is kept secret until they finish the expedition. (Isa. 19: 19.20) Also the pyramid dates on scroll #11 concerning events has nothing to do with my prophecy. Some of the dates will be important and can be seen noticeably others will not be revealed openly!

Scroll #7 Revolution USA – Jesus commanded me to write (on scroll. #7) riots and bloodshed -teenage rebellion would catapult the nation through a change never seen before. “How accurate can Jesus be?” Months later after this was wrote the nation literally went into bloodshed and riots! What made this so remarkable, it was the worst in History! (Scroll. 12) Jesus said write the promotion of a civil war! We have sadly watched for 2 yrs. this fulfillment -with possibly more to come! They are going to try and promote a way out of this rebellion but this will be very costly in finances. Perhaps this is one reason that causes the USA to borrow money and join with the wrong forces (Rome -Rev. 17:5; Luke 21:25)

Scroll. #7 Inside Russia – Jesus spoke months in advance Russian satellites with warheads would appear over USA -the USA was shocked when mr. McNamara announced Russia indeed had the orbital bomb! The (next line we said the Vietnam comprised halt! This was partly (fulfilled) when L.B.J. suddenly announced peace plans: (Now I want you to notice -I did not say the war would end in 1968; Scroll 13) I said Russia would try to halt it on her terms! And in (scroll 16) I prophetically wrote L.B.J. would try to promote peace in 1968 and (until it ends!) Jesus is amazing! (On Scroll 4) I said imitators would come to try to pull the people away from the ministry. This has really happened. In fact one man came to Phoenix and copied the scrolls and said an angel had appeared to him, His initial is R. (but not 0. Roberts) “the scrolls are copy righted now.” We want our partners to feel free to use the Scrolls to deliver people.(Amen)

Financial problem (scroll 7) many said this was the most amazing prediction in this century. When I wrote of the coming “gold crisis” and formation of money (gold pool) that came! We wrote in my magazine several top officials would make the wrong move concerning the nation! This was partly fulfilled when they lifted the gold standard! Did you notice who went to the World Bank? The dollar has no value without gold. When the Jews and Rome wind up with all the wealth (gold). All this will show how much it hurt us, “later in History!” The world will have to bow to the false system! (Rev. 13:18) But before all this, will come many changes in our financial system! In our magazine and on Scroll. 25), we wrote our financial system would be revised some in late 1969-70. (1 said the dollar could be devalued, possibly before 1971. Soon we will begin to see what is ahead for 1971-72 when the real test comes! (Some ask if I meant we would have a depression. ( We might in one way). But not exactly, for men will even sell his soul for prosperity. Prosperity will return even if money tightens. (Read Dan. 8:25). Like Prosperity under restriction “one day soon wages could be controlled by the government!”

Men of god taken – with the passing of Raymond t. Richey and the sudden death of gifted Fred Gray and others the prophecy was partially fulfilled ( More is yet to happen. )

Scroll. #11 (Trouble for the F.B.I.) We wrote that Castro was allowing some defectors to come into Florida in order to create dissention and to spy. This was partially fulfilled. Remember Israel let in the wrong people and she paid a supreme price for it in judgment!

Fantastic inventions (scroll #7) since then the USA is about to put a man on the moon! On Scroll 16 we gave a general date. (Scroll 7) we wrote abortions would be legalized (suddenly it was!)

Scroll.7 part 2) Times and holidays. I wrote holidays would change. It has been reported Congress passed a law that all major holidays would be on Mondays starting in 1971. (Amazingly fulfilled (With more to happen! (Dan. 7:25)

President John F. Kennedy – (scroll 10) i wrote there was a conspiracy involved. Truly this has been proven true but the government will not accept evidence. The same is true about Martin Luther King (now this is my own opinion, but I feel that some of his workers or foreign agents close to him was possibly involved in his death). The same as the former the links would probably lead to, to close of quarters! Now let me make this statement and you can read it yourself on Scroll 10, I did not say R.F.K. would be President, but I used the word (perhaps) he would use J.F.K. photos later. (Shortly after I wrote he would have trouble and fail and so would the Democratic Party! My father is a witness to this. I walked in the door of the house and told him privately.(that both M. L. King and R. Kennedy would be removed from the world power scene shortly, with much bloodshed in the nation) You say why didn’t I tell everybody. I did to some personally. I told W. V. Grant the one about R.F.K.) But if you will remember before this I wrote several notable men would leave the scene in 1968.

The reason I am misunderstood, like the R.F.K. prophecy is because I have just a short space on the Scroll to explain myself. This is God’s plan to keep me from telling too much. Also He is giving me so much prophecy I am less likely to make a mistake.)

Great earthquakes, extreme weather and atomic destruction Scroll #11) (after i explain this i go into more precise events). I wrote the earth axis was changing and great earthquakes would come. Since that time

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