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Prophetic Scrolls 26

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


The t.v. Eye in the sky – the anti-christ will see all–men have invented satellites with t.v. cameras that can scan the earth surface in a matter of hours. This will make it hard for those who want to escape the mark during the Tribulation. (666-Rev, 13:13-18). Within 24 hours they will be able to locate every group of men or any strategic point in the world! The inventions being developed for our own use will fall in the hand of the anti-christ when he rises to power! With T.V. camera eyes watching every point of earth there will be no place to hide! God will hide some during the Tribulation (Rev. 12:6). (Man child already raptured Rev. 12:5). Also by satellite T.V. the world will see the Two Witnesses killed! (Rev. 11:3-9). Now infallible proof the Two Witnesses are Moses and Elijah, the Two Prophets of (Rev. 11: 3). Almost all prophetic writers agree Elijah is one of the witnesses (Mal. 4:5) But not so on Moses, some say the other one is Enoch! (Here is proof it is not Enoch. In Hebrews (11: 5) it says Enoch was translated that he should “not” see death! But “both” of the Two Witnesses will “die!” (But it says Enoch will “not” die!) Enoch was a first fruit type of the Bride who shall not die at rapture time!! God hid Moses body and no one could find his grave! Why? Because God had a future work for him to do (Deut. 34:6 -Jude 1:9). Jesus tells me to write this here: “His Two Witnesses appeared witch Him on the Mount of Transfiguration”. (Luke 9:30). God raised Moses body for a future work! The Two Witnesses die and are resurrected on the third day (Rev. 11: 11). Also Moses was a prophetic type of Christ. Moses died (disappeared) raised and they never discovered his body! (Deut. 34:6- Jude 1:9). Neither did the Jews discover what happened to Jesus body! (It disappeared) raised by God!

A world revolution – we spoke about this in part but there is no doubt about it i am warned a world rebellion will come in the 70’s -religious, economical (sin, revolution and rebellion). A whole new concept in law will be introduced and passed! It will come in the form of protection, peace, and freedom. This same peace later will be transformed into the beast! (Rev. 13:18). All this will fall into the hands of a world religious dictator. Thus saith the lord!

The emergence of a strong man – will also rise in Russia who will be on friendly terms with Rome and the u.s.a. I feel he will be seen before or about 1973 – But I am not told when he begins his clever plans of leadership. Later by surprise he will destroy much of USA (atomic) behold i have written it saith the lord (rev.18:8-9). (See scroll 21)

God fashioned man– before he put him in the garden (gen. 2:8) – I write this in case someone would dispute’ (scroll 18) When I was made (Adam) in secret and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth in thy book all my members were written, when as yet there was none of them! (Read it)

The covering of the first church Adam and Eve – Adam and eve (gen. 1:26, Psalm 104:2) were covered with brightness (anointing of God!). But when Eve listened to the serpent beast and convinced Adam also, they lost their bright “Glory” covering through sin! And the Church (people) who listen and believe the beast of (Rev. 13:18) at the end will also lose their brightness (anointing!) True to word Jesus said He would find them naked, blind and ashamed! (Rev. 3: 17) Afterwards when Adam and Eve lost the bright anointing through sin they put on fig leaves and hid in shame! Jesus tells me now the Bride will put on a bright anointing reading the scrolls (with Bible in His spirit) the covering “oil” the (anointing) to receive life at Christ appearing! (Heb. 1:9 Psalms 45.7) “Isaiah 60:1-2”!

The table of power and death -the end! – I am going to be honest as possible about this. It was during the night sleep I was caught up; I don’t know whether I was actually there in body or in spirit. Never the less I had my senses, to be able to report what I saw (except for one event I must hold.) I was looking down on a table and saw a group of men (religious and political) plotting the course of the whole world. Because they had control of all wealth and the earth. They chose one world religion and one government for all people. I was given and heard this scripture in the spirit (Rev. 17:11-12). They had absolute control of all commerce and trade! The fate of the world was in their hands. All this will sneak upon the people because of pleasure. They said we will destroy all who do not believe in peace! By this the people will have confidence. Their plans were for East and West (world trade) united together! They plan to ease in the mark or number to see who believed in peace or not. This clever plan was satanic for he alone planned the conference in the guise of a religious figure! Amen! One day the world will wake up controlled by these men, promising peace and freedom, but only death and hell appear. (Rev. 13:15). You see suddenly the Elect are caught up in the hands of Jesus! After this everything happens quickly, suddenly the world is in the hands of the anti-christ! A quick work. “The age is cut short!”

(By this message i’m not saying i have the only part but i do have a specific part -in the scrolls Jesus isn’t adding to the bible or taking away, but a continuing work of the spirit revealing a highly inspired written key message to reveal the 7th seal that was opened. (Rev. 8: 1). “I repeat some subjects twice so you will understand better” The only place the word scroll is used in the book of Revelations is after the 6th seal (Rev. 6:14). Jesus did this to show the 7th seal was connected to the scroll message! This scroll must be spiritually understood. (Like Rev. Chapter 10 it portrays this side of the rapture and also the side of the tribulation). God hid this for a reason and the 7th seal “silence” covers both sides. Also right at the end of the 6th seal, God uses the word sealing 14 times. (Rev. 6:12, Rev. 7:2) showing us what Jesus will do in (Rev. 8:1) the 7th seal “silence” (seals the Bride). He could have put this silence in (Rev. 4: 1) but this seal covers more than just the rapture! Under it and the 7 Thunders all that Adam lost is restored again! Even the Eden like new earth! (Rev. 21:1) Under this seal Satan is sealed in the pit. (Rev. 20:3). Under the 7th seal even the written word (Bible) turns back into the spoken Word (Jesus). And He is restored to the true Lord of all the earth. (St. John 1: 1, Zech. 14:9). Listen! saith He that holdeth the 7 stars and whose eyes are like flames! (Rev. 1:14-16). Write unto the Church of the first born. Write! These things saith He who is the Lion of the Thunders!! (Rev. 10:3). (At this point my eyes seem like fixed lightning) My pen is like fire! I pray this message will be burned into your heart! -When it thundered Moses came off the Mount with a written message! (Ex. 19:16, Ex. 34:29).

Notice in rev. 6: 1 there was one “thunder” – six messages were revealed! The 7th one was (silent) Unrevealed! (Rev. 8:1) Then (Rev. 10:4) there were 7 thunders and an unwritten message sealed up unrevealed! This is the key to the silence in (Rev. 8:1) The unwritten (key) message of the thunders fill in the silence and become a revelation message under the (7th Seal!) It is the thing Satan didn’t need to know (the rapture) and how God will call, separate and seal the Bride and certain events that will end the world!

The lion roars in (rev. 10:3) (Rev. 8:1) “Silence” When a lion roars in the jungle sudden silence will begin. The King of beasts is coming! Beast in Bible symbology means “power”. So Jesus roars “Thunders” the King of power is coming under the 7th seal “Silence!!” (Rapture) judgment follows quickly. (before the bible was made into a book it was in scroll form) – the seventh seal was opened and there was a silence in heaven about the space of a half hour! How long this is in God’s time is not certain. (Rev. 8: 1) And when the 7 Thunders uttered their voices John was about to write and a voice said seal up what the 7 Thunders uttered and write them not! But this will be written and fulfilled under the 7th Seal! God will reveal what those 7 thunders uttered. “John wrote on Biblical (scroll) parchment.” But in (Rev. 10:4) he was told to seal up a vacant (unwritten) scroll message. (Because it would be written and sent to the Bride at the end!!) (Rev. 10:4). The 7th seal which seals the bride with god’s signature “the lord Jesus Christ” (st. John 5:43) the Holy Spirit sealing of the 7th Church Age- (Thunder, Sealed) – see it was quiet in heaven all activity was in the thunders on earth (Rev. 10:4). He had left the throne to claim (seal) His Bride and later possess the earth and the 7

26 – Prophetic Scrolls 

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