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Prophetic Scrolls 27

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


The 7 Thunders is when the unwritten message is fulfilled! The vacant space that was closed up is to be revealed to the Elect at the end of the age! (Rev. 10:4). Although I speak of my part, “I do not speak for myself alone. But this space is for all those in the Bride work!” (for you) and all that the spirit seals in! This part of the Bible was hidden and will be “fulfilled in God’s saints” at the end! Let me make this plain right now unless I’m attacked. This 7th seal and these “7 thunders” are not just connected to this one thing! Secrets leading to the rapture take place here, the other 6 seals finish here, the 7th Church age finishes here! With Christ among the 7 golden candlesticks! (Rev.1:20). The 7 star messengers finish here! The 7 trumpets and the 3 woes end here. The 2 Witnesses appear here, the 7 last vial plagues finish here! (Rev. 15:8). It contains all the written and unwritten mysteries of God which are fulfilled in the 7 Thunders. “The Key to interpret the secrets to the book of Revelations.” This is God’s greatest seal, the seal that was hidden from Satan and revealed in the unwritten Thunders! Thus saith the lord this is the hour i have chosen to reveal the unwritten thunders! (Rev. 10:4) It looks like John’s unwritten scroll will have a message on it after all! Satan didn’t know how God was going to do this, it wasn’t even written. (Rev. 10:4) This part of the book of Revelations was unwritten, hidden from Satan. Satan knew about everything in (Rev.) but this empty space left that John sealed up! The mysterious 7th seal “silence” unites with the 7 Thunders, and John’s sealed up secrets will be opened with a written message! So what is happening right now in front of the churches eyes is partly the 7th seal silence and (Rev. 10:4)-The third call (last pull) is when God seals the Bride! (Don’t misunderstand me there will be others in heaven who do not receive the scrolls). But the scrolls are sent to a special group who believe and are sealed for a special anointing! They support and help give the cry. (Matt.25). They are a candlestick giving light! (Rev. 1:20, Matt. 5:14, 16) Some will have a personal testimony or gift. (I know this is true, but it has been and will be so secret and “anointed”) Satan won’t even know how to stop it, until, suddenly the Bride- is sealed! The 7th seal of life! (or death to the world) We won’t have to persuade anyone to be on my list. God will choose and send them!! “Behold saith the Lord read” (Hebrews 12:23, 25-29). For our God is a consuming fire.

The book of  Revelation is wrote in symbols – the only way to reveal it is to spiritually understand the symbols! In Bible symbology when lightning cuts through the air this portrays a Spirit message going forth. When the air expands then seals up you hear a thunder! Thunder is connected to Revelation (Writing), judgment, its associated with sealing. It confirms a finished work! (Rev. 8:1) (Rev. 10:4). Have long been a total secret -The mystery of the 7th seal “silence” is also how he will possess the earth and end the age! Daniel wondered to (read Dan. 12:8-9). When the 7th seal scroll is (revealed) the end starts! -The whole book of Rev. is tied to the “7th seal and the 7 thunders!” (Rev. 10:4-6; time ends in them!). If Satan knew how God was going to do all this before hand he would have caused trouble immediately! (When Jesus opened each seal it absolutely was a written scroll (Rev. 5:1; Rev.6:1). But when Jesus opened the 7th seal there was silence! (Rev. 8:1). John wrote nothing (but there is to be!) Watch, when the 7 thunders uttered John was forbidden to write what was spoken! He was commanded to “seal up” the “unwritten” scroll! (Rev. 10:4) John knew his blank unwritten sealed up “scroll” message of the thunders (would be revealed). And this he was forbidden to write, because the rapture would be connected to it! John took a book of rolls out of the angel’s hand. (Bible parchment) After the seals were broken they became written scrolls! He ate it (read it) digested it and was purged and cleansed. (Rev. 10:9). He fore typed exactly what would happen to the Elect at the end. (This is true) But only the Wise will know! (Dan. 12:10). Each church age had an angel (messenger) Rev. Chapter 1,2, and 3. Rev. 1:20 Paul was the messenger in the first age, Paul wrote on parchment scrolls and by the Holy Spirit “sealed” the elect bride of his day in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! The Bride of each age is sealed (Eph. 4:30 -Eph. 1:13) One Lord! One Faith! One baptism! (Eph. 4:5). Only the predestined receive the Seal of God! Eph. 1:4-5. Paul’s parchments (written scrolls) were for the elect! We are in the 7th church age now! (Rev. 3:14). God is now going to “seal” the bride so the oil (spirit) does not leak out during the great temptation hour! (When sealed, you are God’s property. Then Satan can not pull you into that great religious organization (Rev. 17:5.). This happens under the 3rd and last call! (The 7th seal) “silence”! (Now watch or you will miss it) – The 5 foolish and 5 wise virgins (Matt. 25: 2). When the midnight cry was given (it’s happening now) both the wise and foolish were asleep (silence) but when both awakened the wise had “oil” and the foolish had none (their lamps went out) but the wise still had oil! Why didn’t it leak out? Because just before this they received the “seal of God” and were sealed unto redemption (rapture) under the 7th seal “sealing” (Rev. 8:1) – The foolish had the word (lamp) but the wise had the true revelation of the word “oil” (spirit) and were sealed in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! (Some of the foolish possibly never had received oil, but some were Pentecostals who let their oil leak out! In Noah’s day just before the storm there was a “silence” then it thundered! And Noah was “sealed in” the ark (Gen. 7:16). I know this was a fore type of sealing 144,000 Jews (Rev. 7:4). But it is also a type of what God does to the bride! While Adam and Eve were asleep, Adams side was Sealed (elect Gen. 2:21). Eve typed the foolish (Matt. 25:5). (The mystery of the silence (Rev. 8:1). God does not exactly speak how he will do it at the end but writes it! The 7th Seal opens with a scroll message. (Rev. 10:4) A message that seals the chosen! “This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes!” It is the Holy Spirit seal of God confirming the bride (The 7th seal, God’s finished work upon the earth) Daniel said I heard and understood not. The words were sealed up until the end, but the wise now would understand! (Dan. 12:8-10; Rev. 8:1, Rev. 10:4). The people predestined to believe the scrolls are a candlestick giving light! (Anointed). The lion spirit of Christ seals the Bride! Rev. 10: 3 St. John 6: 27) and the lying spirit of the anti-christ will seal the false church. Satan seals his and the spirit of God will not go in! God seals his and the spirit of Satan can’t get in! (A written law will be handed to the false church sealed with death (the mark 666). A written message will be handed to the wise (scroll form) Rev. 10:9. (The silent scroll Rev. 8:1). The 7 thunders were also connected to the writing of the Bible! There is only one anointing! Like what is on the scrolls and that is the Biblical anointing to write, Paul received it) The Lion! Spirit of prophetic drama! (Amos 3:8-9; Rev. 10:3). I want to make this plain, I am no special person because I am used in writing the scrolls. But Jesus is the special one (Rev. 1:14-19; Rev.2:11; Rev. 2:8, 12, 18; Rev. 3:1, 7, 14; Rev. 8:1). Even before I knew all this I was told to use Bible parchment (scrolls) to write a message on. I did not know why at first-I have written for 2 years (and the Heaven departed as a Scroll (Rev. 6:14; Isaiah 29:11, 14). But go thy way Neal the wise will understand the time is at hand! (Dan. 12:10) the anointing scrolls and “the cry went forth behold the bride groom cometh!” (The Lord). Woe be unto him that mocketh these sayings” (Read these scrolls often (in prayer) and you will receive the “anointing oil” Psalms 45:7).

When there was a wedding in Bible times they sent written (scroll) invitations. We are now getting ready for the Marriage Supper of Christ (Rev. 19:9) and He saith unto me write blessed are they which are called unto the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

I thought I would have no room left on the Scrolls but Lo and Behold there was space left on the Scroll. What a significance (is this your space the (wise) Oh! what a privilege what will you do in this 7th Seal Silence and “Thunders” The Space is your (Seal) prayer space and work! Praise Him! (Dedicate) your name in this Space! This is For His Saints (Rev. 1: 16). Behold saith He who has the sharp two edged sword. Read “Luke 10:20”. I Neal a messenger of Jesus Christ salutes you all – (Amen)

27 – Prophetic Scrolls 

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