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Prophetic Scrolls 29

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


Since that time thousands have died in earthquakes The ground has been torn up with large cracks (scr. 2) Now let me explain so you will understand about Atomic destruction and the Calif. earthquake which is coming! I said I feel most of this happens after 1969 ending later in the 70’s (this is not predicting any certain year) “But here is my own honest opinion” -The Atomic destruction could come between 1977 and 1983, with the elect leaving between 1973- 77. And California’s last major earthquake could happen between 1972-77- Now Jesus might slip in and rapture the Elect by or around 1973, “if’ so Atomic destruction would come in 1977 with the Calif. earthquake before this. Now many dates on the scrolls are given directly from the Lord, but these dates are my own opinion, but they won’t be far off the mark either! (On scrolls 5 and 8 one of these two dates gives us the key closest to the rapture (No one knows the exact day) (Read Rev. 18:8-9).

Future insight – spectacular events – scr. 13) How perfectly this is coming to pass! We wrote in 1969 costly disaster would come to the nation and California. Upheavals weather wise and catastrophic storms -Part of Calif. became like a river (January) today the paper said over 96 died in floods and mud slides with scores of other deaths reported! Property damage is running into the millions. The United States is suffering in subzero weather, snows and floods. (Read scr. 13, 16) “and in our Sept. letter and Scroll #22 we said the picture was grim and horrible this is exactly the news statements!”

Foreseen rise of movie stars and political women – Did you notice movie star Paul Newman and Katherine Hepburn sponsored McCarthy? And Frank Sinatra, Kirk Douglas, Danny Thomas and many more stars entered politics to help H. Humphrey. The prophecy transpired amazingly. And even now as we know many women went into political office all across the country. More of all this will take place in the future blending religion with politics!

Great revival in the west. This will happen and the Lord is showing me things about it now. Only the way this is going to take place is truly going to be different than anyone ever realized. (What I mean is the beginning of it!) I will say this, the Lord will have me praying for the sick again among the people. When he does we will see some unusual miracles! Truly you will say afterwards why didn’t I get behind this ministry in a greater manner.”Now in the first revival crowds were large, but this next revival is going to be smaller among the Elect of God! For the foolish will not be able to stand the word and power! Separation coming! (Joel 2:23).

The LSD also the birth of monsters – (scr. 12) Since this prediction many children have been born in horrible conditions. This has caused many teenagers to quit taking this drug.

The supreme court  (Scr.#12) The Spirit wrote would pass many laws that look good, but will change our Society! ) Since this Communist has been allowed to work in our defense plants! Much more will be fulfilled. The spirit of false religion and modernism allow this!

Future insight – (scr. #13) I was shown much unrest and uprising in labor for 1968-69 truly this has been dramatically fulfilled! I said we would be forced under a police state. During the riots we saw this partially fulfilled. Jesus wrote the year 1968 would be the worst year of calamity and bloodshed! (Perfectly fulfilled!)

Prophecy and president Johnson – (scr. 13) Jesus said in 1968 a change of times were coming for everyone, and that the Republican would win. ( #11) We wrote President Johnson wouldn’t be in the White House much longer. Three months after this was written he withdrew from the race! All the above has happened. Watch how the nation will even change more by 1973 -What looks like peace and freedom coming will turn into a nightmare in the middle 70’s.

I wrote spectacular events and terrible tragedy coming for Calif. 1968-69 – Did you notice R.F.K. was killed in Calif.? (Also in same paragraph on scr. 13 concerning Great Lakes, etc. someone ask me if the rest of this would take place in 1968-69 – No, all this will take place going into the Tribulation! (Except 1968-69 I said religious figures would intervene in politics! this happened).

Scr. 16 in one sense of the word the lord revealed much about Ronald Reagan – When even he himself said he would not be a candidate, the lord showed me he would announce himself for the presidency. In Miami he announced himself for the presidency. This I was shown with several other things caused me to misunderstand the meaning. Also I saw him in events dealing with Washington, D.C. and Calif. This happened with R.F.K. death. But while under this powerful anointing I’m under now I would like to explain something. Several years before this from my platform I said the Republicans would be in the White House again, and Richard Nixon would possibly be the very one to go in. This was publicly made. But after this I was shown a star and through misunderstanding a symbol (I only knew in part) I Cor.13:9 – On scr. 19 I said watch Ronald Reagan, but did you notice God would never definitely let me predict this on a scroll (but only said watch. #16) I was trying so hard not to make a mistake until I actually almost made a blunder. But, did you read (June letter) Jesus showed me a light took the Republicans to the White House. God is perfect. (Is this the USA’s last chance to repent!). This caused me to seek Jesus in such a way that His anointing is even stronger than ever and I will write with greater wisdom.

Foreseen the fall of Great Britain – Trouble started for Great Britain right after this was wrote and we will see more for them in 1969- 70. It will be along about 1975 before they go into a type of dictatorship (yea the Spirit of the Lord doeth I warn her!) (II Tim. 3:1-2).

1970 the shaping of things to come – A new trend will be forming and new policies will begin for the USA – (this starts late 1969 thru 71.)

The strange cycle and weather pattern – (scr. 16) We wrote that 1969 would be a record breaking winter and that it would bring sickness and virus! I also wrote something sinister would be in the air for the rest of 1968 -In scroll #22 and Sept. later I saw death, horror in the nation. Truly part of this was fulfilled with the flu plague, the worst in a decade. Hundreds died across the nation, 46 states were paralyzed.

Scr. 17 – predictions for june through Dec. 1968 – I wrote, i am shown there is something lurking in the air fatalistic of a sinister nature and should reach impact and climax around the fall! We wrote without one doubt we are in store for tragic events and predictions would transpire of a nature to amaze the whole nation: We wrote it will have been quite some time since so much has happened in such a brief period of time. This began with the death of R.F.K. (June)

Scr. 18 – We said Richard Nixon would find the going harder toward summer. He did in some places. (And Ronald Reagan would come into view. This happened.) Many people prayed for R. Nixon to win. (Let us see if he abides with God or is misled!)

I wrote the two party system would change (scr. 2) – Not many noticed this but a year later George Wallace started a Third Party. This partly brought to pass this prophecy, but the prophecy means more than this. Within seven years we won’t even have the same type Party System. Great changes are ahead! Finally leading to (Rev. 17:5)

Date 1970 (scr. 12) – This will be a crisis to do with a war or leading to trouble with other nations. But Jesus showed me by prayer this can or will be weakened. Anyway we will see a crisis or what it could or will lead to! Also while the world is fussing and fighting outward (plans are going on underneath to merge together about this time “and later will outwardly!”

From august 24 up until december the unexpected will occur – This happened when r. Nixon went into office. Plus this pertained to the weather and people.

Vietnam war – We said some type of overture would come just before election time: this happened! Bombing halt (scr. 22) Jesus said earth shattering events coming. A mighty earthquake hit the middle of the USA and shook 24 states. This fall rampaging rebels caused bloodshed over the nation’s colleges. Scroll #22 We put a great change is predestined we saw this fulfilled with the Republican win. (Scr. 22) will most likely be one of the greatest scrolls because it was only partially fulfilled this fall! It has a dual prophecy which will prove to utter perfection when it has finished its course. The labor unions and strikes almost paralyzed the nation this autumn! Not only did it cover this fall but it will cover the next few years perfectly. One minister wrote he didn’t have time to preach judgment about Calif. Yet one week later Calif. had its worst flood disaster in 31 years. “But the Lord warned already a year before with startling accuracy!” (Scr. 13) (The Spirit wrote Calif. would be in for a shock in 69 (Sept. letter)

Scr. #22 – Edward Kennedy – I saw important events around him and wrote the unexpected would push him forward. This was fulfilled perfectly, when by surprise he tried for the “senate majority whip,” and won, instantly! Someone ask me if what I was withholding about him was the Presidency. Not exactly, it concerns what just happened and another event later.

Our Sept. Letter said – The police system and arm guards would be mobilized. – This was fulfilled in a sweeping fashion! Police literally lined our colleges, Calif. Riots and bloodshed! This also happened where every candidate was speaking. Some might have failed to see this – (Richard Nixon will have trouble involving the nation’s finances during his term). We wrote there would be war and trouble in Africa! This was partly fulfilled with war in the Congo with much bloodshed! A world revolution is coming in the 70’s. (May I say this to everyone this is only a fraction of what has been happening. Much more will be fulfilled which is on the scrolls.)

29 Prophetic Scroll 

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