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Prophetic Scrolls 25

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


Behold the eye of the lord hath seen it all! – England will be completely changed and renovated by 1975! It will go under a type of dictatorship, this could be the Common Market controlled by Rome. The next few years the UNO will gradually change into or give away to one power joined to the U.S.A. I am not given a date but this is “my opinion” between 1973-76! (There will be a warning quake on the West Coast in 1969!) A structural and extreme change will come to U.S.A., Russia and Africa between 1970 and 1975. Germany will have national problems in 1972. (In our magazine we spoke about change coming to England’s government -this did not necessarily mean leader.)

Future dramatic and climatic events of tantamount and paramount importance – I am shown the U.S.A. will suffer another world crisis between 1974 and 1975!! (1970, 71, 72 will be fatal years for the U.S.A. plus (weather, floods, blizzards and earthquakes.) The economical pattern will change again during the period 1971-73. We will see an early trend of this in late 1969-70 (also this could mean devaluation of the dollar or redesigned later! (Scroll 16). But I have set no definite date on the devaluation part. However, 1971-72 holds a real test for the U.S.A. A strong delusion will appear. Unexpected events will happen, concerning religious organizations. The bible will lose its supernatural meaning to millions! Also I foresee several false messiahs will arise (1971-75) The Lord is not slack concerning His promises! The great Judge watches the nation and shall judge it according! (1975-77 watch) Oh people of this nation how oft would I have gathered you but ye would not come! From this time forward shall (another spirit overtake and gather thee!) And in 1969-70 we will see great pressures in the Middle East! Also due to famine and lack of finance, will cause many nations to change and do things they ordinarily would not have succumbed to! The world is now planning to come together to save itself from war, hunger, and self destruction, but it will fall in the hands of the anti-christ (Rev. 13). At first it will look good but will fail! Man can not bring peace himself. The next few years will bring epidemics, volcanic eruptions; islands will appear out of the sea (the whole earth will be groaning while we wait for Christ!!)

The translation of Elijah was a future type translation of the bride – (II kings 2:1). The incarnate Elijah was a prophetic type of the Lord’s Elect Church the spectrum of power! And Elijah typed the kind of anointing that will rest upon the closing (Church) Elect, of which finally became so powerful Elijah disappeared in a celestial chariot, a whirlwind fire!! (raptured to heaven). The Bride will soon have the same experience! Jesus will swoop down for us like He did Elijah, as we leave a whirlwind of fire (II Kings 2:11). Invisible to the world (Rev. 3:3). But the next time He returns all the world will see Him. (St. Matt. 24:29-31). The Bible speaks of supernatural chariots, David said the large chariots of the Lord are about 20,000 (Psalms 68:17). It is interesting to note in (Isaiah 66:15) that the Lord will come with fire and His chariots, like the whirlwind. Perhaps the Lord will allow us to leave in a celestial chariot exactly as Elijah did! (II Kings 2:11) Just before this event, even as Elijah withstood Jezebel and her 500 false prophets, so will the Bride stand against and hurl the message at the false church of today. (Rev. 17:5). Jezebel was a prophetic type of today’s false harlot churches. (Rev. 2:20). She was united (married) to Israel’s King Ahab (I Kings 21:7). “Jesus pulls back the curtain to a future time zone and reveals to me this is a prophetic view of what will happen to America (the harlot church a type of Jezebel spirit will control the U.S.A.” (Rev. 17:5) like she controlled Israel with her false preachers! I saw a quick flash and money or gold is the root and will have something to do with this coming control! (Rev. 13). The Lord told me a false leader would come to America (watch Nixon he said let us unite I will bring you together -Scroll #17) But another sinister figure could appear soon! On the scrolls we put the name President) but religion will finally get such a dictator control this leader may be called by a different title. “Although I think the leader will still go by the name president.” But no matter we know that he will be a false (star) prophet! And will be committed to this harlot church system (Rev. 17:5) I also feel that a literal woman will hold a very high place of great power in America and will be a powerful figure! Israel was a perfect type during the days of Elijah of what the U.S.A. will be exactly like at the end! “Thus saith the Lord even as Jesus was a star out of Jacob. (Num. 24: 17) so also shall a star rise out of the seed of Cain, who shall be the glory of Satan and he shall mark the world! The weak and the mighty shall tremble because of him, believest thou this and thou shalt gain great wisdom! I’m not predicting that this is when it happens but I am told many strange events will begin to happen to America in 1971-72-73!

Next Elisha a prophetic type of the tribulation period – at the departure of Elijah his mantel fell upon Elisha! And as today’s Elect they too so to speak will shed their mantel upon the tribulation saints and Jews, and leave in a burst of glory! After Elijah left Elisha came to Bethel (the religious System of that day (Satan’s seat) upon this arrival he was met by 42 youths and they made fun and did not believe Elijah had been raptured! Then God brought judgment on the 42 youths, by sending two bears upon them, striking them with deathly judgment ( II Kings 2 :24). Also after the Elijah saints are raptured today’s youth and worldly religious leaders will also mock the rapture, the same as Elisha’s mockers did! And will persecute those bitterly who are left (Rev. 12:5, 6, 17). But the same thing will happen to them that happened to Elisha’s mockers! History will repeat once more as we note a prophetic type of this in the events of the great Tribulation. In the Tribulation again two terrible beasts will rise and devour the earth. (Rev. 13:2) The Russian Bear is joined to this. This beast will go forth to destroy for 42 months! (Rev. 13:5). Again Israel is purged and torn by this symbolic bear! They were 42 youths and the Tribulation is 42 months! This also denotes Israel as a young nation today again 1946-47 – One translation says the children were youths, possibly the age 18-25 modern Israel is nearing the same age – watch!

The 7th seal (silence) -the seven thunders (Rev. 8:1 Rev. 10:3). In (Rev. 10:4) John was told not to write what he heard, but to seal it up (unwritten). Then we see when the 7th Seal was opened there was a silence, because the 7th angel had finished speaking his message. (Rev. 10:7). Now there was nothing revealed on the 7th Seal. John did not write it. (Rev. 10:4) A written message is connected to the 7th Seal a silent message (written). The Church Age ends in this Seal, the 7 Thunders, the 7 vials, the plagues and even time will end under this 7th Seal! Mystery! -Rev. 10:4 said the 7 Thunders uttered their voices! What I am about to write is by no means all that is revealed in the Thunders. I am going to type what happens when it thunders in the natural (Just before a storm (tribulation) there is a silence (Rev. 8:1) -When it thunders in the natural we know that animals run together each to his own kind, quail with quail, sheep with sheep they know a storm is coming! Now about the time the 7 Thunders start the elect will suddenly run (unite together) to receive Christ at His return! And the false powerless churches will unite ready to receive the anti-christ. (Both unite to each his own kind). Then the rapture! Thunder! (storm is coming run to Jesus). We know that when the midnight cry was given the foolish and wise were both asleep (Matt. 25:5) but the Bride (wise) were sealed (thunder)! They received (Gods Seal) “rain” (revival, word and power) because they had the oil (spirit). Now something they receive in the thunders that the foolish didn’t see or hear! “John wrote on Biblical (scroll) parchment. But in Rev. 10:4 he was told to seal up a vacant (unwritten) scroll message.” (Because it would be written on and sent to the Bride at the end!!) Rev. 8:1. It is revealed just before Jesus appears! (Part of it is happening now, it is not being spoken but it is being written. (Rev. 8:1 Rev. 10:4) I better not say anymore at this time. The Bible called us fishers of men, and if you talk too much at the wrong time, you won’t catch any fish! Paul said the Bride, will be “sealed” with a spirit message! Read also Rev. 10: 10 (and scroll 23) also (Rev. 6:14) up until the 7th seal. He is a Lamb. At the 7th Seal He turns into the lion “judgment” (Rev. 10:3)

The total end -the western imperial roman empire crumpled in 476 a.d, – now 1500 years later modern Babylon (papal Rome rev. 13) could begin to fall 1976-77! If we are still here by 1972 I predict the people that have the scrolls will be able to see this much more clearly. England discovered the late Mother Shipton prophecy hundreds of years ago. (She put the end before or between 1983-86). But the rapture is before the end! (No one knows the exact date). Her 1983-86 could mean 7 years after the tribulation, because some Jews will still be here in 1986 also people left after” Armageddon (Zech. 14:16). Because the Bible states it takes the Jews 7 years to cleanse the earth and bury the dead. (Ezek. 39:9-12). Then Jews enter the Millennium old world ends. (Rev. 20:4). “But even allowing for this extra 7 years,” I definitely feel it will all be finished long before 1986. Because I was inspired to write the Elect could leave in the 1970s through 79 (Read scrolls 8, 11, 12) 1 am sure the rapture is closer than any realize! The scrolls are surely a 20th Century Mystery. I’m positive the date close to Christ return is already written on the scrolls by the Holy Spirit. Jesus said the day and the hour are not to be revealed, but He never did say we would not know the “Season or even the year!”

25 – Prophetic Scrolls 

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