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Prophetic Scrolls 24

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

The cloud and the pillar of fire “phenomena” returns at the midnight hour (Ex. 13:21) –The cloud that rested on and went before elective Israel will now cover the Bride and separate them from the foolish and the world! In other words the anointing will become so strong it will be seen at times like a cloud! All outside this dynamic haze of power will miss the rapture. (God will cover His saints!) This doesn’t mean necessarily that every person will see it. But that many of them will. And that at night it will be the Pillar of Fire and will guide the Elect in the darkest hour of temptation! It will now set upon the true elect! Thus saith the lord it shall surely come! Great miracles will be worked under this Pillar of Fire and around the cloud! (Holy Spirit) The hour is here for the separation. (Read cloud of witnesses Hebrews 12: 1). The prophetic utterance out of the cloud will lead the Elect!

The significant eclipses of the sun, and moon, also the gathering of (the 7 star planets transiting one constellation in 1968) – god forewarns through eclipses (rev. 6:12). I want to say right here do not misunderstand me I am not Star teaching but bringing the words of what Jesus said in (Luke 21:25). (And if anyone starts a rumor I am may God deal with them.) My job is not to interpret the Stars but to bring the word of God. Astronomers inform us in (7 B.C.) several years before Christ was born there was a gathering of major planets in one place! Scientist informed us this has happened again (Aug. 1968). Is it possible God is trying to tell us that there is just a few years left? Also these events occurred while I was writing (scroll 23) -Then in Sept. there was a massive solar eclipse (which the scripture depicts as always a forerunner of bad tidings!) But most remarkable of all it was capstoned in Oct (1968) by the “total eclipse” of a full moon and it was reported as being dark red in color at the eclipse moment over the Western part of the U.S.A.! (Evidently there will be a very important quake and significant events in Calif. in the years ahead!) This also foreshadows changes in a different type of leadership, the government and changes in its people! The destiny of America will now finish her course in the next few years!! This also is telling us of the horrible scenes of the Tribulation which is approaching. The moon has its prophetic place. The Word speaks of it being turned to blood during the apocalyptic events that will unfold during the day of the Lord! (Joel 2:28-31.). At this moment Jesus definitely warns me to put these scriptures here as proof (Rev. 6: 12; Rev. 16:16). Like in (Rev.) these modern eclipses are foreshadowing catastrophic events and a very eventful 7 years ahead! Jesus said ye shall see signs in the Heavens, the Stars and the moon! “This day is part of this fulfilled!” At the beginning of the year we had one total eclipse of the moon and a partial eclipses of the sun (March). Martin Luther King was assassinated (April) – Soon after the total eclipse of the moon over Washington, Robert Kennedy was assassinated (June) and now the end of the year ends with what we first spoke about, and more National trouble will follow here is something of interest -Astronomers inform us a great comet appeared in 12 B.C. about 7 years before Christ was born. History definitely records in 44 B.C. a brilliant light appeared in the heavens and Caesar was assassinated. (I feel a Pope will be to but there is a mystery about it!) Keep your eyes open more signs will appear! (Luke 21:25) It was reported in the early part of the day in (Sept.) a clear bright star stayed, near the sun a long time! (This is a scientific fact just before the solar eclipse!) “Although not all, some scientist said it was the bright star Regulus.” (God tells me all this foreshadows a prominent and unusual leader will come to America.) Notice Jesus is now backing up with signs in the heavens, the Leader that I have said would come to America. These signs portend that this Leader will be unusual and different than what it seems at first. He will rise along with the anti-christ and the mark -666.

Behold how the mighty and valiant men fall!! – (Read Nahum 2:3) “This prophecy has a double meaning. One for Nahum’s day and one for our day.” The shield of his mighty men are made red (Russia) -The Valiant men are in scarlet (Rome the anti-christ system) joined to USA (Rev. 17:2-3) the three, make up the world system until Russia separates at Armageddon! (Read Scroll #3). This was to happen in the day of the Lord’s coming (Nahum 2:3). The chariots (cars) would run like the lightning! (Fast and some radar controlled.) When Christ appears the cars will resemble an egg like or (fish body shape!) The fir tree is terribly shaken “when a bomb is exploded (tested) it shakes trees hundreds of miles away”. Watch also our highways will under go vast changes in the 70’s and radar controlling will come into view about the time Christ appears. Here is something very interesting (read Nahum 2:9-13). She is (void) and empty. (USA-England the Lion) where is the dwelling place of the Lion. Even the young lions where the old lion walked and did tear pieces for his whelps (USA, Canada, etc.) Behold I am against thee and I will burn her chariots (war material) in the smoke (Atomic war.) There is great evidence this could take place by 1977 (read scroll 8) and the sword will devour the young lions! (Canada, USA, etc.) and the voice of thy messengers (Prophets of USA) shall no more be heard!

The supreme court of Daniel’s day ruled against prayer – Dan. 6:7-10. The people including Daniel were stopped from praying to the invisible God. (They also made an image Dan. 3:10). This was a prophetic picture of what will happen in our time. The U.S.A. Supreme Court has already ruled against prayer in the schools. The President and Princess of Daniel’s day correspond to the high court of our day. When the Supreme Court blends into Church and State they will stop prayer to the invisible God and demand worship to a living person (anti-christ) with formed image (Church and State united).

Fidel Castro the Assassinator – I am shown F. Castro has been involved and in some cases directed several assassinations (in a case like Castro it is hard to trace the work back to him, due to others under him.) But the Lord knows where the plans originate. The Bible says if you live by the sword you will die by it. – I see one day Castro will have to face this or flee! I am not given a date but I feel this happens less than one year or two or sooner.

A huge snake foreseen (the incarnation of pure evil) – I was shown a giant reptile coiled around a wicked woman. Rev. 17: 4. The woman turned into a large united (one) organization, and squeezed the life (Spirits) out of the masses! The snake was Satan, the final incarnate of pure evil. (Rev. 13:18) The lukewarm protestants – possibly all unite by 1973 and joining the catholic spirit as one by 1975 -afterwards uniting into one world government offering world peace by issuing a mark or # 666. But within a few years complete global warfare will start (atomic). On Scroll #11 we wrote of spies and espionage in Fla. It is being suppressed but news releases say the F.B.I. are gathering up spies in Florida. There are more F.B.I.’s now in Florida than ever before!)

24 – Prophetic Scrolls 

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