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Prophetic Scrolls 23 Part 2

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

The seven trumpet angels Rev. 8:6 – the three woes and the seven last vial plagues – god gives us a short but amazing picture of his last prophetic mysteries! This has never been written exactly like this before – With the finishing up of the Seals the judgments of God have been mixed with mercy (Rev. 6: 12) And the Great Tribulation begins to come to a climax, blending into the time when the seven Trumpet angels sound. (Rev. 8:6) Judgment now becomes more severe! And during the Tribulation God already dealt with the Tribulation saints. The Bride has been gone for at least 31/2 years before this time (But the Tribulation saints felt the wrath of the anti-christ) but now he himself is about to be visited with swift Judgment and divine retribution! The Jews are being sealed and protected as the last drama of the world takes place! The anti-christ tribulation is only a burning match to the fire of the mighty explosion and convulsions which the world is getting braced for! “As they enter the great and notable day of the lord” – now the anti-christ and his hordes of satanic worshipers will feel the most powerful plagues ever poured out in the world! The Tribulation is one event when God deals with other sheep that are not (of His Bride-fold).They are tribulation saints and Jews, etc.” But the Great and Notable day of the Lord is different, in that He deals fully with the anti-christ beast system! (the 144,000 Jews are protected Rev. 7:3-4). The two great world shaking events are separate and distinct. One can glance quickly (at Matt. 24:29) which says after the tribulation of those days the world shall be darken, etc. The total darkening of the sun and moon and when the stars fall (separate the two events) in (Rev. 6:12-17) The Tribulation blends into a different event called the Great Day of the Lord, and climaxes Armageddon where celestial convulsions and explosions take place. Not many know the events are different, but they are.

The beginning of the last sorrows and ending of this present world – read carefully as i bring each timely event and place it in the right position. Upon entering the Great Day of the Lord and the judgments begin to pick up momentum on the nations when the first 4 Trumpet angels sound. (Rev. 8:7, 12, 13) After this it intensifies even more, as the first woe and the fifth Trumpet sound (Rev. 9:1, 3 and 12) And the locust demons cover the earth, with power like scorpions! Now the sixth Trumpet sounds and the “second woe” starts (Rev. 9:13, 16) With this 200,000,000 demonic infernal horsemen are turned loose! And a third part of man are killed! (Rev.9: 18) With this the judgment is about to reach an intense crescendo, as God will now begin to gather them to Armageddon. (Rev. 16:16) where the blood flows 5 feet high for 200 miles! As the “third woe”, starts quickly when events blend into the 7th Trumpet (Rev. 11:14-15) with the sounding of the 7th Trumpet angel, swift judgment follows! (Now remember all of Gods children are out. (Rev. 15:2) and now the 7 most powerful plagues the world has ever seen begin, (Rev. 15:7). Watch this carefully. The seven vial plagues of the 7th Trumpet were more devastating and more universal in scope than the first 6 Trumpets. They become almost unbelievable under the third woe! (The difference is degree and in scope each.) For instance the second Trumpet affects only one third of the sea. (Rev. 8:9) where in the second vial of the 7th Trumpet turns all the sea into blood and destroys all life in it! (Rev. 16:3) Remember the first six Trumpets only have one plague each, but the 7th Trumpet releases seven last vial plagues, universal in scope!! (Rev. 16: 1) With this the whole world is in gross darkness, as men gnaw their tongues in pain and seek death! No repentance left. All life in the sea perish as the mountains and islands flee away! And men crawl beneath the rocks of the earth. “Behold this is the day of the great god almighty.” Possibly 11/2 billion people die before the plagues are stopped! The world as we know it is changed. When the seventh angel sounded Jesus said it was done! (Rev.16:17) Moses was prophetic type of this only his plagues were minor to these! (Ex. 8) Here are the events that are fulfilled under the last 7th vial plague (Rev. 16:17-20). The main events are: Great atmospheric explosions with thunders and lightning! (2) The greatest earthquakes the world has ever known, as Jerusalem is divided into 3 parts! (3) The great cities of the nations fall. (4) Great hail falls. (5) Mystery Babylon receives the fullness of God’s wrath! (6) The destruction of the anti-christ and the chaining of Satan! Also the shame of the nations who did not die! (Zech. 14-16.)

Time and eternity – (the past, present and future) they are all the same to god (he created time when he created death) what is time? There is no such thing as time with God. (It is eternal) Time was created when God announced death on Adam and Eve! If they or people did not have to die there would be no such thing as time! It would be eternal. Dying produces a ‘Time Limit” -to God there is no past or future. Everything is past to Him, “He already knows all that is future.” That makes it all past tense! The fourth or all dimensions are only normal to Him, (but future to us). There is no beginning or ending with God. So there is no time for Him, only man has a time limit (cycle) and it is about finished! God gave man 72 years to live or slightly longer (a time limit). If we were eternal like God the time factor would disappear! If we have “Jesus” at death we will change out of this time zone and step into the eternal zone (life) “At the rapture the body changes, our time stops and blends into eternity.” (No time limit!) People who go to hell will be there probably millions of years, yet they will not have eternal life like the saints will. “For ever” is not the same as eternal! I have a feeling something will happen. There is more to the spiritual death they suffer in (Rev. 2:11) than we have a right to know! The fact death came to man is a prophetic picture of what God will do eventually unless he has (Jesus) eternal life! Whatever happens to hell we know one thing it will seem like eternity to them (but it will not be the same as God’s eternity!) – Psalms 90:4

Foreseen the world’s greatest divorce rate approaching 1969-71 – I am told we are approaching Sodom’s midnight madness (orgy style) just before the hour of doom! Satan will deceive people into thinking there is more sensual pleasure if each have many lovers instead of having one wife or husband. Many women will lust for more than one man and some men will want a variety of women! This has been happening in a minor trend but a major trend will occur! I see record breaking divorce rates are coming the likes the world has never seen! We will have never seen anything quite like this. Instead of this just affecting the prominent and rich of the world there will be divorces even among the ministries and Pentecostals unexpectedly and suddenly! It will happen in churches where they have never seen divorce very much before. Behold saith the lord it cometh! Because they are lukewarm, I will spew them out of my mouth! And satan will visit them with divorces! For had the good man of the house had of watched in the spirit this would not have happened and his family would not have been broken up! “Watch out Pentecostals God is weary and it shall happen.” From lukewarm preachers even unto their children. Watch!

The date September 3rd on scroll #11 – this date concerned numbers and quakes. On Sept. 3rd it was reported 20,000 were killed in Iran’s massive quakes! Also on this date 2 giant quakes struck Western Turkey spread panic for 300 miles! Sept. 3rd. is a prophetic date because from this date forward the world’s greatest quakes will come and death tolls will even be more as the age closes, truly an outstanding date that will prove more significant in the future. (Another significant event followed shortly after this, on Labor Day exactly 666 people were reported killed in traffic accidents.) The number 666 is a death number! This shows that many more deaths will take place in the nation on a much larger scale! The number 666 is a prophetic number (finally fore shadowing the number of deaths itself that will be given! (666 the anti-christ number – (Sept. 3rd -“new weapon”) Russia made its first launch of a missile carrying multi war missiles! The nose cone carries 4 war heads, weighing 2,500 lbs each. The range was for 5,000 miles. No doubt this type of weapon will be fired from Russia on the world and Israel during the battle of Armageddon!

(Prophetic Also I see some terrifying earthquakes nearing 1970’s or in the early parts of them)

23 Part 2 – Prophetic Scrolls 

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